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America’s Past Shows Why Socialism Won’t Work

socialism fear democrats democraticSocialism is trending in America. Politicians once ran from the term; now more embrace it. And polls show younger people are favoring it.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., won a seat in Congress by promising free health care for all, free college tuition, and something called climate justice. According to her Green New Deal, climate justice includes a government-guaranteed “basic income” for everyone, including all those “unwilling to work.”

Unfortunately, something-for-nothing socialist rhetoric has a strong appeal. A recent Gallup survey found more than half of America’s young people have a positive view of socialism.

So why is socialism gaining popularity?

Part of the reason lies in our schools. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried—from the former Soviet Union and to Mao’s China—and killed tens of millions through violence and starvation in the process.

Yet students get little of that history today. Instead, they are often taught the evils of capitalism—that it creates inequality, rewards the privileged few at the expense of the many, and is an engine of oppression and exploitation of the masses. This perverse indoctrination is echoed and amplified in the media.

In truth, capitalism has done more to lift the world out of poverty than any other economic system ever devised. Over the last 25 years, the spread of policies that promote economic freedom has cut the global poverty rate by two thirds.

And capitalism does more than “just” improve general prosperity. Academic studies show that economic freedom is also strongly correlated with greater individual freedom, better health, more educational options, and a cleaner environment. In other words, all the things that socialism promises but can’t deliver.

But the younger generation isn’t being taught these truths. Instead, they are instructed that free markets are tools of exploitation, run by greed-driven conservatives who place profits above all else. Socialism, they are told, is simply a system for making sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of.

The younger generation sees people suffering and wants to help—and they are told the government is the means to accomplish that.

But we don’t need to go so far afield as Venezuela or Cuba for modern proof that more government is not an effective remedy. There is plenty of evidence here at home.

Consider the Great Society programs ushered in under President Lyndon Johnson. Now, more than 50 years later, they have been expanded into more than 90 means-tested aid programs that cost taxpayers more than $1.1 trillion annually. Yet the poverty rate is essentially unchanged from what it was in the 1960s.

Rather than lift millions from poverty, our welfare system has trapped millions in poverty or near poverty, creating generations of dependence on government.

As a black woman who grew up poor in the projects of Richmond, Virginia, I know exactly what an all-giving, all-powerful government can do to families and entire communities. It’s why I became a conservative and why I’ve dedicated my adult life to seeking solutions that actually help people—solutions that raise all boats.

Temporary safety nets are fine. But letting people keep more of their own money by cutting individual taxes, letting businesses grow by cutting onerous regulations and taxes, and getting government out of health care and the free market back in have paved the way for a growing economy, new jobs, increased wages, and more affordable health care for families.

Will the rising generation come to realize this, too? There is reason to hope so.

The same polling that shows people warming up to socialism also shows them cooling when they start to understand what it entails. While they initially love the notion of free college, free health care, and a $15 an hour minimum wage, many turn against these ideas when given even a few details—what it would cost them in taxes, how their freedom and their options would be restricted, and how bureaucrats in far-off places would be making decisions for them.

This tells us that, while conservatives have the right answers, we need to do a better job of communicating them. If we fail to break through the constant deluge of socialist claptrap, our future and theirs is in peril.

We who cherish freedom must take on the false prophets of socialism and spread the truth that limited government, free markets, and a nation based on the rule of law are the surest ways to ensure freedom, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Kay Coles James

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Obviously socialism doesn’t and can’t work, but that means nothing to those pushing it on a growing percentage of the American public that are both largely economically ignorant and also extremely gullible. Yes, those on our side have to do a much better job communicating the fiscal realities of the both socialism and why capitalism is far superior. The issue isn’t that that the subject is difficult to convey, but rather that many on our side seem completely content to merely repeat the well-worn talking points from past campaign slogans. Which of course won’t work, because you cannot adequately convey all the shortcomings of socialism in a bumper sticker size message. The people that think socialism is the solution have been conditioned to think that way over years and years of daily indoctrination via the MSM and the public school system in this country. To get through to them requires… Read more »

Walter Rose

???? If they taught CIVICS and HISTORY in schools today maybe some of these folks would understand the folly of Socialism. Also understand how the Constitution really works…

Stephen Russell

Have Dems & leftists live the Socialisim dream then, OK Go to Venezula then, WE dont want socialisim & anyway after socialisim is Communisim: see Russia & China


We forget that Socialism was tried and failed in Plymouth Colony! The land belonged to everyone! But Only the producers worked, and the lazy sat on their duffs! So then the producers said: why should I bother, and stopped producing and they almost starved! It was not until the land was parceled out to individuals who could enjoy the fruits of their own labor, and sell or trade any excess production that the Colony thrived! (Capitalism) And the lazy soon realized that if they wanted to eat, they had to work! GEE, THAT SMARTS!!!!


When we spread the truth about limited gov’t and free markets we need to include in that the uncomfortable stuff as well. True freedom means people are free to make what others would consider to be bad decisions — and to face the consequences of those decisions. The left either wants to outright stop people from being able to make those bad decisions or in the case of free sex, drugs, not working, etc., not to have to face the consequences. They see doing so as compassionate. Me, I see allowing people to fail, face the consequences and *learn* from their (and others’) mistakes as compassionate. As I’ve phrased it before, why would I want to deny people their chance to learn and better themselves? In the end they’ll be better, happier people and we as a society will be better and happier. (That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in… Read more »

Wayne D Peterkin

America’s present demonstrates why socialism won’t work also. Some students that favored socialism were asked if they would mind a reduced GPA if that reduction went to raise the GPA of students who hadn’t done as well. Every single one said “no”, that was unfair and they would not share their GPA with someone who hadn’t earned it. These indoctrinated twits don’t get that socialism sounds wonderful in theory until you have to sacrifice what you have earned so someone who hasn’t earned it can benefit. All of society benefits when people must earn what they receive. All of us lose when people are given something for nothing because that encourages poor performance meaning low to no productivity.


The problem with socialist/communists is that they play gullible low I.Q. voters’ feelings like a fiddle. They’ve combined the studies of semantics, rhetoric, and psychology with the strategies of advertising, marketing, and propaganda. When our country let Jimmy the Nut create the Department of “Education” they handed them a platform and full reign to indoctrinate our children against their parents wishes. It was even easier because God had been banned from the classroom since 1962 via SCOTUS. First they create the feelings of guilt and fear, i.e. racism, white privilege, revisionist history, global warming/climate change, victimhood wholesale from “poor” persecuted, minorities, to “poor” restricted public display of diverse bedroom calisthenics with a variety of partners (human and other), to “poor” law breaking border invaders, then they make them “feel better” by giving them the option of voting for their “progressive” (meaning backwards to tyranny and slavery) agenda. Everybody gets to… Read more »


Wanna-be dictator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is obsessed with equal distribution of wealth that takes away freedom and opportunity
for all but a select few like herself. Typical scenario for her gigantic ego.


I think we have to face the fact that socialism puts more power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Of course the government elites are touting socialism, they have been since FDR, because it puts our fate in their hands and they love the power rush. I think the reason the colleges and universities have been so successful in this push is they have taught at least two successive generations WHAT to think instead of HOW to think and now those students can’t and don’t want to think for themselves…the government loves that because now they can just order them to let the government do their thinking for them and shut up and go along with it. In the universities the students have to shut up and go along with it or risk not graduating or being kicked out for “hate speech”. We’ve got to get the universities… Read more »


Just who do these socialist nuts think will pay for all this “free” everything. Think people think. Someone has to pay for it. Will it be those who keep blabbing socialism? I don’t think so. We must keep trying to get thru the brainwashing sickos. They are accumulating money for themselves and plan to escape all negative consequences of what they are advocating for everyone else. Don’t be fooled by these idiots.


Should be required reading in every high school in the U.S.A. and every immigrant over 12 entering this country.


The Black Book of Communism, Crimes, Terror & Repression by Harvard Press should be required reading for every high school senior in this country. Stupid should hurt.

Paul W

The naivety of the younger Americans (yes…plenty of older ones as well) is staggering and dangerous. Anyone so easily misled as to believe that human beings are responsible for changing the overall temperature on a planetary scale (One of the biggest scams ever played on the world) can be fooled into thinking that something as catastrophic as socialism can work. Never has, never will. It’s very premise is self-defeating. It’s actually impossible for it to work.
People can so easily be misled and this is just another example of the left’s influence to encourage feelings over thought, while they increase their stranglehold on the populace. Critical thinkers understand the fallacy that is the sustainability of socialism. Pitiful and potentially disastrous if an entire segment of the population doesn’t wake up to reality.


Many years ago my husband and I were listening to Neal Boortz and he said that only those who pay taxes should have the right to vote. I thought it was pretty crappy then but over the last several years my opinion has changed.


If only we could get the schools to teach about capitalism and if only we could stop the professors to stop teaching the magnificence of socialism which is a lie brainwashing our uninformed younger generation.

E Harrison

Our schools have failed our children and grandchildren. The importance of teaching American and World History is so crucial today because if you don’t know the history you will continue to repeat it. (The mistakes). Geography is also a subject not being taught with current events.
Do our young people even know what is happening in the world and how many dictators there are. Most of the so called socialist countries are run by dictators, which means the riches go to the dictator, not the people.


If everything is free in socialism, how do professors get paid? Do they have mortgages to pay, food to buy and clothing? Who pays for it if the college is free? If you don’t pay your mortgage, you lose your house. Oh, is that the way it works? I think I’ll take greedy Capitalism…FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.

Thomas H

” If we fail to break through the constant deluge of socialist claptrap, our future and theirs is in peril.” And conservatives STILL believe that we can win the marketplace of ideas by leaving the media firmly in the hands of the liberals! Smh!



Steve Greenwell

Man is no more designed for socialism than for buggery. Which might explain why left-wing gays are trying to market the latter as a virtue.