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Organizing a Busy To-Do Schedule

Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
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Among the main goals of organizing a busy to-do schedule is learning how to manage one’s time well. Read on to learn some great tips!

Life is hectic! With it comes responsibilities – and sometimes pressure – to multitask and be active. Whether you’re scheduling work meetings, doctor appointments, or sports or music practice for the kids, it’s important to manage a busy schedule so that events are not forgotten, overlooked, or double booked.

Stop being late! Never miss an important deadline! Don’t forget it’s your turn to pick up the kids at school! Scheduling apps can be valuable lifesavers. But finding the one that is right for you is key!

Use a reliable online scheduling app. These phone and computer applications streamline appointments and have many other helpful features.

Here are some different options for professional and personal needs:

  • Business apps: Forbes Advisor rates some great business/scheduling apps. Many are useful for professional needs. Topping their list for 2023 includes Square Appointments (winning best overall), Setmore (rated best for unlimited appointments), and Calendly (the best for booking appointments via email) just to name a few top contenders. Square Appointments, for example, boasts task management features that are great for professional usage. It integrates with Square (a payment processing system) so business owners can accept appointments that are paid for directly in the booking process. The app features three tiers of pricing, from free basic plans that are good for owners of businesses at one location to premium plans for larger teams or businesses at more than one location. The latter can handle complex booking needs, larger teams, and more.
  • Student apps: These productivity apps range in useful features. For example, Todoist is both a project planner and to-do-list coordinator. Students can take notes in a special note-taking section, set up projects for each class, plan activities, create checklists, and even cross off items that are accomplished. One may also look ahead to see what assignments are due next and set up due dates with reminders that can be sent to a phone or email. Note that there is a free version plus opportunities to upgrade for access to other specific desired features. Calendly is another useful student planner app. It is particularly valuable for scheduling group projects. Microsoft To Do is also well liked by students as it allows them to categorize tasks and subtasks very effectively.
  • Home apps: Apps like FamCal help busy parents handle family schedules, create chore lists and delegate responsibilities, meal plan and shop, track birthdays and events, and more. Users can make use of color codes and share schedules with other family members. There are monthly calendars, places for notes, memos, and recipes. Google Calendar is another family friendly app that is simple to use. One can create a shared family calendar or create multiple ones to keep work and home life events separate. And, as a bonus, one can connect to external calendar apps such as Apple Calendar and Outlook. Note that like the other apps mentioned above, there are different versions. FamCal is a free app with in-app purchases whereas Google Calendar is free but may contain ads without upgrading.

A word about apps

Apps, short for applications, are useful tools that can be used on our smartphones, computers, and other mobile devices. Scheduling apps particularly help people stay on task but finding the right one(s) for your needs is key to success. Do your homework to find out which ones best fit your needs.

Necessary info

When it comes to organizing a busy to-do schedule, apps can be set to remind us of upcoming appointments, arrange and schedule what needs to be done, and help us manage our responsibilities. They can also be used to streamline work schedules, make payments, and more. While apps can be great, do understand that anytime we download them, they may put some of our privacy at risk. So, it’s important to understand what information the app is asking for permission to access.

Extra safety steps

One should generally guard against apps that seek to share our personal information with third parties. Additionally, for overall app safety, be sure to review app permissions, remove unnecessary access to personal information, completely delete unnecessary apps, and never download apps from unknown sources. To learn more about privacy and mobile device apps, visit, America’s Cyber Defense Agency.

This article is for general informational purposes and is not intended as personal advice or as an endorsement of any products.

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