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AMAC Delegates David Kelley (r) and Ron Bella (l) meet with Congressman Mike Coffman (CO-06)

AMAC Delegates David Kelley (r) and Ron Bella (l) meet with Congressman Mike Coffman (CO-06)

From Delegates Ron Bella and David Kelley, CO-06:

“Our meeting with Congressman Coffman was a real success. He was very pleased with the 3700 plus signature petition. The Congressman would also like to be (kept) in the loop on the scoring of the Social Security plan. He has great respect for AEI.”

AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt, TX-10, and Holli Strong, Eastern Field Director for Rep. Michael McCaul

AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt, TX-10, and Holli Strong, Eastern Field Director for Rep. Michael McCaul

From Delegate Wallace Everitt, TX-10:

“…We were at a meeting of the Waller County Economic Development Partnership, of which I am the current president.  Meeting was June 13 at the Houston Oaks Country Club in Waller County where Ms. Strong gave us an update on the Congressman’s activities.   I presented her with AMAC info and was invited to come to their new office in Katy.  I hope to be able to meet the Congressman very soon. “

AMAC Delegate Edward Durfee, NJ-05 and Congressman Scott Garrett

AMAC Delegate Edward Durfee, NJ-05 and Congressman Scott Garrett


Delegate Edward Durfee’s, NJ-05, follow-up from his visit with Rep. Garrett:

“It was a pleasure to meet with you and Congressman Garrett on Friday.

We, the AMAC district 5 members, are hoping to attend a Town Hall
question and answer (meeting) with Congressman Garrett.  I am looking forward to
the next steps to expedite our…meeting…”

Again, thanks for yours and Congressman Garrett’s time.”

Caption: AMAC Delegate Eugene Baker (IN-7) meets with Congressman Andre` Carson

AMAC Delegate Eugene Baker IN-07 meets with Congressman Andre` Carson

From Delegate Eugene Baker, IN-07:

“The visit was very respectful. Congressman Carson was very interested in our Social Security reform (plan). He gave the worksheet to a staff member to begin researching. We discussed the 2nd Amendment, pro-life issues and immigration.  I stressed that we need to work together. …discussed having a Town Hall meeting. He was impressed that more than 660 (AMAC) members resided in the 7th. This was just to get my foot in the door. His staff is looking at his schedule for a possible date for the Town Hall…will keep you posted”


From Delegate Gerald Hallman, GA-10:

“On Thursday, June 20th, I delivered petitions…to Congressman Dr. Paul Broun. I spent several minutes talking to Dr. Broun…about the members of AMAC in Georgia. We discussed several of the issues that AMAC members feel are important and run hand in hand with what he feels are the problems facing America…and his stand on those same issues. He is mounting a run for a Senate seat from Georgia and feels the issues outlined by AMAC should be at the front of the campaign debates…trying to find solutions. He is for a fair tax…getting rid of Obamacare…supports 2nd Amendment rights…is pro-life.  When we discussed the membership of AMAC in Georgia, he said he wanted me to remain in close contact with him, since we share the same issues. He said,” I want you to be on the state wide committee to make sure AMAC’s issues are represented…””

From Delegate Dr. Steve Maness, NJ-06:

“Just a positive follow – up to my last email stating that Cong. Frank Pallone (D) – 6th District – N.J. would NOT meet with me. After several more calls and emails, he directed his Legislative Director and Health Policy Advisor, Tiffany Guarascio, to have a discussion session with me regarding the AMAC Plan for Social Security and health care.

She will be calling me soon to discuss and both she and Cong. Pallone have copies of the AMAC Plan.  It’s a start!!”

From Delegates Brad Kuiper and James Hoy, NE-02:

”James Hoy and I met with Congressman Lee Terry at 9am this morning. We were joined by assistant, Spencer Head.

The initial discussion related to a follow-up on the petitions I delivered to Congressman Terry’s office 3 weeks ago. These petitions were signed by AMAC members, asking Congress to de-fund Obamacare. We discussed the available options to Congress and the expanded costs currently projected. Congressman Terry was very receptive, but the options are limited.

We also discussed the immigration legislation headed to the House from the Senate…Congressman Terry is on guard for this action…he will be a friend to protect added projected cost to US taxpayers…we discussed the latest TARP stimulus proposals…(we) received his commitment not to support an additional stimulus..he assured us that this stimulus would not move forward for approval.”

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Michael Robertson (WA-05)
9 years ago

I’m probably ahead of the report…Andy Mangione (VP Govt Relations) organized a meeting of AMAC members in Washington’s 5th Congressional District with Rep. Cathy McMorrris Rogers at her office in downtown Spokane on Friday, 25 Oct 2013. All nine AMAC members who committed to the meeting with Andy showed up. Congressman Rogers was unaware of the size of the AMAC membership in her own district, the rate of growth in Eastern Washington and nationwide in the last six months. We spent about 20 minutes discussing the AMAC SSI plan changes, and an hour discussing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It was very informative for everyone at the meeting. We are now further encouraged to spread a grass-roots movement for AMAC and become more organized in Washington’s 5th Congressional District.

Robert Rush
9 years ago

Thank you for giving seniors an alternative to Obamacare supporter AARP. We have paid taxes into Social Security and Medicare all our working lives.

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