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Over 2/3 of RELEVATE users report they feel sharper, have increased clarity or experience less brain fog1.

RELEVATE is the first and only nutritional supplement based on the highly researched brain-boosting power of the Mediterranean and MIND diets. These diets:

  • Improve cognitive performance 8 years vs peers 2
  • Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s > 50% 3
  • Reduce risk of Parkinson’s >40% 4

Developed to mimic the nutrition of these powerful diets by a team of some of the world’s leading neurologists, nutritional researchers and clinicians.

Designed with 17 critical brain health nutrients (like magnesium, vitamin D, Omega 3’s, flavonols, B vitamins and more), backed by a proprietary database of over 2000 medical and scientific studies spanning over 100,000 participants.

RELEVATE fills nutrient gaps between what most of us eat and these brain-boosting dietary patterns.

“At 60 I resigned myself to the subtle cognitive decline we all laugh off as “senior moments”, and I accepted that episodes of brain fog were just the new normal. …Since starting on Relevate I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my cognitive functioning, especially with memory (i.e. recalling names, where I left things) and mental focus and energy (I don’t feel overwhelmed with mental fatigue, I can get tasks completed)…”

~Alex, verified RELEVATE user

With the right nutrition you can feel sharper today and protect your memories for a lifetime.

1. RELEVATE User Experience Study, March 2022 2. Morris MC, et al. Alzheimers Dement. 11, 1015-1022 (2015). 3. Morris MC, et al. Alzheimers Dement. 11, 1007-1014 (2015). 4. Agarwal P, et al. Nutr. Health Aging. 22, 1211-1215 (2018).

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Post ID: 530498
This [AMAC] magazine is SUPERB! So inspiring to see true journalism!
Post ID: 530497
AMAC represents my views infinitely better than that other senior organization. Articles are informative and honest.
Post ID: 530495
AMAC is straight forward reporting. I dropped AARP years ago for the leftist reporting and Obamacare. AMAC is fighting for us not the government. For that, I'm in. Thank you for being a true American for the people.
Post ID: 530489
Good luck AMAC, may you continue to grow with increased membership to further enhance your good ethics, your downright beliefs in America and your everlasting desire to make a better life for us seniors
Post ID: 530486
I received my first AMAC magazine and I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!
Post ID: 530484
I am a new member to AMAC, and I find their newsletter to be very enlightening. The discounts they offer are great. I switched from AARP to AMAC because I feel AMAC represents my conservative views better. Thanks, AMAC.
Post ID: 530482
Have been a member of AARP for several years. About 6 years ago, they sprouted "Left Wings" promoting Obama as the savior. Discovered AMAC. Thank GOD! They present the real, undistorted picture of the issues affecting older Americans. Thank you, AMAC
Post ID: 530481
I turn to AMAC first for TRUE information about the world we live in. AMAC is trustworthy, helpful, always on top of every situation, gives all the details-not bits & pieces, and AMAC allows Americans an honest vote in the polls they print. I love AMERICA. I'm happy to have an honest source of information provided to me thru AMAC.
Post ID: 530479
I am very happy with AMAC. It is so great to have an alternative to the AARP monopoly. AARP does not represent the best interest of Senior Citizens in my opinion. They are only big because there was no other alternative and have long left us behind. AMAC is now my place.
Post ID: 530478
AMAC is providing a much-needed conservative option for seniors than AARP which supports increasingly progressive and liberal agendas that the majority of seniors do not agree with. Unfortunately, many of the seniors that I know only look at the discounts, many of which are available with AMAC as well.
Post ID: 530476
I really appreciate the [AMAC] magazine, the articles this month were exceptional!
Post ID: 530474
I love AMAC! They are the organization that really is helping seniors!! AARP is not!! Monthly newsletter is a very good read always pertaining to something relevant to Americans! Keep up the excellent work. I’m a lifelong member!
Post ID: 530473
We really enjoy our AMAC membership and their varied & interesting publications, email updates and great senior perks. We "dumped" our AARP commitments several years ago. What a pleasant relief to rid ourselves from their obvious & extremely "left" leading opinions. AMAC is a breath of fresh air! If you join you won't be disappointed. Guaranteed.
Post ID: 530472
Wonderful articles that are so well written. I wish it could be made into a story/booklet for all Americans to read, students as well! Thank you all for what you do.
Post ID: 530471
AMAC is my go-to for a conservative viewpoint in this age of liberal media bias. Thanks, AMAC! We love everything you do...great job!
Post ID: 530470
AMAC - Outstanding organization that deserves support not only from conservatives but all Americans who want Freedom as established by our Founding Fathers.
Post ID: 530469
Really love your magazine and I love what you do! Keep it coming! God Bless.
Post ID: 530465
Excellent company, great values! The advocacy work they do is priceless, and they offer so many money saving benefits!
Post ID: 530464
Concise information. Personalized contact using email with Rusty, a social security 'guru, who answered all my questions which helped me make educated decisions regarding my social security options. Varied and interesting articles.
Post ID: 530463
This [AMAC Magazine] is the best magazine I have ever read! It has the best articles; I cannot find anything in it to argue about.
Post ID: 530459
This is the senior group for conservatives, Christians and all who care about preserving freedom, not just about saving themselves a little money. Put your actions behind your values and be a member of AMAC. We have enjoyed belonging to this group.

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