Countering Obama’s Celebrity Outreach

JedediahVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News

President Obama continues to focus on celebrity outreach to further his policy causes. I know, shocked faces everywhere.

The Hill reports:

President Obama met Monday with celebrities who are helping him promote his signature healthcare law ahead of the October 1 launch of state insurance exchanges.

The president dropped by a White House meeting with singer Jennifer Hudson and actress Amy Poehler, as well as representatives for Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, and Bon Jovi, according to CNN.

Other attendees included officials from the Grammy awards and the Funny or Die website, which is a brainchild of actor Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay.

Doesn’t that just scream “I’m an ally of the little guys”? What better way to speak to hard-working, middle-class Americans who have been negatively impacted by ObamaCare than through wealthy Hollywood celebrities?

He really does give “out of touch” a new meaning.

GOP, don’t try to counter celebrity with celebrity. If you do, you’ll lose that battle. Let business owners and individuals negatively impacted by the law do the talking–regular people whose lives mirror the lives of other hard-working Americans. They should be in your television ads. They should be recruited for community outreach. How about young libertarians who don’t like government telling them they have to have health insurance or pay a fine? How about business owners who have closed up shop because of the taxes and mandate? Those are the voices that will make a difference.

We need to hear more of them. And more often. When it comes to messaging, politicians and celebrities can’t compete with regular people with regular lives impacted by bad policy.

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8 years ago

I absolutely do think the President’s last concern is the welfare of US Citizens and the rebuilding of this country. What single constructive thing have you seen him do in all this time? He does do vacations and socializing very well, however.

Tom Lauterback
8 years ago

“lady with a brain,” I can only hope you’re right. As an Illinois resident, I have to admit I was only vaguely aware of Obama when he blackmailed his primary and general election opponents for the Senate. His chicanery got him a national platform, and he spent his entire Senate career running for President. He was tabula rasa, a blank slate on which the low information voter could project his/her hopes and dreams. Every politician is a good part whatever you want him/her to be, but Obama raised it to an art form. He was not remotely qualified for any national office, especially President. Are people starting to realize that he’s been our worst President in history? I pray they are.

8 years ago

The star-studded flood extolling the virtues of the Obama Healthcare wouldn’t be needed at all if the Healthcare bill was worth the paper it is printed on. Can’t make a bad bill good no matter how many “stars” come out a lie about it. Oh well, here we go again.

Wally Damon
8 years ago

It is kind of unfair to go after him for being out of touch. Remember, we only had 2 choices for President, so if Romney had been elected ( He is worth about 400 million now), you think he would be more in touch ?. So what is your point ?

8 years ago
Reply to  Wally Damon

Do you think Obama is in touch, Wally? He is wealthy too!

Roy Gibson
8 years ago

I think the celebrities are doing this to try to further their own agenda and yes, the only thing Obama has gotten right since he has been in office is to go on as many vacations as possible on our dime.

8 years ago

Your the Fool Alan Smith, but then I suspect you always were even in your wading pool.

8 years ago

Our current “President” is a Harvard frat boy, married to a sorority sister with two rented children. Riding on AF 1, vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, golfing with Tiger woods. His current ‘life’ is every college kid’s dream come true. The problem is that it’s way past graduation time and he doesn’t have the credits for it. He got elected solely because of his skin color and does not have anything in his entire life to qualify him for the role. No wonder he loves other actors so much.

lady with a brain
8 years ago
Reply to  Dennis

You are so right. He is an actor, playing a part, that he is not qualified for. The people are booing him off stage by the thousands. The curtain is coming down, and it’s time to say good night, and thanks for giving me a try out. I failed at this job, and wasted all your money having a vacation every few months, before I got the boot.

Alan Smith
8 years ago

Gee that was about as deep as a child’s wading pool.

Bad reporting, obvious insinuation, and uninformed opinion.

Do you really, really feel that the President only cares about his celebrity friends, and screw the American people?


simply the truth
8 years ago
Reply to  Alan Smith

In reply – Yes, the President does only care about “his kind of people” and he has been screwing the American people for quite a while now.

8 years ago
Reply to  Alan Smith


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