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Copying High-End Home Designs

Posted on Friday, July 22, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
home designs

It’s easy to fall in love with home designs we see on television, the internet, or in magazines. Whether it be a fancy living room, modern kitchen, or rustic family room, many times the layouts we like contain high-end items which equal high prices. If you’re seeking to decorate a room on a budget, a fashionable look may still be achieved by finding similar designs at discounted prices. In fact, copying high-end home decorating projects has been the subject of some successful television shows. It is truly amazing what some folks can achieve on a tight budget.

Glazed glass disk chandeliers are all the rage now. However, you can get that same look using a similar light found on Amazon or at Ikea. While the materials may vary, the style, impact, and lighting effect delivered are nearly identical. The key is to use the magazine photo or home design image as a template for your own creation. When searching for look-a-like items, bear in mind the size, shape, color, and type of material from which something is made. For example, a woven basket at a fancy design shop can range from $80 to $380. For the average consumer, that is a lot of money for a basket, albeit it is likely handmade and of excellent quality. However, for those on a budget, a similar looking basket can be obtained from Target or the Container Store for $40 or under. That is a substantial savings. Also consider shopping at thrift stores where prices are often well below market value.

Another great way to save money on designs you love is to make some items homemade. For example, a popular decorating magazine recently featured a series of vases filled with cascading flowers on the cover. You don’t need much skill or talent to decoupage a similar set of vases. Macrame, coarse lace or fringe made by knotting cords or creating thick threads in geometric patterns, is also quite popular now.  Macrame art is often featured on home design programs as wall art or is used functionally for hanging plants on a country-style porch. Another popular thing to do is mimic abstract paintings using cheap canvases and paints that match the original design. Even if yours ends up slightly different than the painting you’re trying to copy, your art can still brighten up your room and introduce exciting new colors into your space.

Bottom line is that you don’t need a lot of money to decorate like a pro, nor do you need to hire a professional decorator when funds are tight. Simply find a magazine-worthy interior room design you like using Pinterest or other free resources and copy that style using less expensive items. Taking your time to hunt for special pieces that can complete your look is enjoyable. Moreover, it’s rewarding to know that in the end, you’ll achieve a high-end look while saving a bundle of money.

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mamas spit
mamas spit
1 year ago

reason why I stopped designing homes. No one pay for design. They just take them and use them.

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