The Source of Our Problems: College

Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023
by Outside Contributor

By: Bruce Thomas


In the cheap seats, this country is looking very sad.  We recently had our daughter visit with our new terribly cute grandbaby.  Their family is lovely and a pleasure to be around if you don’t talk politics.  Their baby is my eleventh Grandchild, so you would think I would have this job down by now.  But….

It is two weeks before the general election, and it is hard to watch TV.  Every other commercial is a political ad.  One tells us how the new candidate will stand up to Pelosi and Biden, and the other tells us how they didn’t mean to vote for every spending bill in the last two years.  “Inflation is not that bad,” one ad says.  The other tells us how we can’t afford Eggs and Milk.

From my conservative perspective, the difference in the candidates is extreme.  The Liberals who are in power need to be removed.  They have failed our system of government and the local people who elected them.  Some have tried to stand up to the liberal onslaught.  Others have drawn a paycheck and waited for a changing of the guard.  Which is worse?  The do-nothing RHINOs or the do-everything-wrong Democrats?

My 32-year-old kids watch the ads, and we can’t discuss them.  I would be wrong to push my views on them; they won’t listen anyway.  They went to a liberal college near our home and got indoctrinated by the professors to the Democratic way of thinking.  This college brainwashed our kids into thinking it is good to take more from the wealthy and give more to less fortunate people.  We slightly agree with this train of thought, but their beliefs do not stop there.

What is a less fortunate person?  Is it someone who doesn’t have the proper education to get a higher-paying job?  Is it someone who doesn’t feel like working this year or the next?  Is it a mother with two kids who doesn’t want to leave the house, or can’t she afford daycare?  Is it the person on government assistance who doesn’t want to leave the trough?   Is it a person who goes to college, takes out student loans to get an education, and now wants the government to pay off their debt?  (Note: YOU are the funding source for the government)

Notice I haven’t even listed the open border, increasing inflation, lax national security or the horrendous crime in our cities.  Those are all terrible conditions, but they are not debatable.  Not any longer.  Even a Liberal concedes these points.  At this point, we are fighting to get our kids’ brains back from the liberal colleges we sent them to for an education.  What they got was liberal life indoctrination. 

We need to see why this indoctrination continues.  It’s like someone who is taught to strap on a suicide vest and blow up a crowd of civilians.   Why doesn’t the kid with the vest just yell for help?  Why do they carry out the deed once they are away from their captors/oppressors?   Where does the sense of right and wrong, good and evil and normal and coerced go after this training has ended?

The reasons are both easy and hard to understand.  Easy because if you spend hours daily telling someone they will be better off with a result, they tend to carry out the outcome.  It’s the bullying effect. The bad guys are dealing with young impressionable minds which are malleable.

Coercion partially explains why good kids make terrible choices after being told they are flawed or unloved.  They become incapable of seeing right or wrong in their pressured decisions.  The college classes we parents pay for have become the actual indoctrination venue for the Liberal Democratic Party. 

Professors & teachers who spout liberal ideologies every class hour will push kids and young adults into an unjustifiable position.  They are taught that their thoughts and common-sense views are wrong.  That they “can’t think like that?”  Liberalism assumes the rest of us are just stupid.  “You just don’t understand the real world.”  “You have to have more compassion than that?” 

Now the hard to understand part.  Can you imagine the power these liberal teachers have in a classroom setting?  The kids are surrounded by other students who like to put down untaught opposition because it makes them feel stronger.  Very soon, your conservative views will feel “non-human.”  You fall in line with the crowd to become accepted.  The Teacher has won.  The country has lost.

Now back to my home.  We continue to have political ads on TV and wonder why they have minimal effect on adults under 35.  One reason is that most are still too poor to feel like their money is being taken from them, and they still want to feel like they are in college.  For most young kids, college is a delightful time of partying, finding lifelong friendships and mental growth.  These youngsters entered college as individuals and emerged as fully formed collective-minded adults with bad teacher role models.

But are they ready for the mean real world?  Most college graduates are just like the suicide bombers we mentioned earlier.  Not that I am saying they are prepared to kill innocent people.  I’m talking about their mental makeup.  They have been told that the world is just one way, one point of view.  Rich people are mean, working people are oppressed, and they will not survive without taking stuff from the rich and handing it out to the poor.   Not even realizing they are the poor the liberal professors are speaking about.  Because most people under 35 are in the ‘Give to Me’ class.  They have been told they deserve stuff because they are educated.  They deserve the job of their choice.  They need money to buy things, play hard, and blah, blah.   Furthermore, rich people didn’t work for their stuff; the working class gave them it, or they inherited their fortune.   

I will tie this all back together.  The Liberal Democrats throughout our country need and depend on the under-35 demographic for power.  They know that the older, wealthier and more established workers will not fall for their indoctrination.  As the saying goes, there are not a lot of old, rich Democrats.

If we did away with all colleges, would we be better or worse off?  How many people obtain any actual knowledge in college?  Very few classes are designed to impart wisdom into the students’ heads.  Most are designed to indoctrinate, demean and suck money from the parents to the school.  I will stipulate that Medical, Law, Economics, Engineering and Business majors are probably acceptable classes.  You might have others that you think are acceptable.  A college with the label ‘Liberal Arts’ should scare parents.

So as Conservatives, we all need to rethink sending our children to liberal colleges.  Because the indoctrination done in the name of progress takes over ten years to purge.  Is that a good trade?   Democrats think our college choices are critical to their power base.   Why else would the Federal Government (Democrats) keep raising the amount of Student Loan money and pushing to make college free to attend?

Raise your child in the ways of conservatism, and don’t send them to college without a counselor on speed dial.

Another political ad is on my TV.   We will act like it does not exist.  How’s my new Grandbaby?

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Chris B Grodhaus
Chris B Grodhaus
4 months ago

Excellent article. I highly agree.

Edward Pierce
Edward Pierce
4 months ago

Very well done. This is a problem because many just don’t ask. What is higher education, what is it for and is it worth the cost? Or is it just what you are suppose to do because many who run it and profit from it told you it’s the right thing to do.Higher education can be useful when done correctly it’s not a god worth serving.

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