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Stand Up for Biological Reality | January Littlejohn | EP 268

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024
by Rebecca Weber
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“We let the school know: Our daughter was confused, we were not affirming the identity at home, that I thought it was directly related to her friend group, and that we were seeking counselling to help us navigate this issue as a family.” January Littlejohn joined AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber on the Better For America podcast to discuss her family’s personal journey through the gender insanity that is ravaging America’s school system. When January met with school officials to inform them of how she and her family intended to handle her daughter’s crisis, she thought she was confiding in a trusted resource. However, January was later notified by the school, that she would not be informed about meetings or discussions her daughter was having behind closed doors with school officials due to anti-discrimination laws. What makes this current period of gender confusion worse, is that according to January, schools target vulnerable children to advance this agenda, and her daughter, who has ADHD and gifts that suggest she may be on the autism spectrum, is a prime example of this. Nobody thinks this can happen to their family, until it does, so be sure to tune in to educate yourself on an important issue unfolding throughout America!


Resources mentioned:


Parent Resources-


Church Transgender Response Guide –

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Patriot Will
Patriot Will
2 months ago

My heart aches for January Littlejohn and her family. Those adults who are undermining the rights of parents in doing their absolute best in bringing up well-adjusted children who are in tune with biological reality are actually evil monsters. Many conservatives rationalize that encouraging children to be transexual is merely a sign of ignorance or stupidity. However, if the ignorance or stupidity tears apart the sanctity of the family and the mental and biological health of the confused young person, then we are dealing with an ideology that is destructive, tragic, and evil. Those conservatives who refuse to acknowledge this type of evil are actually apathetic and/or ignorant themselves. As good Americans and as decent human beings, we all need to take the rights of loving, nurturing parents seriously.

Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
1 month ago

Praise for January Little John – for standing up for all that is right and good. In the spirit of respect for Faith ,Family and Freedom. The good character January Little John presents is what is in keeping with the parable of Christ about the lamp ,the light from the lamp symbolizing what is morally right – putting the lamp in a place that will provide light is the equivalent of doing what is morally right and being a good example to others is the purpose of the light – doing what is right comparison . So, defending the will of God , defending things that make sense and are respectful of the laws of nature are honorable. January Little John has done what is honorable and right .

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