Boehner is Wrong on Social Security

Dan Weber, AMAC’s Founder

House Minority leader John Boehner, R-Ohio sounds like a liberal Democrat when he talks about some changes he would make in the Social Security program. In a recent interview in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review he said that he would favor raising the retirement age to 70 for people who have 20 years before retirement. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md said the same thing in a speech in June.

Then, sounding like a socialist, Mr. Boehner would not pay anything to people who “have substantial non social security income”. So if you paid into the plan after 45 years you would get nothing- your money would go to someone else. “Why are we paying you at a time when we’re broke” he explained.

What he didn’t explain was the reason we are broke. It’s because of the wasteful spending programs politicians like Boehner have put into law- to buy votes with government handouts.

The answer is not to punish older Americans- the answer is to cut Federal spending across the board.

If Boehner was the Vice-president he might say to me, “OK wiseass, you said across the board- that means everything, even Social Security. How are you gonna do that?”

Well I went to a local Social Security office a little while ago. After waiting 45 minutes I was told I had to make an appointment, or wait about two hours to speak to a representative. After making the appointment I asked the person behind the glass wall why there were so many young people in the waiting room (about half of the 40 people waiting). He explained they were there for disability payments.

Doing a little checking I discovered that almost one third of all Social Security payments do not go to the elderly but to young people claiming some kind of disability. They collect under SSI or Social Security Disability. Is that fair? Wasn’t Social security created for the elderly?

I recalled a 60 minute show that talked about a school in Texas where over a quarter of the kids were receiving SSI payments. It seemed their parents told them to act up in school so they would be declared mentally disabled, thus enabling the parents to collect up to $1,000 a month for each child.

Recently I played golf and found out two of the foursome, who were 20 years younger than I, were receiving SS Disability payments. Well they sure didn’t play like they had any injuries!

Perhaps Mr. Boehner just had a bad day. The only good that came out of this is the fact that political leaders are slowly getting the message that they have got to reduce spending.

One way to do that is to eliminate entire Federal Departments. For example, we started the Department of Energy 25 years ago to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. A complete waste!

We created a Department of Education to raise test scores for our kids. What happened? Nothing, the inner city schools are still not able to provide the kids with a decent education.

Americans, especially older Americans deserve to be treated with the dignity they deserve- they earned it. Representatives Boehner and Hoyer should have the courage to make tough decisions finding ways to cut spending- but they shouldn’t do it on the backs of our older citizens.

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tom miller
4 years ago

you answered your own question….buying votes

Alan B.
8 years ago

I am 45 and disabled and you don’t understand that the Bible says “Let those who WILL not work… not CANNOT work…”
My very life depends on me taking care of myself and I WON’T let you take away SSDI/SSI from me.
Social Security and Medicare belong to seniors AND the disabled!

10 years ago

To our dem/lib friends: Barney Frank now says Fannie and Freddie should be dissolved…does not the fact that the ringmaster of home finance disasters saying this mean something to you. I find it not only pathetic but ironic And remember if you will that Nancy P. and Harry R. have guided the Congress and Senate since 2006. So if you want to speak about misdoings lately ,I say there are at least a few others besides GWB and the Repubs to examine. At least the Repubs have a working knowledge of how things work and how to get things moving….70… Read more »

Clay S
10 years ago

I hope I don’t get too carried away here, but, here goes! I am almost 53, and I am drawing S.S. Disability and I HATE it. I worked at last employer for 20+ yrs. I messed up the nerves in my back (on the job, helping fellow employee), had back surgery, then went back to work. My employer put me on the worst jobs possible, and which made my back worse yet. They TOLD me to file for disability, but, I had no intention to do so. I could not just quit, and they knew it. Thankfully, I was able… Read more »

James C. Finkel Sr.
10 years ago

If only people who put into Social Security received payments from Social Security it would not be in financial disarray.

Don Manyette
10 years ago

One of the talking heads said a while back that we had two major political parties in this country. The evil party and the stupid party. The more I see what is going on, the more I realize he was exactly correct.

Robert Parsons
10 years ago

In all the comments about what is wrong with Social Security, why it is broke, and why the entitlement is helping break the government, I never hear anyone put the blame where it belongs. The problem with Social Security is CONGRESS! Originally, the money taken out of our paychecks for Social Security went into a “lock-box” where the only people who received money from it were the ones who paid into it. Congress moved it from the lock-box to the General Fund, so they could “borrow” from it for increased perks and pork. So far they have “stolen” 3 trillion… Read more »

Laura S.
10 years ago

Seems like we are rewarding parents who do a bad job raising their children, thus resulting in ADHD and Bi polar kids. Reagan slashed the walfare system and then all the walfare people rolled over into the SSI Disability program.

Bob Hunt
10 years ago

I liked your July 9th posting especially the part dealing with the Energy Dept. To take that vein one step further I suggest there be a Flat Tax or Fair Tax, abolish the IRS sell all the office equipment at auction as wel as all the property and buildings they occupy. The funds from the sales could reduce the defecit these jerks have put on us and Geitner would probably have to find work in the private sector; that sector of America they have tried so hard to destroy.

Wesley E. Smith
10 years ago

Thank you for basing your articles on principle! It is not okay any more, in fact never was, okay to play one party against the other and always accept what “our guys” say, versus “their guys”.

If those that are supposedly on our side talk like those that are opposed to sound American principles, call them on it!

By not challenging people on principle and caving in to party leaders is how we got many R.I.N.O.s like McCain and hence Obama!


I just signed up as a new member because of your integrity!

Sincerely, Wesley E. Smith

Patty Sylvester
10 years ago

If you get your statement from SS it shows you how much you paid in over the years. Then you figure about how much you’ll recieve at retirement. If you devide that amount into your contributions, you’ll be surprised how quickly you get you money back. Anything over that is gravy. If they cut you off after your contributions were used up, alot of people would be in trouble. Originally SS was to help WIDOWS care for their family when the bread winner died. Politictions have scewed the system to get votes.

Gregory Kelly
10 years ago

I call them Republicrats.

10 years ago

I see people on SSI all the time most of them are younger than I am, I am only 51. A lot of the people that I see are drug addicts and community misfits and most of them are in better physical shape than I am. When I see this it makes me so angry and frustrated with our government that I just want to scream. They are giving away our security and not even batting an eye.How are we going to stop our runaway government and get them to stop wasting our money. You actually can’t blame the people… Read more »

Richard Matthews
10 years ago

I wrote John Boehner and told him he must want Republicans to lose this November. I have a plan that will allow any citizen less than 50 yrs. old to have an option to receive all their Social Security payments, including employer’s contributions, plus interest based on each years rate of a one year treasury bill. This money goes into an account similar to an IRA with restrictions on the investment vehicles to prevent the funds from losing value. This program will be optional. Citizens 50 and over will stay in Social Security and get all the benefits they were… Read more »

10 years ago

SS needs to get back to being locked down and not robbed for any government program…they have drained the system…however anyone making over $1M during their retirement should have a reduced SS allotment…many cannot make ends meet on under $1000/month…help those who really need it…lets start offering positive solutions and not just complaining…send your input to your Senators and Representatives…keep it up…now there is a Tea Party Caucus where hopefully some common sense ideas will spring forth…whatever happened to the statement by JFK “ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country”…how true… Read more »

10 years ago

Lets start by being conservative instead of being Rupublican or Libertarian or Tea Party. We the conservatives of America should stand up and fire our elected leaders that vote for any tax increase before cutting the largess of government. In normal day to day life, people have to live on a budget, do without until saving for what they want or go broke and file bankruptcy. Time the politicians in government need to make the really hard choices and do with less just like the majority of Americans have to do with less. I, for one, am not better off… Read more »

Sheri G
10 years ago

I do NOT believe that SS should be done away with. Just take off all the add on benefits such as disability and survivor benefits and really take SS back to where it started and what it was intended for……the elderly who had worked and needed a guaranteed income after a certain age. We pay into the program all our working lives and it IS like a savings account for people who work. But there are should be strict limits as to who benefits from the program. It should be paid only to those who worked/contributed. Congress should not be… Read more »

10 years ago

Social Security is something that we all are required ( forced ) to pay into all of our working lives. We are entitled to this money. Social Security is not a fund for those who have not contributed into it , such as welfare recipiants and illegal immigrants and those who cheat the system. Raising the age to collect what one has contributed into is totally unfair especially if you don’t live long enough to collect it. Our politicians have skimmed money out of the fund for other purposes and not one of them even pays into the system. They… Read more »

10 years ago

People don’t get disability/SSI/Medicaid just by saying they’re disabled. Substantial medical proof must be presented. I know this because my now adult daughter was born with real mental health conditions and mental retardation. We went through hoops to get her into the program as she became an adult. Nowdays if you’ve been employed and want to claim disability it takes YEARS in most cases to receive it. Unless you have a horrendous situation you will be filing and then be denied two or three times, which means a two- to three-year wait for any help. I know, because since being… Read more »

John Hardt
10 years ago

You all should check out Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future. He appears to be one of the very few sensible people in Congress today. He’s the ranking minority member on the budget committee. Although he makes all the sense in the world, very few Republicans will give his plan the time of day, much less Democrats.
He’s the kind of guy I could get behind if he should ever decide to make a run for President.

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