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Critical Race Theory – Marxism 2.0

marxismAmerica has long wrestled with racism, and reforms aimed at equality are always welcome.  That said, “critical race theory” is not reform.  It is a dangerous foil.  Shrouded in anger and resentment, the theory is rebranded Marxism – inherently contradictory, innately anti-American.  Broadly conceived, the theory makes differences in skin color the defining element of society, instead of economic class, and then uses that premise to push Marxism, proletarian control over society by the oppressed, or Communism.

Marx, Communism’s twisted author, opened the door to defining society by immovable classes, economic layers that were static, oppressive, and forever kept us divided – until unified by a centralized government playing Robin Hood, stealing (or redistributing) from “the rich” to equalize “the poor.”

Of course, operationally, we know Marxism as Socialism or Communism. It has been a universal failure.  Command and control economies cannot operate with the efficiency, satisfaction, freedom, or opportunities continuously created by capitalist economies.  History is our testament.

With capitalism, the freedom of all individual consumers, workers, investors, and producers is maximized.  Demand and supply become dance partners, always in motion, producing countless invisible flows of labor and capital, reinforced by self-motivated education, retraining, employment, and private investment decisions – the result of billions of non-dictated personal preferences.

In short, any society – of any racial make-up – composed of individuals intent on maximizing their own political and economic choices and those of their neighbors (whatever their neighbor’s race) is going to be more satisfied, flush with opportunities for prosperity, education, employment, self-realization, and advancement – than one premised on what the government dictates.

The key to a happy society is assuring individuals are equally accorded freedoms (of the kind you will find in our Bill of Rights), equally worthy in each other’s eyes, equally able to access opportunities for advancement, and self-aware, not dogged by preoccupations of race, class, economic, political, demographic, or other natural differences.

Critical race theory is the exact opposite of this idea.  Rather than believe all humans are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, blessed by a loving God as individuals with an equal chance for success – so long as their God-given liberties are respected, differences viewed as strengths – the “new” theory aims to split America by skin color, empower one part, demonize the other.  You can see where this would be divisive, right?

The inherent contradictions are identical to Marxism since critical race theory is Marxism – just class warfare replaced by race warfare, Marxism by another name.  The “new” theory is filled with passion, plays on resentment, inflames two-way prejudice, seeks to impose collective guilt on light skinned Americans, prompt violence by darker skinned Americans, just as the Soviet Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, Chinese Maoists, and Marxists all over the world push violence based on economic differences.

In practical terms, critical race theorists say society is hopelessly divided by race, unable to live up to the idea of respect for individual liberties, equal opportunity, and mutual respect.  They default to dictating new norms, centralized control, simplified human relations, demonizing one over the other.

In effect, critical race theory takes the historical problem of racism or tribalism – which has occurred on every continent for eons – and uses it to further institutionalize racism, not to overcome it.  Rather than use history to educate about the importance of freedom and equality – and America’s progress toward those goals – they condemn the ideals.  They teach that one race is bad, another entitled to compensation based on unshed-able collective guilt, unchangeable prejudice, and immovable resentments which justify race-based violence, ending democratic and capitalist institutions, imposing new norms through a centralized, Marxist government.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, more damaging to personal, community, and national prospects for peace, prosperity, and security for all Americans.  Nothing could be more disenfranchising, divisive, regressive, simple-minded, and rooted in the negative – rather than aspiring to the positive – than critical race theory.

The core idea is to condemn America – our timeless, race-neutral, individual-centered, freedom-driven economy, society, and limited government – in favor of domination by an angry mob, which would prefer to tear the country apart spiritually, morally, socially, and materially – and replace it with a Marxist government.  So, critical race theory is not new.  It is just rebranded Marxism – based on race.

Bottom line:  You will hear words like “equity,” “social justice,” and “institutional racism” used to argue racism is unknowable, unshakeable, intractable, and requires a complete transformation of society – including changes to all our existing institutions. This is how Marxists have pushed class warfare.

So, when Marxism based on race – critical race theory – shows up in your school, workplace, or town, question it.  It denies the equality of all Americans, seeks to divide us by skin color, institutionalizes prejudice, ignores progress toward equality and liberty and the timeless nature of our Bill of Rights.  Our job is not to change the Bill of Rights but to make it real.  That is the answer to critical race theory.  Do not disbelieve in America – Like Martin Luther King and our Founders, believe in it.  See also,;;

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1 year ago

All critical race theory is Screw Whitey on Steroids!

1 year ago

It’s so easy to just get along with everyone. I know…..there are a lot of unwanted ones out there, but just pray for them, they might just change…..hmmmm. C’mon you all, lets stop all this crap and do the right thing which is God’s will. Try it, you’ll like it!

1 year ago

George Washington’s Admirer’s comment below about the absence of God, has hit it on the head. A quote from, chapter 4: MARXISM/LENINISM, ‘Understanding The Times, The Religious Worldviews of Our Day and the Search for Truth”, by David Noebel, pg. 77, “Dr. Victor Timofeyev of the Institute for Scientific Atheism says the main purpose of the Institute is to, ‘spread the atheistic worldview, the atheistic behavior pattern, the atheistic understanding of the way of life, understanding ethics, and so on. Beginning in school, we work to bring up all the people in the atheistic worldview.’ “Victor D. Timofeyev, cited in “A Face-to-Face Interview with Soviet Atheist Leaders,” Ed. Edwords, The Humanist, January/February 1987, p. 9.

The pollution,
Of evolution.
Is the solution,
To their revolution!

Knowing the West disdains,
Marxist terms and names.
Propaganda will rearrange,
Obama’s slogan – “change”!

Years ago with the young, takeover begun,
Creator God, our hats were hung.
Bible and schools – Communists have undone!
Educate with God, united as one!

A battle and time but the Bible, they did burn,
A battle and time, America’s united return.

The unwise young, the age of indiscretion,
The Communist’s wise, we must learn this lesson.

In order to win this fight,
We must unite.

America again to be one,
With Biblical principles of The Son.

With God’s Law, the Founder’s knew,
With God’s Law, the founding grew.

Research history, our founding did last,
Without it, anything goes and our falling fast!

Creator God, in our schools with one resolve,
Eventually the atheistic Marxist problem solved!

George Washington's Admirer
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

What a beautiful poem! It gets to the essence of the matter. The central theme then; for the communists was to destroy our belief in a Deity. Then, destroy the ‘American Family’. These two intrinsic ingredients comprise the very soul of our country.

1 year ago

George Washington Admirer, yes. . . but ,

A general God, such as theism,
Is no better than the false deism.

For a civil society with true justice and order,
The Bible in schools from border to border.

This is what our Founders believed,
This was the public education I received.

Though you probably assent,
I just thought the need for this comment.

1 year ago

George Washington Admirer, you are absolutely correct that the Bible’s God and the Biblical family structure are the two outstanding pillars of society!

George Washington's Admirer
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

The communists have done their best to destroy the belief in our Heavenly Father. They have denigrated the ‘American Family’. The ‘American Family’; for the most part has forgotten how to have dinner together. Before television came on the scene; in the 1950’s people communicated. People used to have ‘block parties’; where they had dinner together. They played musical instruments together. After television, communication ceased to exist for the most part. Also, television propaganda promoted and still promotes communist ideals. Yes, it is best to refer to God; as ‘Our Father Which Art In Heaven’. Yes, it would be wonderful if every child was given a Holy Bible in school; (and a dictionary!)

1 year ago

G. W. A., block parties, yes! Before t.v. the family might sit around the radio and listen to, The Shadow. Though there were different political parties, America was still united. McCarthy exposed the Communist influence, there was no problem with The Pledge of Allegiance or the Bible in the Public Schools, etc. That is until Krushchev infiltrated and the anti-authority 60’s and the love-in with McGovern, crabby Abbie and typical Lennon, Imagine There’s No Heaven. . . WOW! There you go, Communist no heaven or hell, no God, do what your heart desires from the Bolshevik liars.

Karen, prayer and the gospel, yes. However Christians must stand for righteousness and God’s eternal Law is needed to put a restraint on evil in society.

Wayne Peterkin
1 year ago


edgar fletcher
1 year ago

Good article!

Enuf Said
1 year ago

Call it as it IS– Critical Racist Theory!!

George Washington's Admirer
1 year ago

Excellent article. The thing that comes to mind, is the absence of God. Communism ‘sneaks in’ some very disturbing aspects. Communism/Marxism likes to get rid of the Deity. It promotes the end of the ‘traditional family’. It puts family and life, on an ‘assembly line’ type of existence. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights; is negated and made ‘null & void’. Communists use ‘Critical Race Theory’ as a ticket for taking over the government. It is the ultimate hypocrisy. It is not about elevating and uniting humanity. It strips away the very soul of a society.

1 year ago

But what do you do when you ask a liberal about Critical Race Theory and he doesn’t have any idea what you are talking about because his news sources don’t bring it up because they want to let it become part of education by secretly allowing legislators to slip it past parents with funding for it hidden in some bill?
And then when you try to warn the liberal about this, he is skeptical and asks where do you get your information or news.

1 year ago

CRT is racism.

1 year ago

Karl Marx was a Sociopath. Not satisfied with simply hating his fellow man, he designed and promoted a system of government that devides and destroys. Every time it has been tried, it has failed and destroyed the nation hosting it. Hopefully it will fail to be instituted here and CRT be a hallmark defeat.

Jim Cain
1 year ago

Nicely done article. Covers all aspects of CRT and how the liberals are sneaking it into the education system in order to brainwash our children.

1 year ago

Let’s star with some history. The first “known” legal slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson.North Carolina slave holder William Ellison (in 1860) was a black plantation owner with 63 slaves.American Indians owned thousands of black slaves.In 1830 there were 3,775 free black people who owned 12,740 black slaves.Brutal black-on-black slavery was common in Africa for thousands of years.Most slaves brought to America from Africa were purchased from black slave owners.White people ended legal chattel slavery.

Enuf Said
1 year ago
Reply to  dogstar

Do a Google search on the nations that continue to promote slavery- 7 or 8 are in Africa. As Russell Crowe asked in the movie– “Are you entertained”?

1 year ago
Reply to  dogstar

Leftist activist, Al Sharpton, stating that the Egyptians were building the great pyramids before there was even a thought about any America. What he slyly dismisses is that the darker-skinned Egyptians, also were the ones that had the lighter-skinned Israelites as slaves for years. God, made us as one people of different shade of melanin but because of the fall and the inherent sin nature in all, racism is a problem common throughout all history and nations. It is of note that it was Christians such as William Wilberforce and many of our country’s Founders who even started abolitionist organizations.

As dogstar noticed in his post above, Anthony Johnson, was not only a black slaveholder but by the mid 1650’s, Johnson also had five so-called servants, one black and four white. For more like information, a good book that I am beginning to read is, “Myths & Realities of American Slavery, The True History of Slavery in America”, by John C. Perry.

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago
Reply to  dogstar

The “slaves” that were brought to our land in 1619 were from foreigners who “traded” them for supplies. Once here, they were not SLAVES any longer but “indentured servants” who eventually earned their freedom. NY “Slimes” doesn’t tell you that!

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