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Fox News Special Report – War on Women

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louise barnes

I heard something about AARP supplement plan, that I have now, but i didn’t get the whole message on glen Beck’s show about it. But i heard that glen said if you have it, you should drop it. So, I’m wondering what he meant by that. Could you by chance see what that was all about. Thank you.


This type of news coverage is why the Obama administration and Democrats in general hate FOX News. The story is reported using facts and figures, outlining the ramifications of the scheduled cuts and puts a human face on those impacted. It isn’t merely a two minute puff piece filled with Democrat talking points stating how wonderful Obamacare is and how “evil Republicans” are against all the wonderful things Obama is doing for America. That is also why this type of news coverage of this and other related topics tied to Obamacare will NEVER be covered in the same way by the mainstream media.