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Creating a Home Sanitizing Station

Posted on Monday, March 29, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
sanitizing station

The national pandemic has taught us to reflect on our hand washing and cleanliness habits. More than ever before, we are washing and using hand sanitizers regularly and are following other safety protocols, including wearing masks in public and sometimes even at home. Interestingly, these practices have worked wonders in preventing some cold and flu and even slowed the spread of COVID-19. It is likely we will continue to use barriers against some germs for quite some time. So why not create a home sanitizing station where all the supplies needed are kept neatly in one place? Here are some tips:

  • Create the sanitizing station in an easy-to-reach area where people enter the home. A main entrance or a mudroom is ideal.
  • Place a boot tray by the entrance for shoes. Install hooks for coats, book bags, pet leashes, purses, or add coat rack or over-the-door hooks.  
  • Set aside a small basket in the area for worn reusable masks to go to be laundered (mark the basket with a sign)
  • Set aside a covered trash bin for disposable trash
  • On a table, offer the following products:

*A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

*Antibacterial wipes for hands

*Disinfectant spray for shoes and items like keys

*Antibacterial disinfectant for cleaning material items (keys, cell phone covers, and other frequently touched items)

*Hand lotion

*Large plastic bags for clothes that must be removed and washed

*Shoe covers (if shoes remain on)

*Disposable face masks in a variety of sizes (children/adults)

*Plastic gloves

*Plastic hooks for clean and ready to wear masks

*A roll of disposable paper towels

*UV light sterilizer for phones and accessories

*A place for mail and keys (holder)

These are just a few of the many items that can help us stay organized and healthy and hopefully COVID-free. Having these products handy is not only good for you; it encourages other family members to practice the same safety protocols when entering the home.

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