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Better For America: Unchecked Border Influxion with Jessica Vaughan

This week Rebecca examines the still unchecked border influx with immigration expert Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies. Jessica discusses the evils coming across our border as a result of the shift away from Trump’s border policies. You may not be surprised to learn that most migrants attempting to cross the border are not all families and children looking for a better life. Join us as we outline the issues and challenges facing our country as we tackle the seemingly neverending immigration and border crisis.

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3 months ago

Hello Comrades!!!! Having fun yet?

3 months ago

I find that there is a lot of people who vote demonic Democrat don’t follow any news just think that their party is great looking out for them and not seeing their party’s corruption. The same with the two faced republicans who said back President Trump but back stabbed this great president who by far is the best president in my life time
Carter being the worst till Obama’s 3 term und Biden

3 months ago

I live in Texas…where I’m located… I see the changes…but when I try to discuss with neighbors…they seem oblivious to what’s happening.

3 months ago


Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
3 months ago

Where is Q Anon. ???

3 months ago

The Dems just want to remain in power & they are willing to completely eliminate Americans to do this.

Mary Ann
3 months ago

This is going to break our country. we can’t afford this! We’re being replaced, these are the future voters of the democratic party. very sad.

Free American for now
3 months ago
Reply to  Mary Ann

They are NOT the ‘democratic” party!! They are the communist Party

3 months ago

At the current rate of nearly two million illegals pouring in per year, we’ll have four million new illegal Democrat voters by the 2022 mid-terms. By the 2024 elections, that number will have climbed to eight million new illegal voters. Add that to the 40 million illegals already here and the Democrat strategy is staring you in the face. The Democrats will keep the southern border floodgates wide open as long as the American people do nothing to force them to close them.

3 months ago

The Democrats are out of their minds, letting anybody in .Are problems are just beginning ??

3 months ago
Reply to  paul

Don’t forget some of these Republicans (R.I.N.O.) are, too.

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