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Three Great New Inventions That Have WOW Power!

Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Every so often, unique inventions come along that improve quality of life, reduce stress, fix problems, or are simply fun to have. In this article, a sequel to last week’s article on new technology, we will discover three newer gadgets with WOW power due to their cleverness.

1) Fi Series 2 dog collar – A new generation of dog collars has come along that are GPS enabled so that you can track your dog anywhere he or she goes! The dog collars are WI-FI integrated and offer better signal coverage and long-lasting batteries that help detect escapes. The Fi Series 2 dog collar offers reinforced hardware that can withstand over 300 lbs. of pull force with end-to-end metal framing. This upgraded antenna offers better location tracking in remote areas. This genius collar is particularly meaningful in the event that a pet escapes or runs away while off-leash. Pet owners will have peace of mind knowing where their dog is at all times.

2) Poliglu – This translation device with speech recognition technology enables you to speak 36 languages with ease. Simply connect your smartphone to WI-FI or mobile network and download the Poliglu app. This little device is perfect for travelers who may encounter language barriers. With a few clicks of a button, language can be translated into any language in real-time. It provides instant communication and is comfortable and easy to use. In addition, the sound quality is decent. Whether you go abroad, from the Czech Republic to Vietnam, this handy device will save you the expense of a translator’s assistance and the ability to communicate freely on your own, thereby reducing the stress associated with the inability to speak a foreign language.

3) Inflate-R – Low tire pressure is a common problem with vehicles. This handy device can inflate automobile tires, mountain bikes, soccer balls, and more in minutes via a small wireless air pump that provides 150 PSI of air. As a bonus, the pump fits conveniently into a vehicle’s glove compartment or can be carried in a backpack for a bike ride. It is made with a built-in flashlight, plus includes a power bank to charge cell phones in an emergency. To use, simply plug the device into your tire or other inflatable devices, set your desired PSI, and use the LCD screen for a reading. And, it has an automatic shutoff so that you don’t have to turn it off manually.

These products are examples of newer technology available in the marketplace and are not endorsed or sold by AMAC. Before making a purchase, use due diligence. Do your homework on the product, read customer reviews, make price comparisons, and understand pricing, purchase, and return policies. Also, stay tuned for improvements that continually accompany product development to increase performance on products currently on the market.  

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