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Congress’ New Office for Investigating UFOs

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 23 — The consensus is that the only alien invasion that can be documented so far is the one happening at the U.S.-Mexican border. However, the notion that extraterrestrial aliens might be real cannot be dismissed. “After all,” says Marik von Rennenkampff, who served in the State Department and the Defense Department, “why would Congress establish and task a powerful new office with investigating non-‘man-made’ UFOs if such objects did not exist?”

In fact, a new government entity was established last year to check and study the rising numbers of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena [UAP], what used to be known as Unidentified Flying Objects [[UFO]. It’s called the U.S. Department of Defense All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office [AARO] and it just released its findings that show UAP sightings have surpassed the 510 mark.

As Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie has said, no stone will be unturned in the quest to thoroughly investigate UAP phenomena’s– including non-Earthly lifeforms and strange atmospheric phenomena. In other words, the agency “has been searching for extraterrestrial life. There are astrobiologists who have been doing this too … And so our goal is not to potentially cover up something if we were to find something. It is to understand what may be out there, examine what it may mean for us, if there are any, from a defense perspective, any national security implications or ramifications, but then to work with organizations, as appropriate, if it is a weather phenomenology with NOAA, if it is a potential for extraterrestrial life or indication of extraterrestrial life with someone like NASA.”

And a new Pentagon report reveals that so far most reports on the subject “lack enough detailed data to enable attribution of UAP with high certainty. Having a larger database of sightings could conceivably help investigators solve lingering mysteries.”

Back to Mr. Von Rennenkampff. In an OpEd published by The Hill last August, he wrote: “In Congress, where legislation is drafted, debated and enacted, clear and concise definitions are of paramount importance. As military aircrews increasingly encounter unidentified flying objects (UFOs), lawmakers recently made several striking revisions to the definition of UFO. Key among them: The explosive implication that some UFOs have non-human origins.”

He goes on to report that over the past 70 years, man-made objects such as unidentified aircraft, balloons, satellites and drones have been included in UFO reports. And now, all of a sudden, Congress says man-made objects “should not be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena.” The implication, he says, is “that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee believe (on a unanimous, bipartisan basis) that some UFOs have non-human origins. After all, why would Congress establish and task a powerful new office with investigating non-man-made UFOs if such objects did not exist?”

Just last week, Erik German and Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analysts, published an Opinion article noting that back in 1952, in the aftermath of numerous UFO sightings, Major General John Samford, officer in charge of US Air Force intelligence at the time, held a televised press conference. In it, he pointed out that many of those sightings were actually aircraft or “aberrations of weather and light;” some were hoaxes. “Nevertheless,” he said, “there remained a certain percentage of reports that have been made by ‘credible observers of relatively incredible things’ … But less than a year after Samford’s press conference, a government panel of scientists, military and intelligence officials convened to study evidence and testimony from more than 20 purported UFO sightings. It concluded that UFOs did indeed pose a strategic threat to the US – but not because of aliens, but rather because America’s civil air defense could be overwhelmed by reports of UFOs.”

John Grimaldi served on the first non-partisan communications department in the New York State Assembly and is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Priva Technologies, Inc. He has served for more than thirty years as a Trustee of Daytop Village Foundation, which oversees a worldwide drug rehabilitation network.

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2 months ago

Another agency available to dump a large sum of money into, with little to no real world results. If there were real aliens I would be willing to do everything possible to negotiate a deal with them to take a large number of useless politicians to their planet. Bad for them but good for us. Somehow I think they would be smarter than that.

Rob citizenship
4 months ago

If part of what the new office for investigating UFOs involves analyzing signals from space that would probably be a worthwhile endeavor. The only Outer Space , UFO, alien from another planet language that I know are three words learned from the 1951 film
“The Day the Earth Stood Still” those are Klaatu Barada Nikto . The visitor from outer space , whose name was Klaatu, who looked and spoke just like Earth people told a woman he befriended and trusted , played by actress Patricia Neal , that if anything were to happen to him and he needed help that she should contact the leader of the Outer Space visitors and relay that message — Klaatu Barada Nikto. Judging from the context of the situation apparently Barada Nikto means something like Send Help.
( just thought a bit of outer space humor would be O.K. )
I am thinking that some sort of signals, some patterns of sounds, or perhaps some optical ( light ) signals would be something that would indicate some activity that should be investigated , to see if such signals are some sort of language, from where, from what, from who , those are the main questions . It could be that something resembling a language could be the result of some something that involves noise from meteors or some other movement of planets , or stars, there are plenty of possibilities. I taught myself celestial navigation many years ago, and have read about navigational astronomy, the interesting thing about what can be considered mysteries is the way mysteries stimulate thought.

4 months ago

First of all what will this cost us, and second of all if these “intelligent beings” are smart enough to come to this earth in superior forms of travel to investigate or observe us, they could very easily destroy us. Then there is the statement that UFO’s could be a national security issue. Seriously? We can’t even address the security issues from Iran and North Korea. What on earth would we do to defend against a UFO? One thing we all know to be true is that we give another government agency more money to “investigate” the shadows, we all lose.

4 months ago

Gov east of money. Theyknow what’s out there: just research ufo crash at Roswell New Mexico.

David Millikan
4 months ago

The government wasting our tax dollars playing politics knowing that they will never tell the truth at our expense.

4 months ago

Another waste of money and resources on a subject that IS IN NEVERLAND. Just going to be used to as USUAL AND MISLEAD THE PUBLIC WITH RIDICULOUS SIGHTINGS. How many people will fall for this scam?

4 months ago

The last thing we need is clueless politicians in both parties of Congress trying to discern fact from fiction in terms of UFOs. Politicians that don’t understand simple things like how private sector businesses operate, how private sector investments work or how supply chains function in the real world are NOT about to be able to understand anything to do with subjects substantially more complex and technically advanced. The role of Congress is to do 12 annual budgets for the federal government each year (something that hasn’t happened in years and years!), make laws that hopefully don’t mess things up more than they have already done (Congress doesn’t have a great record in that area either) and provide oversight of the various federal government departments and agencies to ensure they are acting within the guidelines of their responsibilities. That’s it!

When Congress can fulfill its normal job responsibilities in a timely and competent manner, then they can waste time and taxpayer money on something as esoteric as UFOs for which they completely lack any technical expertise to competently investigate. In short, focus on the job that members of Congress are actually paid for and stop with trying to find new ways to get on TV for a photo op.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Second paragraph is a figment of imagination that will never happen. I agree with you.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

PaulE, those bozos in DC have not balanced the budget and We’ve been telling them that since the days of Newt. Yes, we have real concerns about alien space crafts for our inability to match their maneuvers, speed, etc. Yes, there’s now intel and defense leaders from other countries who have come forth to share their experiences and findings on alien forces, in airspace and other places in the world. Israel is one. Skepticism is good, but now a couple countries are using AI to further research these crafts and more. Yes, American politicians have no idea how to stop ruining our nation. They only want us to obey them and they will do whatever they want, spend as much as they can, and pocket plenty on the side to keep power over the citizens. Yes, we must close this Cesspool out with good Patriots that will protect our Constitutional Republican government, our Rights, and maintain the limits of government intended from our Founding. I have come to realize that if we don’t get the TRUTH about our elections, and then prosecute the vermin overthrowing our duly elected government, what’s in our future may need divine intervention to prevent its destruction from within. It’s causing escalations from a growing number calling for a ’76 style of uprise. This is not good.

4 months ago
Reply to  DrScottD

What’s in our future MAY need divine intervention? Only God can save this nation and we will see it. We are not fighting against flesh and blood but against pure evil itself. If we believe in God, pray hard. If you don’t believe in God, you will see the truth.

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