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AMAC Supports the American Health Care Reform Act – H.R. 3121

by Andrew Mangione – AMAC is pleased to announce our support for H.R. 3121, the “American Health Care Reform Act.”  This significant piece of legislation, introduced by Rep. Phil Roe, M.D. (R-TN) and endorsed by the Republican Study Committee, presents a free-market approach to health care reform.  Beginning with a full repeal of ObamaCare, H.R. 3121 is comprised of six basic components that work together to lower the overall costs of health care and to ensure quality access to care is expanded to millions of Americans.  This bill includes a number of concepts that AMAC members voted to support through our website polls, including interstate insurance competition, medical malpractice reform, and tax reform that standardizes a deduction for health insurance for all Americans.  Additionally, AMAC has publicly supported other aspects of the “American Health Care Reform Act” through legislation that repeals ObamaCare and restricts the federal funding of abortions.  Overall, AMAC commends Dr. Roe for his leadership as a medical professional on this issue.  AMAC is glad to support this responsible bill, which promises to place patients and doctors at the center of important health care decisions – not government.

AMAC Letter of Support                                                      Summary of the Bill

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John Gibason

I am a Conservative, but I just have one question for my conterparts in Congress. Where was this idea before Obama – Care. We really dropped the ball here folks. Now it just sounds like sour grapes. This was Obama’s plan over 6 years ago, where was our plan then? Can you stop patting yourselves on the backs for just one minute and admit that we screwed up here. Oh. and just one thing , where in the bill does it say everyone can get health care even with a precondition??

Brian M.

DrJCA1: if you’re going to rail about deductions, then you may just as well rail about the entire idiocy of a socialistic “progressive tax” and at the same time, make it a 100% fair across-the-board flat tax, REGARDLESS OF INCOME LEVEL… ( as Levin says, “THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT!”) I damn well paid income tax as a busboy 45 years ago. Every single citizen must have “skin in the game.” The super rich will pay more (no loopholes) and the busboy will pay a mere pittance… but they will both be contributing the exact same percentage… and the busboy will knock himself out to move up to something better. If you’re going to reform this mess, then do something so that EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN has the exact same expectation of exactly what is required.


Two key ingredients in health care reform must include reform of FDA and reform of tort law.

FT Muri

Repeal of Obamacare is a must. Republican’s should not support anymore delays or band aides to this monstrosity. Instead they (and all of us) should remind American’s at every opportunity that we can not believe a word Obama says on Obamacare or anything for that matter. It was passed based on fraud and outright lies. If Obama was a Bank President or Insurance CEO, by now he would have been arrested for fraud. And, it is not just his “if you like your insurance” lies but also his 4% unemployment promise if we passed his Economic Stimulous Program. His “Recovery Summer”. Shovel Ready jobs, Benghazi lies…blaming the deaths on a video..!! NSA and IRS abuses which he claims he knew nothing about, etc., etc. Again, the mantra should be “you can not believe a word this man or his administration says” and keep pointing to the record. Finally, I think… Read more »


I; as a democrat (not being a ‘progressive’ Marxist like those national democratic socialists who currently hijack our party agendas and repeatedly stick it in the face of the republicans), support H.R. 3121. Personally, I believe that existing systems of Medicare and Medicaid already existed to do everything ObamaCare attempts to perform badly. 1. Simply coupling the American children together with the elderly under Medicare would assure future funding of that program for those in need of the children (which actually are very few); and, also fund elders as previously under former regulations (which would of course NOT include End of Life bedside advice on giving-up….nor, deny elders pacemakers….stints…bypass surgery….kidney dialysis, kidney transplants as needed). 2. Widening the window as to who can access Medicaid (without they totally having to go broke before entry….raising the allowable annual income levels for entry), solves the bottom income entry problems under an already… Read more »


Let’s stick with what the constitution says about federal government and its duties/responsibilities/restrictions. Nowhere does it say that the government should intervene on issues such as abortion; it is one which is left to “the states or to the people” (and in large part is a religious one). The same is true for healthcare.

Jim H.

I agree with this bill, but take out the abortion part, it’s too controversial; that issue can come another day. This bill needs to be all over Fox News and talked about by the RNC chair relentlessly! Come Nov 4th, 2014 we should win both houses of congress. Let’s Roll!!

Carpenter Dave

I just read about 1/3 of the bill. Will attempt to read more when my head clears. This can’t be serious. Way, way, way too many Lawyers. Is there anyone out there that can reduce this Bill to something the average citizen, like me, can understand ?

Joe Libby

There is no doubt that our republic is in crises mode thanks to a voting public that does not understand or appreciate what made this country the beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Our freedoms and liberties. Only when individuals have a relatively free and independent environment to create and invent the paths to rise to the level of their hopes and dreams does a society become a bastion of hope and freedom that the poor and downtrodden seek as a place of refuge. Those who believe in the lies of the present group of progressive, liberal ideologies have bought us government control and regulation to mold and shape this country into a European Socialistic and perhaps worse. We seemingly no longer teach the young what our founding peoples were fleeing when they arrived to these shores and risked everything to establish a life where they could… Read more »

Bill Otto

I totally, almost, agree with the proposed legislation. I would strongly urge the consideration of somehow adding to, or incorporating the Fair Tax legislation (HR 25), as well. I am convinced that a consumption tax will perform better than any additions/changes to the current tax regulations. Abolish the IRS. Check it out!

Robert and NiciWalls

We very much support! I am horrified at the government intrusion of our healthcare and the organizations that say we are in support of the direction of such care. I am a nurse and I support this common sense approach. Both parties must wake up before all is lost.

eric forseth

At least we don’t have to enact this one to see what’s in it. Almost anything will be better than what we’ve got thus far.
After Obamacare is repealed, let’s go with this one.

Richard E. Carmichael, PH.D.

The Democratic argument to Republicans is where is your healthcare plan. This plan is a good start. The Republicans should play small ball on healthcare. First find a problem with the current system and attack that problem. This plan is a good start, however, I agree with a previous comment that Abortion should be left out of this bill. A revised healthcare plan should not give the Democrats any further ammunition to attack Republicans on the issue of Women’s rights.


It is NOT the slime in Washington that is the problem. It is the hypocritical citizens of this nation that cause 99% of our messes. We scream and yell “stop this program, or cut this entitlement thing”. However, when it comes to giving up that which affects us as individuals, we scurry back to our places of mental safety. Yes, stop or cut the many welfare programs (conservatives love that), but take away the deductions we get on form 1040? No, no, don’t touch that we cry. Removing the absurd deductions would be a great place to start and voting for those who would have the spine to do it would help drastically. Again, you wont. You’ll vote for some clown who won’t do a thing about our economic mess, but crosses the country with the anti-abortion banner. You’ll vote for a photo op liar who will do nothing about… Read more »

Howard G says

This is a great start which can be tweaked, adding new free Mkt ideas which can do the things the feds are constitutionally allowed to do. But, it must apply to all equally, especially Congress, Govt employees, big business and unions.

Ollie Octopus

At the very least, repeal Obamaidontcare. Then establish a system where if the plaintiff loses a medical malpractice case he will have to pay the attorneys fees of the defense. That would stop frivolous and very weak cases from being filed.against doctors and hospitals. I am also glad I joind AMAC.

J. Bruce Rupp

I congratulate the Rep Phil Roe and AMAC for a market based proposal which is more consistent with American republican principles and less like failing European central planning of health care. However, while I am personally pro life, I am concerned that we will lose this battle of health systems over the question of women’s rights. To deny federal funds to underwrite a right provided by the Supreme Court and supported by a majority of women outright is a mistake. In addition it gives the opposition the only sincere argument they have left. Remember the old argument about abortion is based on poor women not having access to competent medical care and getting abortions in dark back rooms by incompetents. The financially able went to private clinics. The law should specifically require funding of abortion counseling and adoption support in some fashion It sound prevent funding of late term abortions… Read more »

Larry Bradley

This is simply wrong-headed and not insignificantly narcissistic. Sure, the Democrats plan is awful, but what confidence do we have that a Republican plan will be that much better? Government health care is government health care, and we should not tolerate government ownership of health care by either party. This plan is no more constitutional than the ACA. The only thing that true conservatives and constitutionalists should support is the proper role of government involvement in health care, which is to regulate and legislate against fraud and other abuses, not to set price controls, determine how private insurance companies run their business, decide which products will be offered, and profit from the whole system through illegal side deals and unconstitutional, unreasonable taxation. One last time: I DON’T WANT A “DEMOCRAT” OR A “REPUBLICAN” HEALTH CARE LAW. I WANT GOVERNMENT TO STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY HEALTH CARE DECISIONS, MY… Read more »


How can we as Citizens support for H.R. 3121, the “American Health Care Reform Act.” Standing with the 100+ CO-SPONSORS?

morris quimby

The answer to our do nothing congress is term limits. I know that will never happen through the legislative process. But we, the voters, can invoke our own form of term limits on re-election day. I’ve started with the purchase of bumper stickers; “RE-ELECT NOONE”.