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April 21st Coronavirus Update from the Trump Administration

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2020
The Association of Mature American Citizens

trumpRe-Opening the Country Safely

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Following the release of our reopening guidelines, governors across the country are looking forward to phase one and announcing plans for an economic resurgence.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “During this time, Americans must maintain strict vigilance and continue to practice careful hygiene, social distancing, and the other protective measures that we have outlined, and that everyone’s become very familiar with. We continue to be encouraged that many of the areas hardest hit by the virus appear to have turned the corner.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Recent deaths are down very, very substantially. You can compare that with their peak not so long ago, and you have numbers of 30%, 25%. And Detroit, as an example, it’s down over by over 50% – congratulations. And in New Orleans, where they’ve done a terrific job, they’re down 65%.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “30 states have just one case or less per 1,000 people. Far fewer cases per capita, as an example, than Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden.”

Working with Governors on Testing

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Earlier today, Vice President Pence spoke with governors from all 50 states about our unified effort to defeat the virus … Prior to the call, we provided each governor with a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the labs where they can find additional testing capacity within their state.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Similar to the situation with ventilators, states need to assess their complete inventory of available capacity. Some states have far more capacity than they actually understand.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “Governors are continuing to expand testing and we assured them that we’re going to continue to work in every way to support their efforts to do just that.”

Testing Update

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “To date, the United States has conducted millions more tests than any other country. You can add them all up and they don’t catch us. And our numbers are doubling almost on a — certainly on a monthly basis, but almost on a weekly basis, we’re moving very rapidly.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’ll be doubling our number of daily tests if the governors bring their states fully online through the capability that they have.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “As the experts have explained, this capacity is sufficient to allow states to conduct diagnostic testing to treat patients, as well as contact tracing to contain outbreaks and monitoring to pinpoint potential hot spots during phase one.”

  1. DEBORAH BIRX: “[Adm. Giroir and CMS Deputy Administrator Smith] have prepared to have everything ready for phase two. And preparing it now for what we will need in the future.”

ASSISTANT SECRETARY ADM. GIROIR: “There’s been over 40 million ‘[tests] in the marketplace.’ But we have an end to end issue that we needed to deal with and that’s what we’ve been dealing with: the swabs, the transport media. If we don’t have people utilizing the machines the way Dr. Birx is talking about — we have some of our main platforms that are only 10% being utilized. You could have a lot of tests in the market and those are correct numbers, but if the machines aren’t utilizing them and they’re not organized at that level, then they’re not being utilized to its fullest.”

Supplies of Medical Equipment

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We have almost 10,000 [ventilators] in our federal reserve, our stockpile as they call it and we did a great job with the ventilators. Unfortunately, the press doesn’t cover it other than the fair press.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “My Administration also continues to support states with our massive operation to deliver masks, gowns, gloves and other vital supplies. Admiral Polowczyk and his team at [FEMA] are really — what a job they’ve done. … They’re using detailed data about supply chains to track the deployment of one billion pieces of protective equipment through private distributors every two weeks.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’ve also conducted major military operations providing cities and states with additional medical capacity and the incredible 1,800 men and women from the Army Corps of Engineers.”

  1. GEN. SEMONITE: “We’re actually executing 32 different facilities, that’s on the order of merit of about 16,000 beds. Eight of those are all done, we’ve still got a lot more to complete, and in the next week and a half, we’re going to complete about 15 more facilities.”

Treatments and Therapeutics

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “There are now 72 active trials underway across the United States, researching dozens of therapies and treatments, and another 211 are in the planning stages … This includes their therapies designed to attack the virus, as well as others that would hinder its replication, reduce the rate of infection, control the immunity response, or transfer lifesaving antibodies from the blood of recovered patients.”

New Funding Package

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “My administration continues to press Congress to replenish the enormously successful Paycheck Protection Program, which has impacted 30 million American jobs. We hope to have an agreement very soon.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re also pushing for the deal to include an additional $75 billion — our deal that we’re talking about. $75 billion for hospitals and other health care providers.”

Support for Healthcare Providers

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “HHS has also distributed the first 30 billion dollars in direct payments to a million health care providers across the country.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’ve also invested 1.4 billion dollars in community health centers to ensure our most vulnerable communities, including many African-American and Hispanic American communities have access to the services and testing that they need.”

Oil Prices

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Based on the record low price of oil that you’ve been seeing – it’s at a level that’s very interesting to a lot of people – we’re filling up our national petroleum reserves, strategic, and all the strategic reserves. And we’re looking to put as much as 75 million barrels into the reserves themselves.”

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