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The Dangers of Clutter

Posted on Tuesday, July 25, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

What is clutter?

Clutter is the overaccumulation of goods. Many people have clutter because they continue to bring new or used items into the home without letting go of other items they do not need, want, or use. What happens? It builds over time. Unfortunately, the dangers of clutter are widespread. Read on to learn more.

Why is clutter dangerous?

Clutter is considered toxic. And, sadly, it impacts physical and emotional health. Per Highland Hospital, the more possessions a person has laying around, the less likely they will be to dust and vacuum. This can trigger allergies or other medical conditions. Additionally, slips and falls are more likely to occur when things are underfoot. They also warn that clutter can heighten the risk of fire, either by blocking exits, providing fuel, or making it difficult for firefighters to gain access to places needed to extinguish flames. Keeping extreme clutter, also known as hoarding, is associated with stress, less personal satisfaction, depression, anxiety, embarrassment, social isolation, and more. To learn more about hoarding disorder, the inability to part with material possessions due to a perceived need for them, visit here.

What is decluttering?

To declutter a home means to remove unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded space. Here are some common goals of decluttering:

  • To reduce visual clutter to create a neat, safe, and tidy environment.
  • To give items a home or place to go – so you know right where everything is.
  • To use space practically and with purpose.
  • To free up living space so that rooms may be used and enjoyed.
  • To donate what you don’t need, want, or use to help others.
  • To feel freer, happier, and more joyful.


What rooms most often fall victim to clutter?

The most well-used common spaces of our homes tend to become havens for clutter. Kitchens are particularly vulnerable to clutter. There are several reasons why, but the main culprit is that there are

many kitchen products on the market, from apple peelers to water pitchers. And many times, we “buy into” the idea that we need these items. The ironic thing is that most times we won’t use them. Here are some things to know about kitchen clutter:

  • Germs can accumulate and easily spread when things are not wiped properly with antibacterial agents.
  • Cluttered kitchens are dangerous spaces to work in, making kitchen accidents more likely.
  • Pests are a main issue of cluttered kitchens. Insects, bugs, and rodents are attracted to crumbs and residue which may lead to dangerous infestations.
  • People who have “messy” kitchens are more likely to eat unhealthy diets. This includes foods high in calories and low in nutrition.

In conclusion:

Folks seeking to live healthfully should evaluate their lifestyles to include clutter. Dangers of clutter exist, and ultimately influence physical and mental wellness. Thus, people can benefit from clutter reduction by taking steps to reduce clutter as described in our article entitled, Best ways to declutter & organize a home.

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