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AMA Coerces Doctors into Accepting Woke Agenda


Let’s say you are a doctor with an interest in the role racism may play in medicine. Your natural inclination may be to turn to the American Medical Association (AMA) as a resource since it is the largest publisher of medical education products in the United States. 

You find an AMA course entitled “Racism in Medicine“ replete with a video valued at one credit-hour of Continuing Medical Education. Of course, it helps that the course is free! You turn on the video and are immediately met with the smiling, youthful face of Dr. Emily Cleveland Manchanda, who says:

So tonight, we are going to begin as those of us at the Center for Health Equity always begin each of our talks with a land and labor acknowledgement. We acknowledge that we are all living off of the stolen ancestral lands of indigenous peoples for thousands of years; we acknowledge the extraction of brilliance, energy, and life for labor forced upon people of African descent for more than 400 years; we celebrate the resilience and strength that all indigenous people and descendants of Africa have shown in this country and worldwide. We carry our ancestors in us, and we are continually called to be better as we lead in this work.

Flabbergasted, you wonder what in the world this has to do with the practice of medicine?

The answer, of course, is nothing, but dogma like this is part of the woke agenda the AMA is forcing upon its doctors. Recall the Supreme Court case of Lee v. Weisman stemming from a complaint by a Jewish parent of a graduating junior high school student who was subjected to listening to a non-denominational prayer delivered by a Jewish rabbi at the beginning of her commencement ceremony. The Supreme Court deemed that forcing students to observe a prayer at the beginning of a commencement ceremony was “subtle coercion,” and though such forms of coercion may be most pronounced in schools, they “may not be limited to the context of schools.” Well, the AMA has certainly found another context in which this form of coercion exists: within the continuing medical education credits offered to its doctors. 

One can scarcely argue that the “Racism” course offered by the AMA is anything other than propaganda.  As noted, it opens with the acknowledgment of historical misrepresentations designed to demean America’s history and heritage. Additionally, the lecturer recurrently and exclusively cites leftist authors such as Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones, Ibram X. Kendi, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Chester M. Pierce, Derald Wing Sue, Iljeoma Oluo, Harriet Washington, Dayna Bowen Matthews, Eduardo Bonilla Silva, Heather McGhee, and Isabel Wilkerson, each of which discuss race from a casteist and hierarchical point of view. Not once does the instructor in this ostensibly scientific presentation offer a conservative source regarding the role of race in medicine or in American society.

And if pure propaganda were insufficient, she then engages in a series of unfathomable scientific misrepresentations. First, she describes what she calls “the nested subset” approach to defining race as being “a more modern and scientifically accurate understanding of genetic diversity.” According to the doctor, the nested subset approach “reflects that there’s no genetic or biological basis for race and that this is a truly political and social construction.” (emphasis added) Dr. Cleveland Machanda buttresses her claim by observing that “there’s more genetic variation within what we call racial groups…than between any,” and by the lack of complete concordance in defining any one individual’s race. 

Yet, claiming the absence of any genetic or biological basis for race is patently absurd. One can scarcely imagine how a physician could deny associations between certain genetically caused diseases and racial or ethnic groups such as Tay-Sachs disease and Ashkenazi Jews, sickle cell disease and people of African descent, and cystic fibrosis and people of European descent to name a few. 

But perhaps her most offensive position is the one she takes against her own grandfather, a deceased American war hero who served in the Pacific during World War II and who then became a pathologist (as opposed to a surgeon) due to the lingering disabilities imparted upon him by shrapnel injuries earned in defense of his country. According to Dr. Cleveland Machanda, whatever advantages he may have secured for his progeny through his sacrifice were “unearned” simply because he was white.

In short, this lecture demonstrates how far the AMA has strayed from its mission’s focus. As Dr. Andy Borom, Board Member of the USMA notes after learning of the AMA’s racism course, “The AMA has irretrievably left the building of physician advocacy, abandoning it in favor of radical leftist ideology. They have become a fringe organization that in no way helps physicians practice effectively.”

 Dr. Julio Gonzalez is a former Florida State Representative. He is President of the United States Medical Association. 

Reprinted with Permission from - USMA Action by - Julio Gonzalez MD JD

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USN Retired
3 months ago

This “Emily Cleveland Manchanda” has her head so far up her rear end I doubt she will ever see day light. It is people like her that are leading to the downfall of our great country and freedoms. Of course she will / would discount my statement as me being a racist or something I’m sure. She most likely lives in the same little left wing bubble many others with her disfunction live in. Sad.

3 months ago

Just follow the money and the easy path.

Wendy E
3 months ago

I was a nurse for 40 years. For much of that we all knew the AMA was just a elite-only ,political club. Many doctors were not members of the AMA.

3 months ago

Listen to your own racist rant. Romans enslaved most of the known world. You don’t hear me bellyaching about something I have never experienced or been a part of. Get out of mommy’s basement get a job and see what’s really out there in the real world.

3 months ago

BTW, you should hear and see the crap that Harvard School of Medicine is spewing about teaching pediatrician how to treat trans or gay and lesbian “infants under 1 year old”. Reasonable people need to demand that these crackpots stop over sexualizing our children.

Everet E. Smith
3 months ago

If the American people do not fight this woke-ism being taught in the schools and universities, and put a stop to it,it’s going to take complete control of peoples’ lives; then the U.S.A. will become totally absorbed of what far left progressive agendas they are teaching. America as we know it, will be no more.

3 months ago

Does anyone really trust the AMA after the last couple of years?

Everet E. Smith
3 months ago

I am a pre-diabetic, and if I ate some of the foods the AMA recommend for diabetics, I’d become even worse than what I’m in now with diabetes.

Amy Clouse
3 months ago

Try Medscaprle, wh8ch includes nurses

James A Bolfer
3 months ago

Too much. Just too much. Time for the mature adults to come back in the room. Ungrateful selfish idiots that do not realize what this country has gone through to get to this time and place and are gaining ground on destroying it. God help us.

Everet E. Smith
3 months ago
Reply to  James A Bolfer

What we see today in our society of students being brainwashed with every far left, anti America agenda possible, from at least the 70’s up until the present, is a true example of how the education system has succeeded in brain washing them.

Anna Palazola
3 months ago

This counyry has gone NUTS. God help us all.

3 months ago

Thankfully very few doctors are members of the AMA.

3 months ago

This woke crap has creeped into medical schools too! How long before doctors don’t need tests or continuing education to practice medicine cuz all that testing and education is racist? All of this is too keep Marxism alive and allow our country to turn into the totalitarian regime these leftist want! Total control! Jesus warned what the end times will look like and this is it!!!

Rob citizenship
3 months ago

Very important article Dr.Gonzalez, Apparently the leftist propagandists have no place in their agenda for responsible thinking, they seem to prefer to promote ideas that are as twisted as a corkscrew. When confronted with emergency situations intelligent, responsible people act in a way that is directly connected to dealing with the situation , they do not waste time or energy complaining about things or trying to manipulate how people think as the leftists do .
I have been interested in public health since the 1970’s . And I have identified with politically Conservative ideas since then as well. On the matter of coercion , the way the public health establishment used coercion in connection with the response to the coronavirus has me thinking that the public health system needs to be restructured, and a good place to start that would be with the Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health. In 2002 the Public Health Leadership Society published twelve principles , I will present two here #6 Public Health Institutions should provide communities with the information they have that is needed for decisions on policies or programs and should obtain the community’s consent for their implementation. #7 Public Health Institutions should act in a timely manner on the information they have within the resources and the mandate given to them by the public. If the spirit of these two principles were respected starting in 2020 I do believe everyone would be far better for it. So, a solid foundation is needed for anything in order to function properly, these principles should be part of an improved public health system. With respect for Truth , Let Liberty be the watchword. Good sense and the men and women who believe in using good sense and respect truth will prevail.

3 months ago

Even the Hallmark channels have gone totally WOKE! They no longer do programming based on their original ‘mission statement’ of family values and wholesome programs/movies. I don’t even watch Hallmark anymore, nor do many of my friends and family. Shame on Hallmark, too!

3 months ago
Reply to  JudyG46

I find most television programs have gone screwy. Programing seems more attuned to indoctrination

into the left/woke world. Even sports can’t let sports be sports without some insane political

overtone or message being put forward. I just turn the channel off and do other stuff around the


Everet E. Smith
3 months ago
Reply to  JudyG46

I remember back when Hallmark was great; last year I deleted it from any of my viewing of it. It literally makes me sick to my stomach on how it’s changed, negatively

3 months ago

I call mine government doctors!

David Millikan
3 months ago

Excellent article.
Bad enough we have 2 ‘DUH’ generations but now the AMA losers want our doctors to be ‘DUH’ doctors.
Revoke the ‘DUH’ AMA licenses from Board of Directors and put REAL Doctors back in charge that Practice Medicine and NOT politics.
If I want to see a politician then I will contact one.
I go to see a Doctor that practices Medicine. NOT politics.

3 months ago

People tend to think that all doctors belong to the AMA. Wrong it is a very small subset of liberal radical doctors that’s it. They need to spend more time practicing medicine and less time in. Iberal Marxist l politics

Patriot Will
3 months ago

Leftist indoctrination by the AMA is not at all appropriate. In fact, having the AMA help carry water for the woke Marxists is totally irrational and unscientific. Most of the public has no interest in being lectured to about white privilege when their concerns are medical in nature. Perhaps, if the medical community had been less woke and more medicinal. the US would not be so damaged in its horrible handling of the Covid-19 epidemic. Politics and Medicine usually should be left independent of each other — otherwise, the American public is often ill served.

3 months ago

Wokeness doesn’t belong anywhere but it’s the coercion is what is extremely wrong!!!

Rob citizenship
3 months ago
Reply to  Jackie

Great statement Jackie, about the coercion aspect . I agree with you. It is outright disrespectful to use coercion , this is a major part of the tactics of the leftists , and it marks them for what they are, which can be described as
despicable, and without any regard for
Honor. They will not gain victory though , and I truly believe that one reason they will fail eventually is because of their lack of honor, honesty, integrity , courage and loyalty. Those of us who do value and practice those qualities , who respect the will of God, and who appreciate the strength of Truth, we will prevail. Let Liberty be the watchword.

3 months ago

Can’t they ‘fast forward’ to the end of Manchanda‘s woke speech????

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