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Mid-Year Update – AMAC on Capitol Hill

andrew-mangioneDear AMAC Members,

With August recess for the 113th Congress just underway, I am proud to report on the great strides being made to advance AMAC’s mission of faith, family, and freedom in Washington, DC.  While busy, this summer has proven to be highly productive and successful for our organization, as we forged new relationships and strengthened existing partnerships both on and off Capitol Hill.  Through the strategic alliances we’ve established in the Nation’s Capital, AMAC has been able to more directly communicate your concerns and to offer commonsense solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our country today.

This summer has seen AMAC cross a critical threshold in our advocacy efforts.  Over the course of only two months, AMAC has conducted approximately 40 meetings with Congressional members that serve on key committees, such as the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Special Committee on Aging.  AMAC also spent considerable time engaging with the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) and the Senate Committee on Finance.  As AMAC’s Vice President of Government Relations, I strongly believe in the value of these meetings because they allow us to play an instrumental role in the legislative process, raise the concerns of Mature Americans, and spread the word about our organization.  As we continue to aggressively advocate on your behalf in Washington, we hope to meet with every willing office, acting as the conduit through which meaningful dialogue can be established and real legislative initiatives can be discussed and pursued.

These meetings have produced tangible outcomes as well, helping to lay a strong foundation on which we can work with Congressional offices and Caucuses in the months ahead.  In fact, AMAC has delivered at least 18 specific letters of support for individual bills introduced so far in the 113th Congress.  These letters address a wide range of issues of importance to AMAC members and indicate which policy proposals AMAC feels will better serve our country.  Supporting individual pieces of legislation not only raises the profile of specific bills – helping their chances of passage – but also demonstrates the true force and strength behind the AMAC name.  We encourage AMAC members to read these letters as we post them on the AMAC website and Facebook page for review.  Looking ahead, we will continue to emphatically offer our support to key legislation that aligns with AMAC’s values, addresses the core concerns of our members, and seeks to make America a stronger country for current and future generations.

Finally, while our leadership team is proud and honored to represent your interests in the Beltway, we have been overwhelmed by the impact our AMAC delegates are making at the State and Local levels.  The AMAC delegate program was instituted in February of this year to operate as another source through which our members can engage with elected lawmakers at the District and State level.  This program has grown into a thriving outreach tool, with delegates conducting introductory meetings with their Congressmen/women across the country.  In fact, with the help of our delegates, AMAC has scheduled numerous Town Hall meetings in various states – giving AMAC members an exclusive opportunity to personally interact with their elected leaders.  During the August recess, I encourage you to attend these Town Halls, to seek out your representatives, to listen and participate, and most importantly – to communicate the issues that matter most to you.

AMAC’s commitment to advocacy on Capitol Hill is a crucial factor that distinguishes us from other groups that claim to represent all Americans over the age of 50.  Moreover, much of the credibility and respect we’ve garnered from offices is a direct result of the time AMAC leadership has spent walking the chambers of Congress and meeting face-to-face with members and their staffs.  Your ongoing support for our advocacy drive in the District has not only contributed to the positive rapport we’ve built with Congressional offices, but it fuels the continuing growth of our membership.

As AMAC continues to expand our influence, our mission remains clear and our values stand unchanged.  In anticipation of a busy post-August environment in Washington, AMAC leadership is preparing to return to the Hill to continue interfacing with those in Congress.   Certainly, there is still much work to be done – but I would like to personally thank you for guiding us and empowering us as we take firm stances on politically contentious issues that we feel are too important and timely to ignore.  The success we’ve enjoyed over the last few months reinforces our unwavering commitment to you, and we look to build upon the momentum generated in the early stages of the 113th Congress.  You can be confident that AMAC will continue to champion your interests in the Capital as we fight to keep America great.


Very respectfully and with my deepest gratitude,

Andrew Mangione

Vice President of Government Relations

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Daphne Krueger
9 years ago

Why can’t Obamacare be repealed and just continue as we have for….how many years? We are happy with our health insurance. All my friends and relatives say the same. It has paid out a lot for us, including joint replacement and a surgery for my husband, which was supposed to be a 3 day hospital stay became a 3 week hospital stay, all paid for. Most medical insurances are national, so there isn’t the problem polititions are makeing it out to me, such as buying health insurance across state lines. Too many things are included in Obamacare. More is added all the time and no one knows what is included in Obamacare. Recently I heard he is attaching preschool onto Obamacare. The abortion industry is included in Obamacare and every contriceptive.

Wendell Keith
9 years ago

Glenn, the congress can’t do anything good for John Q. Public medically when there are two pharmaceutical lobbyists for each congressman. The pharmaceutical cash is getting spread around really thick too.

Gary Ross
9 years ago
Reply to  Wendell Keith

I agree. Lobbyists in general represent special interests, and that in itself is anti-American. One way I’m fighting back is not allowing my insurance company to handle my perscriptions by mail order. They suck in enough money as it is. I’d rather support my local pharmacy which I’ve been going to for the last 31 years. Oh, the insurance company continues to send me mailings several times a week and leave messages on my answering machine at least once a week, but I ignore them. I’ve explained my position to them several times, but they are obviously ignoring me.

Glenn Johnson
9 years ago

I would like to ask, why not chuck the whole thing and start all over? We don’t need a ballooning government program to fix our healthcare and healthcare insurance issues. The role government should play is to find out why medical services costs are so ridiculously high, put in place fare regulations that will reduce the costs and allow economic competition to control the system and then get out of the way. American services that are allowed to compete in a free market place always provide their product at a competitive rate. Our federal government has always failed when they try to run any sector of our economy.

Keith Alverson
9 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Johnson


I agree with you completely.


Robert lancaster
9 years ago

Does AMAC have a position on the Fair Tax
which is presented under HR 25 with 70
Co- signers ?

Charles Griffith
9 years ago

Although I truly believ that the “Affordable Care Act” needs to be repealed I hear very little about a plan to replace it. I would like to hear the plan that AMAC is supporting to replace the existing plan, and I certainly hope that it is not a 2700 page document that requires 20,000 pages of regulations. The existing plan has many good features that I hope will be in any future plan. The conservative vote will not advance without defining the aernate plan that will be pushed to replace the current law. I heard that from my liberal and independent friends during the last presidential election campaign, and I firmly believe that to be the case. One should not expect to attract voters by just saying “NO”. I am interested in hearing the plan that AMAC is backing and which members of Congress are in agreement with such a plan.

The President has no authority to change any portion alaw duly passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. Is AMAC pressuring Congress to sue the President over his decisions to delay the dates defined in the law for certain parts of the law to take effect? I believe that under the Constitution the law would have to be amended to effect a change to any part of the law.

8 years ago

Weeeee, what a quick and easy sotiouln.

Gloria Hill
9 years ago

I understand that the Obama Health Care bill is a law. Saying that, how can the President arbitrarily make all kinds of changes and exemptions? Shouldn’t that be done by Congress? It definitely is a “train wreck” piece of legislation with no concern for the American people, just so that Obama can get votes.

9 years ago
Reply to  Gloria Hill

Because Obama deems himself Omnipotent and invincible….he, in his mind, can do anything his heart desires, and the American public be damned ….. or anyone else for that matter. He’s a Sociopath and a follower of Stalin type governing. He was raised in other lands by family members who weren’t nurturing, and taught him only that America and what it stoof for was evil and needed to be changed. His goal is to see those changes made – and he’s half way there. 90% of this country knows it, only 10% admit it, and 1% have enough stones to change the course we’re on. He wants total and absolute GOVERNMENT control of all Americans, their livliehood, their food, their religion, their water, oil, heat and air, and medical. He’s 2/3 there – and can picture himself on the throne he’s invisioned himself on. Sadly, he has enough followers to help him attain these visions.

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