#BilaRants — Really, GOP?

1. I actually have emails suggesting a Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush ticket. No, really, I do. The guy forever linked to Romneycare paired with a Common Core advocate. Limited government all the way! No. Just no. I can’t think of a faster way to turn off genuine limited-government proponents and put the general public to sleep.

2. What are Republicans in the House and Senate doing right now? While the President continues to articulate the same pro-middle class rhetoric that won him two elections, where is GOP leadership on tax reform, entitlement reform, and a pro-growth policy geared toward the middle class? Why didn’t they precede Obama’s State of the Union with a detailed pro-growth plan of their own? Where is their Obamacare alternative? What tax reform plan have they come together on to present to the public? Huge midterm election victory and they’re sitting around letting the President take the lead on key issues…again. Brilliant, I tell you.

3. Not only did the House GOP have to pull an anti-abortion bill this week after female members of its own party objected to the language (great optics on that one, by the way), but the prior floor speeches to promote the bill were given by fifteen men and one woman. Tell me why in heaven’s name you would only have one woman step up to promote an anti-abortion bill. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Truly dumber than dumb.

In a country hungry for strong leadership with a president who campaigns brilliantly but isn’t so great in the leadership department, the GOP drops the ball repeatedly. It’s hard to watch. I don’t care about your verbal State of the Union response; I care about your proposed alternative policy. If you’re going to be lazy about marketing and not going to care about horrific optics like I mentioned above, then why not hand the country over to Hillary now and save all that money and time on debates and campaigning? I’m not kidding. Stop wasting people’s time if you’re not going to do things properly. It’s maddening to anyone watching with a shred of common sense.

The End.

Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila. 

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4 years ago

I have observed this for years. There has been no leader for many years. A few years ago I hoped for Newt. We will suffer until one shows his head. I hope it will not be past the tipping point. Could Christie be one?

Lester Barnard
5 years ago

Very well said Jedadiah. Boehner is in bed with Onummer so nothing will get done.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago

Ms. Bila, great questions and observations, only do not assume what the Republicans continue in messing it up is through stupidity; it’s intentional. They have already accepted the establishment plan. The same one’s who continue to “mess up” are the ones who continue to select poor functioning leaders, both in the House and the Senate. We need to recognise that these people are nothing but users and never intend to lead us back to a limited government ruled by the laws based upon the Constitution. They, along with the Democrats, have become the enemies of America. I, for one, am… Read more »

Bob the Libertarian
5 years ago

Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush? Obviously the Repubs. learned nothing from their election disasters of the past that was Bob Dole and John McCain. Conservatives have got to stick to their values to win elections. Stop trying to be moderate. Guaranteed election losers. If they don’t field strong candidates, then in 2016, get your tickets early to Queen Hillary’s coronation before they sell out. Personally, watching the Republicans and Democrats fall flat on their faces pleases me no end. It just drives disenchanted voters to seek out other political avenues. Libertarians won more local seats and voters affected more election… Read more »

5 years ago

I truly believe that we will not have Limited Government and a Balanced Budget Until WE find a Woman to Run an Independent, Well educated Woman (Financial ) and one that will not take Crap from any Man .I mean where the Hell do you find Wise Men these Days ? No Where Tell me where do you find one in CONGRESS? or the SENATE? Because there isn’t any!!!!!

5 years ago

We used to say we have the evil party and the stupid party. But since both parties have really taken that ball and ran with it I’m not sure where that leaves us! How can the politicians look right at what the people have been saying in the last few elections and not get it?

5 years ago

The problem with today’s idiotic Republican Party leadership was very stated in comments by Red State … “We have Ronald Reagan rhetoric and Nancy Pelosi actions and results” … Come on Tea Party, break away and let’s have candidates with “true” conservative ideals for a change!

Philip W. Starr
5 years ago

The Repubs blatantly showed their hand. They have NO intention of bucking Obama and/or the Democrats. Beyond the public kabuki theater and grandstanding, they’re all behind the Democrat/Obama agenda. They’ve already started making excuses and squandering any advantages. How is it the Democrats always manage to push their agenda through, while in the minority OR majority – it makes no difference. And in either situation, The Repubs stand by wringing their hands and making excuses. They have no intention of opposition beyond the media. They’re a bunch of liberal cowards no different from the Democrats. What a bunch of back-stabbing,… Read more »

5 years ago

the repubs. better get an idea, a GREAT idea that is; Romney, much as I like him, was not and would not be tough enough to win. Jeb Bush, uh, uh; another fake conservative. Hilary let our men die in Benghazi; why the repubs. cannot keep this atrocity alive I don’t know. I would be screaming if Hill was elected which given the stupidity of the voter, could happen. She never did a thing except take, take, take and roll over knowing about Bill’s behavior. In my mind, Hill is despicable. America is already a laughing stock because of BO.… Read more »

5 years ago

Please, no Romney/Bush ticket. If the GOP cannot find a qualified candidate, shut your organization completely down. And your reasoning for pulling the abortion bill today is the true problem with DC. Nothing is done because it is the will of the people, it is not passed if it is good for the country. The only things being passed are the ones that will get the most votes! All politicians have turned their back to the American people, and become aligned with their political party and the dollars than flow into it!

Tim Walker
5 years ago

Very well written and it doesn’t take a political analyst to know that without the Independent and Conservative vote ( they could and probably will “stay home”) it’s Hillary 2016. It makes one wonder if it is done on purpose.

Ray Miller
5 years ago

The answer to “What is the GOP doing?”, is not much and the reason is Boehner, Boehner, Boehner. The House will never do much under this guy. He caves to Obama, talks like a conservative, acts like a liberal.

Clyde Poland
5 years ago

Great article except…….Why did you conveniently leave executive amnesty and Obamacare??? Just as bad as Joni Ernst (sp) leaving it out after SOTU.

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