Feinstein on Kavanaugh Accusation: ‘I Can’t Say Everything is Truthful’

Dianne Feinstein Chinese interests rich KavanaughSenator Dianne Feinstein of California conceded Tuesday that she can’t attest to the veracity of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.

“[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,” Feinstein told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked if she believed the allegation.

Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, has been maligned by her Republican colleagues for failing to disclose the sexual-harassment accusation after initially being made aware of it via a letter from Ford in July.

Asked why she did not make her Judiciary Committee colleagues aware of the allegation at the beginning of Kavanaugh’s vetting process, Feinstein hesitated before citing Ford’s desire to remain anonymous.

“I don’t know; I’ll have to look back and see,” Feinstein told reporters before entering the Senate chamber, according to the New York Times. “The answer is that she asked that it be confidential,” she said upon exiting the chamber.

Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley has scheduled a public hearing for Monday and invited Kavanaugh and his accuser to testify. Kavanaugh has accepted the invitation while Ford has been unresponsive, despite her attorney’s previous statement that she would be willing to defend her allegation under oath.

Grassley indicated Thursday morning that he would cancel the hearing if Ford were to refuse to testify and a number of fellow Republicans, including Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, have said they would support Kavanaugh’s confirmation if his accuser won’t testify.

Democratic leadership, meanwhile, has called for Grassley to delay the hearing pending an FBI investigation, despite the FBI’s insistence that the allegation doesn’t fall within its jurisdiction.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Jack Crowe

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It’s all a political sham, they only want to delay long enough to get past the elections, since they think it will be a Blue wave in November. If she won’t testify right away, then go ahead, no waiting around and no FBI investigation. They have had since July to investigate. Confirm Kavanaugh!

Debra Anderson

It is time to ignore allegations that are beyond the statute of limitations. If the event happened, Ford should have gone home and told her parents and let them deal with it. Too many lives have been ruined by false accusations and it is time for it to stop. I think that Judge Kavanaugh should sue Ford for liable.


“I can’t say that everything is truthful.” Great, Senator! It’s time you shut up or call for a vote on an honorable man. I’m sick and tired of good men being convicted on mere accusations, having their reputations sullied for the rest of their days. How would you feel if someone on the right said they had proof that you worked in a brothel forty years ago but would show no proof?


Just when you thought
You’ve seen how slimy and sleazy and hypocritical the Dems can go
They still manage to exceed their own bum lowlife expectations

Vote em out. Please.


Feinstein did wrong in waiting to tell it. Take a minute to think of the Kavanaugh family in this wild story. The chaos that the left has done. when do we have the truth from 2016 chaos ??????????God help us to all go to prayer for this Nation as never before. VOTE


She doesn’t know???? Right! This is nothing but nonsense and delaying tactics by an obstructionist. She is so full of it. Confirm Judge Kavanaugh Now.

Kirtley W Holder

BTW…Judge Kavanaugh has already been vetted by the FBI some time ago, or he wouldn’t have been where he is today.


The impeachment discussion should be targeting Dianne Feinstein, not President Trump. her behavior has been despicable in this case. Did she really say “[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,…..” ? For a champion of women, she should know that humans are not referred to as “that” but as “who” or “whom” depending upon nominative vs. objective case. But I guess a permanent Senator looks upon the lowly subjects as objects, not as humans worthy of her respect.

Barbara S.

So much sneaky business going on with this, if this was me, could I demand an FBI investigation from something 30 plus years ago? why didn’t she file a charge in Maryland, even 20 years ago in the height of female liberation against men…this is all fabricated to change the course of our Supreme Court, and pardon me, but I have read Kavanaugh is not changing existing laws, so that leaves abortion intact…so what is this really all about….Feinstein and her ilk will one day have to answer for their conspiracies to degrade, demote and demoralize the current president of These United States Donald Trump….the Dems are against anyone he has in mind for positions and they demoralize and savor threatening his life and their harrassment of his employees is beyond the pale….as it stands now, I will never vote for a democrat again…and I have in the past…we have… Read more »


They need to see this entire charade as being from the demoncrat playbook. Go ahead a vote and confirm Mr. Kavanaugh.

Paul W

“On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,” ___ No, the truth is that you don’t know if ANY of it’s true. Feinstein was privy to this woman’s allegations since July, but only releases it at the eleventh hour. I’m calling complete BS on this stall tactic. Same crap as Looney Uncle Joe pulled on Clarence Thomas. BULL!!! Take the vote!

Kirtley W Holder

This Professor is a “Democrat” and is trying to derail the selection before the election. The question is: why didn’t she bring this up when Judge Kavanaugh was serving on the court of appeals. Decisions made at that level can be far-reaching as well.

Susan Laughlin

this accusation is ridiculous!!! CONFIRM KAVANAUGH!!!!!


Obstructionism from the get go. Democrats stated in July they would not support President Trump’s nominee. The Obstruction Party is living up to its word. Even to the point of maliciously manufacturing sexual misconduct and character assissination.


Feinstein knew exactly what hurt she was starting and relished in being the cold hearted bitch she is. This is all lies and God will repay these lying women tenfold!!

Bill Goodin

The dems and the supposed victim keep moving the “goal posts”. This whole thing is a set-up by the dems and ruin the Kavanaugh’s reputation and to at least delay the confirmation votes until after the elections in Nov. There should not be any more delays in the committee vote and a vote by the full senate.

Kirtley W Holder

The people involved in this #metoo movement need have their lawyers or someone start vetting input from possible victims or this movement will die.

Pat Shay

Diane Feinstein is this Senate’s new Joe McCarthy. Like him she makes accusations that are unsubstantiated. Like him she has absolutely no dignity.

Salvador Reyes Uson

Feinstein, if you weren’t sure from the start why be a heroine now as an obstructionist and an expose righteous senator? Blaming the media for leaking now? Expose who leaked, you, she, her husband, your Chinese staff Blum? Do it now and try redeeming whatever is left of your little credibility.


All those Democrats on the Judicial Committee need to take the advice of the Sen. Mazie Hirono that she gave to men. Only it should be “Shut up and vote”