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April 18th Coronavirus Update from the Trump Administration

Posted on Saturday, April 18, 2020
The Association of Mature American Citizens

trumpOpening America Again Safely

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Yesterday, we unveiled detailed guidelines for America’s governors to initiate a phased, safe, and gradual reopening of America.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The guidelines provide governors with the fact-driven and science-based metrics they will need to make the decisions that are right for their own particular state. To view the guidelines, you can go to the website at”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I talk about the light at the end of the tunnel, we are getting very, very close to seeing that light shine very brightly at the end of that tunnel.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “As the President has made clear, governors will decide the time and manner that their states reopen and we will look to support them in that effort. But as we assured the American people yesterday, at the President’s direction, our administration will continue to work with governors across the country to ensure that they have the equipment, and the supplies, and the testing resources to reopen safely and responsibly.”

Aid for Farmers

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Today, I am also announcing that Secretary Perdue … will be implementing a $19 billion relief program for our great farmers and ranchers as they cope with the fallout of the global pandemic.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The program will include direct payments to farmers, as well as mass purchases of dairy, meat, and agricultural produce to get that food to the people in need. The USDA will receive another $14 billion in July that will have funding to continue helping. And this will help our farmers and our ranchers.”

SECRETARY PERDUE: “The program is really divided into two parts. One is a direct payment — $16 billion in direct payments to farmers, ranchers, and producers who experienced unprecedented losses during this pandemic.”

SECRETARY PERDUE: “The USDA will be purchasing $3 billion dollars in fresh produce, dairy, and meat products to be distributed to Americans in need through our food bank networks, as well as other community and faith-based organizations.”

Unprecedented Testing System

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “To date, we have conducted more than 3.78 million coronavirus tests. By far the most of any country. It’s not even close.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “In the hardest hit areas, such as New York and Louisiana, we’ve also tested more people per capita than South Korea, Singapore, and every other country.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Over the last several days, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of tests conducted by hospitals and academic institutions, which have now performed nearly 600,000 tests. “

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “In the next few weeks, we’ll be sending out 5.5 million testing swabs to the state[s].”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “From the very outset of this epidemic, President Trump made efforts to, essentially, reinvent testing in America. Traditional testing in this country that takes place at CDC or at state labs was designed for, basically, the kind of diagnostic testing that is routinely required. But, the President, early on in this effort, brought together the leading commercial labs in America. We forged a public and private partnership.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We believe that labs and hospitals are now performing more than 120,000 tests a day.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY ADM. GIROIR: “Ambassador Birx talked to me a little earlier and she said, ‘you know, we only do about 2 million molecular tests a year for H.I.V., something that’s been done for — developed for 35 years.’ We’re now doing twice that number of tests in a month for a disease that has never been known before, that there’s never been a test developed before.”

Approving New Innovative Tests

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The FDA authorized two new antibody tests which is very exciting, to determine if someone has been previously infected with the virus, bringing the total to four authorized antibody tests already. This will help us assess the number of cases that have been asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We do have a saliva test that just came out and that can be self-administered and it’s said to be fantastic.”

Testing Capacity

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “As you’ll hear from our experts today, we’ve already built sufficient testing capacity nationwide for states to begin re-openings.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Following the announcement of our re-opening guidelines, there have been some very partisan voices in the media and politics who have spread false and misleading information about our testing capacity. It’s totally false and misleading, demonstrating a complete failure to understand the enormous scope of the testing capabilities that we’ve brought online.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Yesterday, the FDA announced a new collaboration with United Health Group, the Gates Foundation, Quantigen, and U.S. Cotton to greatly expand the supply of essential swabs, including a new polyester, Q-tip-type-swab for the coronavirus testing. All of these actions will help our testing capability continue to grow dramatically.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “Given the guidance in the President’s new guidelines for opening up America again, states that meet the criteria for going into phase one, and then are preparing the testing that is contemplated by going to phase one, our best science and health experts assess that today we have a sufficient amount of testing to meet the requirements of a phase one reopening, if state governors should choose to do that.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We’ve actually stood up a team from Walter Reed, under the direction of Dr. Deborah Birx, that is working around the clock to identify additional testing capacity across the country.”

NIAID DIRECTOR FAUCI: “For what we need in the first phase, if these things are done correctly, which I believe they can, we will have and there will be enough tests to allow us to take this country safely through phase one.”

Unused Testing Capacity in States

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “There is a tremendous amount of unused capacity in the states available for governors to tap … The governors are responsible for testing and I hope they’re going to be able to use this tremendous amount of available capacity that we have.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We believe that states could actually more than double the amount of daily testing that is happening today by simply activating all the labs.”

  1. DEBORAH BIRX: “The ability, if you just add up the platforms and the potential for tests, of over a million tests per month, and so this is what we’re working with, each of those states, on unlocking that full potential.”

New Partnership on Therapeutics

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “NIH announced that it is launching a public-private partnership with more than a dozen biopharmaceutical companies, they’re HHS, FDA, CDC, and the European Medicines Agency. They’re all are working together. We’re working together with a lot of other countries.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The partnership will marshal and coordinate the vast resources, knowledge, assets, and authorities of more than a dozen organizations and agencies to accelerate development of the most promising therapies and vaccines. The vaccines are coming along really, really well.”

Medical Resources

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The national strategic stockpile, and every other channel the federal government has deployed … 44.5 million N95 masks, nearly 524 million gloves, 63.5 million surgical masks, and more than 10 million gowns, and we have 500 million masks coming in very soon between manufacturing and orders.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “Now, all 50 states and all territories are under major disaster declarations for the first time in American history. At this present moment, 33,000 national guardsmen are on duty, 5,500 active duty military personnel have been deployed to nine states, including 716 medical professionals, doctors, and nurses who deployed out to 14 different hospitals today.”

Economic Relief Payments

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The Treasury has sent out economic relief payments to more than 80 million Americans who have their direct deposit information on file with the IRS.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “If you’ve not received your check please visit … That way the IRS can get you your payment in days.”

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raymond berry
raymond berry
3 years ago

I tried to enter my date of birth and it rejects what I enter no recourse.

raymond berry
raymond berry
3 years ago

I tried to enter my date of birth and it rejects what I enter no recourse.

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