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5 “Must Know” Medicare Tips

Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2021
The Association of Mature American Citizens


  1. The Annual Enrollment Period to switch Medicare Advantage plans and Prescription Drug plans each year is October 15th– December 7th. Most carriers release new plan information for the following year early in October, so you can start comparing plans then. If you make a change during this time, your new plan will start January 1st of next year.
  2. If you have an Advantage plan or Drug plan, your plan benefits are subject to change each year. You may want to check if your doctors are still apart of the network and make yourself aware of any changes in copays, coinsurance and premiums. Carriers usually send an Annual Notice of Change before the Annual Enrollment Period starts.
  3. There is no enrollment timeframe for Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plans! You can change your Medigap plan at anytime during the year, so do not wait until Annual Enrollment!
  4. There are times when you may change your Medigap without being asked medical questions. This depends on several factors like the state you live in, when you started Part B, and if you recently lost credible coverage. Ask your AMAC agent if you qualify to switch Medigap plans without being asked medical questions.
  5. You have a Trial Right if you decide that you want to try out a Medicare Advantage plan. This means that if you are new to Medicare and choose an Advantage plan for the first time, but decide you do not want the plan, you may drop it within the first 12 months and pick up any Medigap offered in your state.

Also, if you had a Medigap and decide you want to try out an Advantage plan for the first time, you may switch back to the same Medigap within 12 months without going through medical underwriting if you decide to. Be sure to check your state specific rules as to any other circumstances that may apply to you.

AMAC takes pride in helping our members with their Medicare choices!

Call AMAC’s Medicare Department at 800-334-9330 to speak with one of our licensed insurance agents today or visit and complete the online form for more information.

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