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A Home Inspired by English Gardens

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
A Home Inspired by English Gardens

So romantic!

English gardens are a departure from geometric and formal symmetrical gardens, the latter being the principal gardening style that spread across Europe and France during the 17th century. English gardens are plush and inviting yet boast wildly untamed secrets. These countryside gardens are beloved for their winding vines of rich greenery, brilliant flowers that change with the seasons, herbaceous borders, natural water and wood features, and attractive trees that permit sunlight to dance and retreat. Combined, these elements cast the most unique and warm spell upon visitors and beckon them to return. If you love nature and the romantic feel English gardens have to offer, why not incorporate elements into your home décor?

  • Create a cottage feel with botanicals – The term botanical simply means related to plants. There are numerous great ways to introduce the plant theme into the home. Major ways to do so involve adding wallpaper featuring greenery, selecting wall color palettes like mossy greens to evoke feelings of nature, and adding natural elements to the home such as warm hardwood flooring. Minor ways to bring the botanical theme to life include adding floral or natural window treatments, using see-through lace to maximize garden views, and incorporating artwork, plants, or cut florals to bring nature indoors.
  • Transform the mood with light and dark – English gardens typically feature assorted plant life, winding paths, and hidden nooks. Within these spaces, there is essentially a play on lighting that illuminates and casts shadows in different spaces at the same time. To achieve this effect at home, choose a variety of lighting fixtures to mimic the ambiance emanating from a cottage garden. Avoid using bright overhead light fixtures that kill the mood. Rather, opt for soft, warm, and romantic lighting options. This includes installing dimmer switches to soften lighting, selecting frosted or colored bulbs, and using a variety of stylish lamps that can add warmth to a room.
  • Choose warm furniture pieces – English gardens are pleasurable, inviting, and welcoming spaces. Furniture plays a big part in home décor. Not only does the style of furniture matter, but the placement does as well. In terms of style, furniture pieces should be homey and warm and feature layered patterns that naturally fit together. Upholstered armchairs, comfortable sofas with cushy throw pillows, wooden bookcases with leather-bound books, a wooden piano, and a thick throw carpet serve as reminders of an old-fashioned house in the British countryside. Furniture should be placed comfortably for conversation and afternoon tea, gathering around the crackling fire, or facing superb views of the flowery garden.

Reflections of a romantically weathered garden

Let’s reflect upon the value of English style gardens. They are wonderfully warm and delightful spaces that whisper welcome. Picture the most perfect romantically weathered garden, with delicate paths surrounded by blooming roses and bright peonies. Imagine walking along that inviting pink path as it weaves and bends, then charmingly meets up with moody vines and curiously dense brush. Might it be nature beckoning you to stop, be still, and pause to enjoy the surroundings? Experiences like that enliven and touch our souls. Wouldn’t it be pleasant for your home to offer a similar special appeal?

Ask yourself this…

When people come to your home, would you want them to come away with cold remembrances of barren walls, stark décor, uncomfortable furniture, and sore lighting? Or would you prefer for them to warmly recall your lovely English garden inspired home that made their hearts sing? The answer is quite clear.

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