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AMAC’s Social Security Plan Favorably Reviewed by the NCPA

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione –

Pam Villarreal, senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), finds AMAC’s plan “designed to preserve basic benefits for all while making cost of living adjustments that commensurate with the income of beneficiaries.  This helps preserve the program for those who rely heavily on Social Security.”

Ms. Villarreal also favors AMAC’s companion to Social Security, the Early Retirement Account, as a much needed savings mechanism “that helps retirees of all income levels accrue additional savings for their retirement years.”

AMAC is currently actively seeking potential Congressional sponsors for our Social Security plan.  We are also is working with other Washington, DC think tanks to gain as much feedback regarding the plan as is possible.  The response for AMAC’s plan from Capitol Hill, as well as think tanks such as the NCPA, Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, remains consistently positive and optimistic.

It is especially gratifying to present this plan throughout Washington, DC as one that truly emanated from our members.  We make it a point to articulate how AMAC members participated in crafting this plan and also how their input guided us to the final document.  AMAC members have made it clear to us that they want Social Security stabilized, and we’re proud to present their plan to lawmakers.  We will keep everyone apprised of the progress we make as we seek legislative support for this important initiative.

Please feel free to view AMAC’s Social Security plan in its entirety at  You may also learn more about Social Security at AMAC’s aggregate website,

View the NCPA Letter Here


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