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10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

Posted on Monday, November 8, 2021
by Outside Contributor
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To help enterprising entrepreneurs generate business ideas, we asked business leaders and CEOs for their best ideas. From web designing to social media marketing, there are several suggestions that may help you start an online business with no funding to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Here are 10 online business ideas you can launch with no capital: 

  • Leverage Your Technical and Creative Skills in Web Design
  • Help Businesses in Your Industry as a Consultant
  • Get Your Start in Online Retail
  • Start a Virtual Assistant Service
  • Use Your Website for Affiliate Marketing
  • Offer Sitting Services Online
  • Monetize Your SaaS Idea
  • Sell Paid Online Courses
  • Become a Social Media Influencer
  • Use Your Eye for Graphic Design

Leverage Your Technical and Creative Skills in Web Design

Freelance web design may be an excellent path for you if you are a creative, digital expert who thrives on developing the layout, visual theme, font set, and color palette of a website. You may study the fundamentals of web design and grasp the tools you’ll need for success, such as Adobe XD, Chrome DevTools, and text editor software, even if you have no prior expertise.

Take advantage of your technical and creative skills to help business owners to expand their internet presence. Create a thorough portfolio, then showcase it on your website to attract a constant supply of clients
-Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors

Help Businesses in Your Industry as a Consultant 

People always need help and advice, and if you’ve got experience in a certain field, why not offer them your expertise as a consultant? There are no startup costs with consulting. 

All you need to get started are your experience and skill set. Who you’re able to consult for depends on your background, but I guarantee there are those in your field who could benefit from your help.
-Vicky Franko, Insura

Get Your Start in Online Retail

If you want to sell something, make sure you understand how to start a home-based business, have a space to store your items, and create an online account with the post office to make mailing as streamlined as possible. Begin researching platforms that make selling online simple. To start, you might want to look into BigCommerce, Wix, Shopify, and Weebly
-Lior Abady, Boho Magic

Start a Virtual Assistant Service

There’s no shortage of business owners, parents, leaders, and more with full schedules. With solid time management skills and a knack for organization, you’re primed to lend a (virtual) helping hand. When starting off, consider focusing on one segment so that you can grow your skills and distinguish yourself from others. 

You can assist entrepreneurs running e-commerce sites, real estate agents managing multiple clients, or marketing firms in need of support. The client options are vast. So dust off that resume and start reaching out to see who could benefit from your services.
-Claire Routh, Markitors

Use Your Website for Affiliate Marketing

If you already have an established website, joining an affiliate program, such as Amazon, can give you a significant silent income boost. Anyone can do this by selling products that are connected to their niche — in our case — diving equipment. Monetizing your website in this way gives you a decent ROI without the headache of the majority of the hard work involved.
-Alain Sobol, Red Sea Diving College

Offer Sitting Services Online

You can start a pet, baby, or house sitting service online as a way of making extra money. There are numerous websites online where you can register as a sitter for free. Such sites will connect you to clients looking to pay for sitting services. You do not require extensive experience for these jobs, and the hourly rate for sitting services is often higher than the average minimum hourly wage.
-Patrick Crane, Love Sew

Monetize Your SaaS Idea

You do not need much money to start a SaaS (software as a service) business as long as you’re able to put together a sufficient website. Software is all online, so you wouldn’t be developing a tangible product. 

There are many tools in the world (including ours!) that can help you put together a great product even if you don’t know how to code. This is a good way to start a business without a lot of money, especially if you have a great SaaS idea that you’ve thought through in terms of filling a gap in the market so that people will want to use it frequently.
-Joaquín Roca, Minerva

Sell Paid Online Courses

I’ve seen a lot of people sell their online courses without even creating a website. You can start selling your courses or services directly from social media handles by creating an audience. I believe it is the easiest way to earn some money online. While covering this topic, I would recommend beginners avoid surveys and ad-clicking sites as they are not sustainable for long-term earnings.

Take your skill and create a guide, course, or how-to e-book and start selling it to your audience online. The process will take some time, but you can create a reliable online business with this strategy.
-Lynda Fairly, NumLooker

Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media marketing is an online business idea that anyone can start even with no money. Netizens who position themselves as influencers earn monetarily from their social media platforms through “likes,” “shares,” and subscriptions for their entertaining content.

Social media influencers can significantly promote products and services only through a stable internet connection and reliable mobile phone. Businesses realize how effective social media marketing is, and they reach out to influencers for brand partnerships and to improve brand awareness of their offerings.
-Michelle Ebbin, JettProof

Use Your Eye for Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a reputable online business that you can establish, even without shelling out capital.

If you have a good eye for design, a creative mind that produces excellent visual content, and a reliable computer and internet connection, graphic design can become your bread and butter.

There is real money in being a graphic designer. On average, US graphic designers earn about $50,000 every year for their talent and skills.
-Johannes Larsson, Entrepreneur

Reprinted with permission from – – By Brett Farmiloe

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