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FBI Targeting “Traditional” Churches?


The Biden FBI – like the old Soviet state – is apparently considering surveilling US churches, beginning with the Catholic Church, to root out “domestic terrorists,” defined as dangerous “traditionalists.” This specter is genuinely frightening, anti-American, unconstitutional, and needs context and comment.

A memo written by a major FBI field office, which then oddly “disappeared,” makes clear the FBI has more on their mind than investigating China’s influence over this White House, raiding the former President’s home, and chasing parents for defending their children’s safety at school board meetings (task force still operating).

Now, Merrick Garland’s Justice Department, or FBI offices within his purview, are spinning the klieg lights on “traditional” churches. If this seems unthinkable, it should be. What he is doing is nothing less than religious discrimination of the worst sort, call it “religious profiling.

Just as our 1st Amendment protects non-violent speech by parents at school board meetings, non-violent protestors – including against abortion – it protects Americans’ right to worship without government intimidation, and without “religious profiling” or discrimination.

To violate that fundamental right – twisting traditional faiths into terrorism threats – goes beyond overreach or infringement. This represents a qualitative change in how our government has always behaved – and is allowed to behave. It would be a gross, deliberate violation of constitutional law.

Yes, the FBI memo has conveniently vanished, but offers cold comfort in an era hostile to those of religious faith, does not settle uneasy hearts. Those who believe in moral law – so-called “traditionalists” who subscribe to the Bible, liturgy, Torah, Talmud, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, or Tripitaka, are not terrorists.

They are what we call believers, and they center their life – more than anything – on the idea of love, forgiveness, mercy, peace, and the power of faith in a loving God. Even to infer that conservative, morally-centered beliefs pose a threat to this Republic – founded on those exact beliefs – is an abomination, so far out of line that it warrants serious investigation.

To have people in government thinking it is right to consider wielding the coercive power of this government against earnest, devout, worshiping Americans – even the hint – is itself criminal. And yet that is what we are witnessing, in this instance a memo suggesting that traditional Catholics are a threat.   

The mind boggles. Perhaps context will help. Whatever failings and differences we Americans have, political, ideological, or religious – roughly 240 million of us are people of faith, 3 percent Christians, another seven million Jews, three-and-a-half million each Muslims and Hindus, a million Buddhists.

Generally, those of faith are conservative. Put differently, only four percent of conservatives do not believe in God. But now comes an FBI targeting church-going “traditionalists,” first Catholics but surely the rest in time. 

Why? Because they tend to oppose reorienting education around transgenderism, oppose gender remaking, false teaching, confusion, gender mutilation and hormone therapy for kindergarteners, defaulting instead to biblical injunctions and biology, which hold the world is composed of male and female?

Because they oppose abortion, thinking it ends a young human life? Because they are not interested in their children being taught to be little activists, racist, Marxist, or anti-American? Because they are often faith and family centered, morally and politically conservative?

This is the nub of it – and warrants serious inquiry. The Justice Department and FBI have been twisted into political actors, which they never were. The twist is at the top, not mid or entry level, but what starts at the top often filters down, is at first objected to, then accepted for professional survival.

Bad enough is when other federal departments – Defense, State, and civilian federal agencies sworn to be non-partisan – become politicized, turned into ideological, political, or coercive actors. But when the Justice Department and subsidiary agencies allow themselves to go partisan, red lights should flash.

When those targeted for federal chilling, intimidation, and political confrontations, disingenuously dressed up as justified legal action, are just honest, God-fearing, family-loving, community-serving parents, students, and parishioners, something is badly wrong.

This FBI memo – in tandem with other actions by this Biden Justice Department taken to advance the leftist agenda, like placing conservative Supreme Court Justices at risk – should be a warning light. The Republic is strong, and our rights will remain inviolate, as long as we stand up for them. The minute we let them go and imagine the incremental incursion is not such a big deal is the minute they slip away.

Americans have an absolute, unbridgeable, non-negotiable, and yes, “traditional,” right to freely, publicly and privately worship, without government intrusion, coercion, chilling, intimidation, penetration, or surveillance. That is what 200 years of law – and the American heart – should tell us. How about we investigate the FBI’s political leadership and priorities, not churches.

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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3 months ago

To Fox Grimaldi, I totally agree.

3 months ago

They see conservatives as a threat.

3 months ago

As a proud convert to Catholicism (1977) I find this to be very confusing, but with the left weaponizing everything in their rush to ruin the country I should not be surprised. The ones most surprised should be those foolish Catholics, fellow Christians, Jews, believers of any sort who voted for Biden and his fellow thugs and therefore voted for and promote this.

Victor G
3 months ago

Absolutely in line with what I believe the Founders intended with their composition of The Constitution. Yes, we’ve had our instances of shortcomings, some major but The Constitution was centered in Judaeo Christian teachings.
We must continue to speak up and together be a force in upholding these beliefs. The

3 months ago

Can you believe this!!

Fox Grimaldi
3 months ago

Firstly, Buddhism is not Religion; it is a Philosophical Platform based on the Premise that Love permeates the entire Universe. Buddhists do not believe in a God that demands Worship under penalty of Hell, they have no Devil or Satan. Buddhists have no History of Inquisition, Beheading those that do not obey an Allah. Furthermore, Islam and the Koran are not compatible with the United States Constitution.

3 months ago

What can we do? We have to do something. The government powers that be seem to be forgetting they work for us. It is time we say “You’re fired!” How???

3 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Vote! Get your friends, relatives and neighbors to understand what perils we are facing. Plead to them not to vote democrat!!!! Get involved! It’s your right!

3 months ago

Somebody knows just who it is that put out the memo. This is an abuse of power for one goal, under the guise of looking for domestic terrorist, to facilitate a watch list of those persons who could possibly become a problem, not unlike the January 6th individuals who have been incarcerated without due process. They have become an enemy of the state, a threat to their ideology!
This is No laughing matter. The people in power must be held accountable for their actions,least the rest of us pay dearly. We must not let history repeat itself!

Brian James
3 months ago


3 months ago

This isn’t news, this is repeated over and over again. The question should be what can we the people do about it?

3 months ago

He’s a communist wants to be president Mr Biden so therefore he’s going to try to destroy America and make us a communist country we need to have him relieved of all of his duties

3 months ago

Just thought of this is frightening! First the Catholic Church will give way to All Churches. The Biggest Problem Is Church Leaders Refuse To Stand Up And Speak Up For God’s Kingdom Here On Earth!It’s Spiritual Cowardice! People Of The United States Had Better Wake Up. I’m A Child Of Father God And I Will Always Stand Up For The Right To Religious Freedom!

3 months ago

Root, root…

Hallelujah !

Captain Mike
3 months ago

They are the new enemy of the citizenry. That should be obvious to even the low info crowd.

3 months ago


3 months ago

Seems as if the FBI is becoming the Gestapo!

William Finch
3 months ago

The day is coming where we will be forced to fight this corrupt, criminal, Communist government to keep America a free country. If this is what Dumbass Joe Biden wants, he can surely get it! Just how many wars does he think he can fight at one time?

3 months ago

Control control control. Only one in total control is God.

3 months ago

Of course Catholics (which I was raised) will stay democrats until the pot boils with them in it:(

3 months ago
Reply to  William

Sounds like you’re hanging out with the wrong Catholics. Don’t “paint us all with the same brush “.

Terry Maznio
3 months ago
Reply to  Sadie

Actually in a very small way l apologize in that your partly right for there are indeed many closet Christian’s that are embedded in the Catholic Church, who profess bible truth and commitment to Jesus not the pope; but here’s my confusion why would a person knowing the real truth would stay in that kind of anti biblical teachings but instead would leave to seek out a real place that teaches Bible truth so they can really get fed and grow; there’s no way to really grow, which Jesus wants of us, by staying in a place that at its core is anti bible; there’s an old saying “ why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home “. Need l say any more ?

Terry Maznio
3 months ago
Reply to  William

My comments will surely raise an eyebrow and more; first off take a close look with your eyes and your ears at the basic premise of the catholic teachings and especially their headship; their liberal to the bone and don’t be fooled when they throw around words like God or Jesus and occasionally drop a scripture or two into the conversation; the truth is they don’t put a lot of stock in the Bible as thee only truth, no way, for there idea of truth is and always the pope and l have actual quotes from there leaders to that affect; as for what we can do in the face of external threats that are growing, well by all means pray and pray more; than to never back away from one’s total commitment to Jesus Christ and his word ONLY; to, in my opinion shout louder that the evil confronting you while you lean not on your own understanding but Gods word which is why l take the position that the Catholic Church is nothing more than a cult and the evidence is found in Revelation what role they will play in the end times which we are entering as l speak; lastly JESUS return is right around the corner and with that or l should say prior to his return all hell will break loose, so what we are and have been seeing these last 6 years is all a lead in to the fulfillment of profecy and the coming end and so as bad as l would like to think that our world will turn a corner to a more peaceful time it ain’t going to happen in fact it can’t given what the Bible predicts so for all you folks who are plagued with fear or feel there’s no hope I’m telling you your only hope to make it to the finish line and join Jesus Christ one day in his kingdom is to become born again but not as the Catholic Church has taught; find a Bible believing christian Church and it’s God fearing pastor and embrace them and read the book of John where Jesus spells out exactly how one is to become born again

3 months ago

A lot of colleges such as Harvard and Yale, and hospitals and orphanages were started by Christians. Some of our greatest founding fathers and presidents were Christians. Read your history people, of course if you can find it before the progressives erase all that.

3 months ago
Reply to  NewDay

Unfortunately these so called top schools are teaching students that God doesn’t exist, and mostly woke culture, now.

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