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AMAC: Will Secular Principles Trump Religious Rights?

christianity-crosses‘A Supreme Court case on gay marriage rights and remarks of a presidential candidate raise the question’

WASHINGTON, DC, May 15 – The U.S. is still a religious country despite a new report that there’s been a nearly eight percent decline over the past seven years among those who hold religious beliefs.  More than 70% of the population say they believe in God, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

“There are still more Christians in America than in any other country on the planet.  But their religious rights are being tested by political ideologues who focus on issues such as same sex marriage and greater access to abortion,” Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens said.

He cited the current Supreme Court case which seeks to give same sex marriage Constitutional validation and recent comments by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggesting that Americans put their religious beliefs aside for the sake of things such as abortion rights.

Clinton made her remarks at a rally in New York where she expressed her support for extended abortion rights for woman.  She said that in order to achieve that objective, “laws have to be backed up with resources and political will.  And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

The case before the Supreme Court would make same sex unions the law of the land.  The issue of religious rights comes in because if same sex marriage were to become a Constitutional right, the question of whether a church could deny gay marriage on religious grounds arises.  Beyond that, there is the issue of whether a religious university, for example, could lose its tax exempt status for denying on campus housing to a “legally married” same sex couple.

Weber, who describes himself as a staunch advocate of religious rights, said that the Supreme Court’s decision will determine whether a new reading of the Constitution will undermine the first amendment right granting freedom to practice one’s religion according to the tenets of that religion.

“It’s worrisome at best.  At worst, it could signal a victory for those who believe that progressive ideology trumps an individual’s religious beliefs as Hillary Clinton has suggested,” Weber argued.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a call.


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5 years ago

With all of the craziness happening in this country to change what America really was at first, I do feel that we should have started educating our children at home when they were still growing up so they would have had a solid background to understand what is going on now.. Religion is one of them, no matter if they were Catholic, Protestant, Baptist or even Jewish, as that’s where they learn the fundamentals. Religion encompasses a lot, even if some have left their religions to join another. But for those who chose to be atheist or agnostic, that is… Read more »

5 years ago

I have been reading all the comments here and it is quite clear we are all frustrated with the direction this country is headed. You all make some very good points. I agree that lawyers are not the most trustworthy folks around and lawyer politicians leave much to be desired. Both groups tend to lie without guilt. However, I think there may be a few good counselors around this vast country. Then again that may simply be an optimistic view on my part. I do like the idea of non-lawyers as our politicians running the country. I favor Dr. Ben… Read more »

Bill Butler
5 years ago

I may have missed it, but where in the Constitution does it address marriage?

5 years ago

FELLOW CITIZENS; Some how we need to take this great country of ours back to it roots the way the our for fathers intended it to be. how do people that we elect that are supposed to do the will of the people get so far of track and why? we need some how make them more accountable for what we the people want not for what they want to gain. we are letting to many things that are wrong in our country just side by without reasons. I think with a start with our organization the AMAC and by… Read more »

Hoosier Mo
5 years ago

The idea of the Supreme Court ruling against religious freedom and in favor of homosexual “marriage” makes my blood run cold. The very foundations of our country were built on Judeo-Christian values, and if we lose our religious freedom, we will lose the main reason America has been so blessed by God. As far as the number of Christians in our country being on the decline, I believe that may sadly be the case, especially in the mainline denominations. Many who attend church and call themselves Christian are very nominal ones at that. (Just because you are standing in a… Read more »

Van Hamlin
5 years ago

I always worry when we start combining religious beliefs, moral conduct and the law. We need freedom to practice our religious beliefs without persecution. If we impose our religious beliefs on others, we subject them to persecution. The law is not supposed to protect anyone’s soul. It is designed to preserve the individual God given rights, He bestowed on all of us; including pagans, heathen, atheists and even Democrats. Approach subjects like abortion from a public health and safety standpoint. Are the facilities clean and safe for medical practice? When is a baby developed enough to be protected by civil… Read more »

5 years ago

I somehow imagine this sort of hand-wringing went on in Imperial Russia before the Bolsheviks settled the matter once and for all (for 75 years anyway) and the communists systematically stifled all religions on the grounds that there was now only one master, the Government. Islam works that way too, called sharia law. What will that be called in the future USA if the current tide is not reversed? We face the prospect of losing both our religious freedoms along with our personal freedoms – as did the Russians 100 years ago. It is one reason why serious history hasn’t… Read more »

Mr Bill
5 years ago

Simply believing in God does NOT make you a Christian; the DEVIL believes in God.

Gramma KRaM
5 years ago

While I have agreed with AMAC policies completely, I am somewhat disappointed in the message from RIK because he said, Any reference to Hillary being a “Christian” is just a joke, and that goes for ANY politician, both parties! … As I’ve mentioned many times before in my previous postings, NO politician, and especially ANYBODY who EVER attended Law School, even attends Sunday Worship Service on a regular basis, except maybe just before an election to give the impression that they’re a Christian just for votes” RIK seems to be saying that it is necessary for a person to “attend… Read more »

5 years ago

Mark 12:31: “Love thy neighbor as thyself…”

5 years ago

Any reference to Hillary being a “Christian” is just a joke, and that goes for ANY politician, both parties! … As I’ve mentioned many times before in my previous postings, NO politician, and especially ANYBODY who EVER attended Law School, even attends Sunday Worship Service on a regular basis, except maybe just before an election to give the impression that they’re a Christian just for votes. … I’ve personally been an active church member in numerous churches in 2 different states where I have resided. In my almost 50 years of Christian service I have only met 1 active attorney… Read more »

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