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Capitalism Is Still the Backbone of American Democracy

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 8 — Capitalism being the backbone of American Democracy is a concept that dates back nearly 200 years when in 1831 the French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville toured America at the behest of French King Louis Philippe I. His mission: to see how things were going for the relatively new independent democratic republic of America. When de Tocqueville got home he told the king that within a hundred years America would be one of two great powers in the world, the other being Russia.

His prediction came true, although Russia has not fared so well neither in its communist days nor now under the rule of Vlad “the Impaler” Putin.

Why then are socialists seeking to foist on us what is known as “woke capitalism” — a nonsensical, ill-informed, economically counter-productive version of what made us great the first time around and that can make us great again.

Robert Weissberg, a retired University of Illinois professor of political science, says “A possible explanation for the stampede of corporate foolishness: top executives do not fear shareholders; rather, they fear their own employees, and going woke is perceived as the best and cheapest way of assuaging these fears.  CEOs certainly recognize the vulnerability of private property at the hands of angry mobs, and signing a petition is a cheap insurance policy.”

Tim Doescher, Associate Director of Coalition Relations at The Heritage Foundation, explains that “This trend toward corporatism or corporate wokeness is becoming more and more popular throughout corporate America. Corporations are willingly becoming activated political arms for left-wing causes.  Why? What happened to these historic brands remaining neutral, letting the quality of their products speak for itself on the open market, and letting politicians worry about politics? What about shareholders and the employees of these corporations? Do they have a say in such divisive policy stances? Who’s behind this increased wokeness in the boardroom?”

Another Heritage executive, Andy Olivastro, says what the left is trying to do is to re-define capitalism in order to allow anti-American elements to undermine the corporate heart of America. 

In the good old days, chief among corporate stakeholders were the shareholders. The left is trying to redefine stakeholders to include “every member of society, rather than those who own the company’s shares,” according to Ethan Peck at the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project. The Epoch Times reports that Peck compares “stakeholder capitalism to communism, where the state controls and redistributes resources in the name of a ‘greater good.’ It’s kind of the corporate version of communism … it’s a trick. It just empowers the boards to basically take voting powers and rights from the shareholders.”

Peck warns that stakeholder capitalists could care less for shareholder rights, rather they seek to use corporate funding for leftist political tasks such as getting rid of voter IDs and the teaching our youngest children all about “radical sex and gender ideologies.”

Let’s face it, woke capitalists are communist wolves in sheep’s clothing. Radical socialism has already assumed a prominent presence in local, state and federal governments, our schools and the entertainment sector. And they’ve achieved success in infiltrating corporations [think Disney]. And now they seek to expand their control of the rest of corporate America using the not-so-subtle moniker, woke capitalism.  

The irony of woke capitalism is that it is a new way to promote a communist view of life. They seek to replace capitalism with a system of political and corporate governance that has never lived up to the Marxist pipe dream. Yet, ideologically bent teachers, professors and politicians have convinced a goodly share of the population, including the next generations of Americans, that it is still a viable way to run a country.

Yes, the socialists among us have made headway. But Pew Researchers found that capitalism — real capitalism — is still the preference of 65% of us versus just one-third of those who were polled and who have a positive view of socialism.

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7 months ago

Capitalism has to go hand-in-hand with a Democracy – it is dependent of the freedom and liberty to go in your own direction, innovate, explore, put in that extra to possibly achieve more. Conversely the supply and demand is also a huge part of my freedoms and choice to buy or not buy things that are priorities to me and my family.
We need to careful not to fall into the trap of big government just giving out monies and creating dependencies on what they choose to give or not. Or Government also dictating how you must live and what you must buy… electric cars, no beef, permits, vaccines, etc.

7 months ago

Capitalism is what made America great & will continue to make this country great as long as we do not let it go. But, the top people at companies & universities need to realize their salaries are getting way out of whack vs. the average wage earner. The middle class made America great after WWII and America must protect & promote this class.

7 months ago

If 65% of us put God first in our lives we wouldn’t have a problem. All the woke stuff is against the laws of God. He is allowing us to pick Him or satan. He alone is good. If He isn’t first in people’s hearts, He can’t bless them. When it became so obvious that Second Timothy chapter three was full filled, the end days appeared so close. Claim Christ as Savior, if you haven’t already, because you don’t want to be here for the tribulation.

7 months ago
Reply to  gin


7 months ago

The more the universities and colleges crank out little Marxists, the more this country falls to the Marxists commies! I know folks who grew up indoctrinated in this leftist cr*p that are now in their forties and fifties and still believe this “woke” cr*p! They are encouraging their kids in this cr*p and refuse to read, research, or listen to any other viewpoint! When the bulk of seniors raised before all this Marxists indoctrination became to instilled are dead and gone, America will no longer be a great nation! It only took Venezuela 10 years to revert to full blown socialism so what’s to stop us?

7 months ago
Reply to  Carol

Universities need to stop paying the Presidents & football coaches $Millions per year. The ratio is way out from average wage earners & is the reason why students have to get loans to attend college.

Nobody’s Business
7 months ago

If people would actually think they would realize that people like Soros and our politicians make their money using capitalism while they are forcing socialism on the rest of us. If socialism is so damn good why hasn’t it worked anywhere it’s been implemented? If it’s so good why do they need to distract us with this woke bulls**t, and freak show. They would put it to a vote; Do you want do give all your money that you have worked for to people that refuse to work or to your leaders to live high off the hog while you get barely enough to survive. Oh yes that sounds like a great deal doesn’t it. Of course no one would vote for that but then Democrats are fine with voting for you and all the other people that don’t exist.

7 months ago

Your first sentence describes why we have the vast majority of the problems we have today. The inability or unwillingness of people to actually think has empowered others to inflict great and lasting damage to this country.

Patriot Will
7 months ago

Capitalism in a decent country such as the United States of America encourages hard work, excellence, and individual fulfillment. Of course, there will always be those who are corrupt and unfair; however, in a Marxist country corruption becomes a way of life, and underachievement and poverty become the norm. Marxists and Communists are all actually pessimists and neurotics who have no faith in people and their potential to do good.

William C Smith
7 months ago

American companies which move their production facilities to other countries should be forced to relocate their executive suites with them, permanently. Then, they should have to apply for a special expatriate license to do business in the U.S. and special tariffs imposed for the disruption to the work force and economy they caused. The extra expense should equal double their intended savings by moving off-shore. Any who return to American soil (anywhere in the world) should be arrested for moping and gawking. It’s a struggle but read F.A. Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom,” now more appropriately applicable than when it was first published in 1944.

7 months ago

Capitalism may be the backbone of America for now but the future looks very socialist unless something happens. All too many people in America actually believe that socialism would be a better choice and I think they should have what they want. Ship them to China and let them live there for awhile. The worthless spoiled brat Griner is finding out how great life is in Russia. I’m sure she’s enjoying her newfound freedoms there.

J. Farley
7 months ago

Capitalism is the Engine that has brought Million upon millions out of the depths of Poverty and Ignorance, Every Nation that has prospered has a Capitalistic foundation and every Nation that has a Communist form of Government, has Poverty, Ignorance, and Despair, the only Communist Nations that prosper are ones that were propped up by a Capitalist Nation, look at China, if America 50 years ago had not opened relations with them they would still be a weak, Third World Country, with nothing but a lot of hungry people, but Because we propped them up they are now a threat to Capitalism and our way of life. The worst thing about that is the Citizens the common Person, still live in Poverty and Ignorance and Despair in China and other Communist Nations.

anna hubert
7 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

You are absolutely right but that requires personal liberty and freedom of thought That is a stick a needle in your eye to the society that demands it’s population to drag it’s bellies on the ground before the ruler To challenge that mentality is a mortal sin

J. Farley
7 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Thanks for your response!

7 months ago

Millennials are the first fully indoctrinated generation this country has produced and the older ones are now calling the shots. For an analogy, during ww2 many of the german officers who came of age before 1934 took the national socialist dogmas with a bit of salt. Those who were younger and who went thru the hitler youth programs were fanatics willing to fight to the death. What is missing in our younger folk is perspective, which is deliberately left out of the indoctrination process. Therefore, for instance, younger people believe the usa to be uniquely evil because of slavery, the ubiquitous nature of which having been carefully left out of their textbooks.

Myrna Wade
7 months ago

Well written. Woke Capitalists are an attempt to redefine socialists. A recent statement from Bernie Sanders indicates even he sees folly. Skinny BBB does not reduce inflation. AND he knows this country should not promise ALL flooding over the border health, education and everything they need. He knows, but they are not computing what he tells them.

7 months ago

Capitalism may indeed be the backbone of the American Republic, but socialism is being rammed down our throats at every turn by the left in this country with very little comparative resistance. The author chooses to use the term “woke capitalism” to mask the fact that what is being imposed on the country is simply your standard form of socialism dressed up with some cute terminology to fool the “low information voter” (A less offensive term that what they really are to avoid being censored here). “Woke capitalism” is a term that was made up by left and the spineless RINO types in this country to mask what is really happening to this country and what we are being pushed towards. At least have enough intestinal fortitude to refer to what is going on in the United States by its real name. Socialism by any other name is still socialism. The end result for our nation will be the same.

7 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Hi PaulE, unfortunately this younger generation of Americans has been educated and brainwashed to be lazy, government dependent and just plain stupid! . . . They don’t either believe or desire that hard work is rewarding both financially and emotionally. They have come to expect to be taken care of. They are ignorant to the old adage: “NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED!” . . . I fear that too many Americans are ignorant or just plain complacent believing that they just can’t do anything about it. Our Republic is doomed with the passing of our generation so we are the last hope to save Capitalism!

Philip Hammersley
7 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul E : I believe Karl Marx called them “useful idiots” but I’m sure that more colorful terms apply as well.

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