The Better for America Podcast

Better For America: Resurgence of Stagflation

Posted on Monday, August 16, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

Reb and Rob peel back the layers on the basics of the U.S. economy and where it is headed after the past week of reckless government spending. The massive disconnect between ‘Democrat Washington’ and average Americans have them concerned with how these policies are affecting their pocketbook. Bobby shares his insight on the implications at home of Biden’s Foreign Policy decisions in Afghanistan. To wrap up this week, Rebecca and Bobby talk about the extension of eviction moratoriums. Reb shuts down the stigma that ‘big fat wealthy corporations own all rentals,’ when in fact, it’s the middle class landlords getting slammed by the Biden White House.

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2 years ago

Just listening to this broadcast has me worried more than I have been worrying. It’s good to hear the updates on all this but to me “it’s time to take action”. Rob and Reb what can be done? It seems it’s time to start impeachment proceedings and anything else we can do to put a stop what the President/Pelosi (as it appears she is running the government, not the President) are pushing through to destroy America. We need answers! We need to start and know what to do NOW, not wait until 2022….there isn’t time. Dear God in heaven please give us some answers.

2 years ago

Another good broadcast. It is mind boggling about how in the world can Pres. Biden, his administration, and the Congress can get away with ignoring the courts, violating the laws and stomping over the people and not be held accountable for their actions. I know there is no accountability in the judicial branch either. This nation is divided and the last time it was in this situation led to CIVIL WAR.
Side note: I enjoyed the Olympic stories very much. My family was in Brisbane, Australia for the British Commonwealth games in 2018. It was a Thursday night, we attended 5 hours of various track and field events that were going on in the stadium. One event was a long distance run (half marathon), where an African athlete stumbled, took a fall and got back up. It was obvious that he was hurt but continued the run. When he got into our area of the stadium, the American contingent of 8 people cheered this young man on. In 15 minutes, every event had been halted and the 20,000+ attendees and other athletes were cheering this young man until he finished. Later, when the awards were being presented to the winning runners of this event, the young man was wheeled out and he received a 10 minute standing ovation form everyone there. It was heart breaking.

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