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Better For America: The Shattered Left Wing Agenda with Miranda Devine

Posted on Monday, May 17, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

Today BFA welcomes New York Post journalist Miranda Devine, the lying left’s worst nightmare! Miranda reopens the discussion on the most censored news story of 2020: Hunter Biden’s Laptop. Don’t you want to know the truth behind the scandal involving our now sitting President? So many details you will NOT want to MISS! Also in this episode: Liz Cheney’s obsessive hatred for Donald Trump and the lack of leadership at the Southern Border. Be sure to check out Miranda Devine’s new book “Laptop from Hell”, hitting bookshelves this September!

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Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson
2 years ago

If a President at any time in the United States history, a president should be kicked out of office, it’s now. Our Vice President sucks to and will not be any better. God help us.

The Bidens have been breaking the law for so long, they can’t even see that they are even breaking the law anymore. So sad

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