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Afghanistan – What Can Be Done Now


What do we know right now? The Biden White House and US State Department are in disarray, not clear on what can be done, what order, what chances of success, events spiraling in Kabul.

Biden’s national security team met over the weekend, after issuing contradictory statements, first telling tens of thousands of Americans and Afghans loyal to us to “shelter in place,” then “make their way” to Kabul airport, then “because of potential security threats … we are advising US citizens to avoid travelling to the airport …” In short, chaos reigns – and mixed messages could lead to tragedy.

Here is what could be done immediately.

First, with an estimated 18,000 US citizens in-country, contact should be made with all US citizen points of contact and cell networks. US citizens should be directed to meet in one of three locations, locally at a spontaneously identified provincial pick-up point, where US helicopters meet them; along several primary roads, where the US protected ground transportation will meet and collect them; or in Kabul at a location beyond the airport, to be met.

What is the precedent? In some ways, there is none – but self-identified, spontaneous pick-up points subverts terrorist preplanning, allowing possible shifts as needed. US helicopters would have to conduct constant back-and-forth sweep operations or search and rescue of Americans.

Moreover, air and ground extraction – especially along established routes, at key points, cued by cellphone – mirrors generally COOP-COG, or continuity of operations/continuity of government planning, used in other circumstances. US allies are already conducting like operations.

Second – direct, sit-down conversations by senior military and diplomatic personnel with the Taliban in Kabul, assuming top-down Taliban coordination, should evacuation planning, dates, and expectations. Should that have occurred months ago? Yes, but better late than never. Does it come with non-trivial risks? Yes, but that is the price of miscalculation.

Third, direct, high-level diplomatic missions should be conducted with China, Russia, and America’s NATO allies, without hesitation. Two-fold goal: Update them in person on what is happening, why they have a vested interest in order – not tragedy; enlist them in a joint statement pressing full, peaceful evacuation of all foreign nationals and select Afghans, making any recognition of the country conditional on that outcome.

Fourth, the US should make clear that – if needed – a major military operation to secure all American citizens and key Afghan personnel will be undertaken if an orderly and complete evacuation does not immediately occur – which would significantly complicate Taliban control.

Fifth, a UN resolution should be immediately sought, seeking complete, peaceful evacuation of all foreign nationals and select Afghan nationals to safe third countries, subject to future sanctions and universal condemnation if the incipient Taliban government does not comply.

Sixth, the White House should announce that twice-daily briefings will occur – and be delivered by the Pentagon, which is now managing evacuations. These will update on the process.

Seventh, the Vice President should reprise her travel plans, reverse course, stay in DC, and demonstrate crisis leadership with an “all-hands-on-deck” frame of reference in the loop.

Eighth, as any Taliban order in Afghanistan depends on Pakistan, an emissary should be sent immediately to Pakistan to secure an appeal to the Taliban for full, peaceful evacuations.

Ninth, using the proxy voting process, the US House and Senate should issue a unified statement of appeal to the Taliban, Pakistan, and every interested country to facilitate peaceful evacuations.

This approach will not solve the problem, end Taliban inhumanity, or reverse the error. But given that this is the largest NEO – non-combatant evacuation operation – that the US has conducted in decades, it will morally, legally, and operationally test us. This approach may represent the best possible outcome now, assuring the American people and allies we are leading, not drifting.

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Bob Pinaha
1 year ago

I posted this column on my Facebook page and received this more common sense approach response:

I normally like AMAC, but this is pretty bad advice.
First, you can’t rescue 18,000 US citizens through setting up ad hoc pick up points. The logistics are too challenging. What the US needs to do is surge as many troops as we can get on the ground and deny the Taliban control of Kabul. Fly massive sorties outside of the city to destroy any concentrations of Taliban forces. Once we control the city, begin an orderly evacuation. When the last Americans and Afghan allies are evacuated, then pull out the troops.
Second – direct, sit-down conversations by senior military and diplomatic personnel with the Taliban is a non-starter. Don’t bother. It would be seen as weakness. Same with pronouncements of any sort. We’ve got no credibility after the colossal goat screw that’s led up to this point, so negotiations and pontifications are going to be seen as empty bluster.
UN resolutions are arguably the only thing less credible than Biden. Don’t bother. Even if you could get one, it’s toothless. Might as well write a stern letter to the NY Times. 
Twice-daily briefings are just more blather. Stop talking and act. 
The Vice President couldn’t demonstrate crisis leadership if she strapped on a Gatling gun and parachuted into Kabul. The only value that cackling idiot adds is comic relief, and we’ve already got a farce on our hands.
No more appeals to Pakistan. They harbored Bin Laden and aided and abetted the Taliban takeover. Instead, cut off all aid, and tell them that we’re done subsidizing their perfidy. If they want to get back on our good side, they can make an effort to assist, but we shouldn’t hold our breath.
No statement of appeal to the Taliban, Pakistan, and the rest. Begging is weakness, and that part of the world sees weakness as contemptible. The Taliban doesn’t want our civilians evacuated, they want to use them to humiliate us the way that we humiliated them by defeating them on the battlefield in 2001. This is their opportunity for payback, and they are going to take great pleasure in inflicting horrific depredations on any Americans that they capture. They will stage the ugliest executions of men that they can come up with and as for any women captured, well, Euripides provided a sanitized version in the Trojan Women, but the Taliban will not be shy about showing their treatment of their newly acquired American sex toys. There’s only one way to prevent this, and that’s to go back in force, but don’t hold your breath.

Charles Nolan
1 year ago

Six months after the US exit, we can assume that all of the remaining good people have left or been murdered. It is then time to remove Afghanistan as a terrorist breeding ground by reducing all infrastructure to ruins. No ground troops needed as we will kill all who we are able to locate, until there are no remaining signs of subhuman life. We did not win World war II, by worrying about German or Japanese civilian casualties, as most were involved in supporting their countries war effort.
A massive campaign of assassination of Pakistani leadership should be begun immediately, with plans drawn up for a per-emptive nuclear strike on Pakistan to remove both the people and the nuclear weapons infrastructure. Iran could be the best place to practice for this kind of technology removal.
If we don’t kill these subhuman vermin, they will make their best effort to kill us and our families.

1 year ago

Beverly a dame go to glenn

Beverly A Dame
1 year ago

I have a family in Kabul that needs to get out. They are Hazara.
They have worked for an international NGO. There are small children.
How do I get them in touch with anyone who could help. The Taliban
has already knocked on their door.

1 year ago

We’ve been here before.
There’s no explanation other than Biden is working for the enemy. Every ‘fact’ he cited in his speech today was the opposite of KNOWN FACT:
There’s no peril . If you want to get out, get to Kabul.
There’s no taliban there.
One translator worked for americans so they took him home & made him watch his cousins & brothers get their heads cut off, then did the same to him.
Joe isnt uninformed. he’s evil & is working to pick up where Obama left off in destroying America.
And a-gain we can’t believe our own eyes.

Last edited 1 year ago by keepon
Charles Nolan
1 year ago
Reply to  keepon

It was Beria, who throttled Stalin, ending his reign of terror. I was told years ago that Jimmy Carter might fall down a flight of stairs in the White House, if he failed to respond to a Russian invasion of Iran. This was passed on to the Russian KGB. Did Carter authorize this warning?
Can the God,who sent the angel of death to visit the Egyptian people at the time of Moses, still deliver divine justice? Please join me in prayer that God save us.

Mike B.
1 year ago

This is all part of the plan of the Socialist DemoRats to bring down the United States. Never ending COVID restrictions, C.R.T. in primary schools, race baiting anti-Americanism in colleges, the destruction of our economy through higher taxes and a ruinous national budget. If we don’t fight back they will bring us all down.I only pray we can make it to the 2022 elections and get control of the House and Senate to put a stop to this madness.

1 year ago

Bull shit! Secure the airport and city with tanks and bombers. USA does not negotiate, Taliban take orders from us.

1 year ago

I’m surprised Ole Joe can even walk upright without a spine! because he definite doesn’t have one as can be seen from this royal catastrophe!

john sylvester nunan
1 year ago

what was the pres thinking. that this would automatically happen, where were his advixors, sec of state, sec of defense, etc etc. is he that dumb does he care, does he know what is going on, i dont think so….

Nick Patriot
1 year ago

This boob Obiden couldn’t lead a cub scout troop through Walmart. The commiecrats are leading the world toward WW3. Weakness causes wars. Will it be nuclear? Does anyone have confidence in this cabal of thieves and incompetents?

1 year ago

Mr Charles, thank you for the very informative article on this biden disaster.
Pretty apparent that he ,his administration , and the democrat party are WAY more focused on fleecing America than protecting Our Citizens,honoring our word to Afghanistan supporters,and promoting Our image to the world.
Sure wish a level headed,intelligent patriot such as yourself was advising these clowns.
Thanks again for your insight!

1 year ago

Leave the afganis there to fight for their country; get the Americans out even if it takes military action, preferably using air support rather than boots on the ground. Destroy to the ground any and all known taliban headquarters or billets.

1 year ago
Reply to  Donald

We should retake Afganastan. We SHOULD TELL THEM WHAT TO DO.
Why are you a coward? WE should stay there forever and let them know

Michael Skok
1 year ago

First, get rid of Joe Biden.
Second, get rid of Kamala Harris.
Third, get rid of Nancy Pelosi.
Fourth, get rid of Biden’s entire cabinet.
Fifth, sent US troops back into Afghanistan and retake the country.

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Skok

using air attacks rather than boots on the ground. Reduce their mountains with cave to sand dunes !

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Skok

No Question we have Nothing with BIDEN LOSERS !

James Shedd
1 year ago

Joe Biden is either totally incompetent or conducting a plan to perhaps divert attention from planned actions to destroy the United States as we know it. His actions show the danger of electing (though he was installed through massive cheating which the Democrats and Washington swamp) career politicians, especially Congressional members with no real life experience in leadership. Joe Biden has never done anything which didn’t involve being part of a larger group where no matter the outcome he could not be held accountable and responsible since any rulings are made by majority consensus.

1 year ago
Reply to  James Shedd

Joe Biden has the mental capacity of a third grader and the laughing hyena vice is

1 year ago
Reply to  Saunders

A third graders IQ and mental capacity is far greater than Joe Biden’s. His handlers whom ever they are had this planned when they stole the election. Forget Sleepy Scary Joe he does not have the mental and cognitive ability to be America’s leader! Everyone that voted for him knew he was incompetent so for those people your just as much to blame for what has happened in Afghanistan as Joe Biden and his cabinet. The blood is also on your hands!! Hope you have many sleepless nights!!

1 year ago

Who ever made this decision knew it was incredibly stupid and would garner an enormous amount of attention. What is going on elsewhere?

Lawrence Block
1 year ago

This article is absurd. Some valid ideas but to kowtow to the Taliban will only contribute to a negative outcome for Americans. The congress should appeal – are you serious. I have enjoyed reading your materials but this one should be lost quickly

Al Wunsch
1 year ago

Isn’t it ironic, that we’re spending all kinds of time and processing to vet the people coming out of Afghanistan, yet anyone can come in via our Southern border..

Tim Jackson
1 year ago

What the hell is this fixation with Afghanistan? Who cares??? They’re zero threat to the USA. The number ONE threat to America is the “woke,” Marxist Democrats and their BLM/Antifa henchmen. Communist China is a close second. Forget about Afghanistan. Let’s clean up America’s backyard before worrying about the rest of the world and it’s filthy backyards. Hell … we kill more Americans in abortion mills than ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban do combined.

Al Wunsch
1 year ago

It’s been said that along with our 2500 troops on the ground (pre Biden operation) there were/are? 5000 NATO troops. Where are they housed or at least, where were they before we bailed out? Just curious, why is the retaking Bagram Air Base, re-establish control and do what the Trump admin had in mind not also an option? Why do we want to hand over Afghanistan to a group of terrorists?

1 year ago
Reply to  Al Wunsch

We should not hand over ANYTHING. It’s ours and we should stay. Make it THEIR
problem. Why are we cowards on the world stage? Nice going imbecile Joe.

Gunny Joe
1 year ago

I’m struggling not to put my comments in MARINE speak.

First off good plan but you are not understanding the type of people on the other side of the table. President Trump did. Second there is nobody in this administration, and very few in the House, Senate, State Department, or our Military, that is not tainted with the idea, that President Trump was not a “REAL PRESIDENT”. There fore his policies and actions have no credibility in their view. That was apparent when biden flanked by members of both parties and Houses with the high ranking military leaders standing in attendance, signed all the executive orders after being sworn into office.

Folks the majority of our Nation just don’t get “fighting a war”, till we do this will continue, IF Russia, China, or our people who think and believe as the above mentioned countries do don’t take our Nation first. To set down with the above countries, now would go no where! You must and I stress you must have a position of strength to set at that table with those countries, which we do not have now! As far as our allies, who of them would trust us from this time forward? We have showed we are not to be trusted and that our leaders are weak.

As for the elections good luck, yes I will still vote, but until the system is cleaned up I have little hope of a fair outcome. The blood bath that is and will continue from this lash up should cause major changes but it will be to late to save the people involved. Will we as a Nation learn, I have little hope of that, the 6 pm news will paint a different picture, and the steeple will say all is good!

I will continue to try to do what is right, but till we all have that mind set, with the exception of a few I am but one man.


1 year ago
Reply to  Gunny Joe

As an old combat vet of both Korea and Vietnam I’ll be glad to offer my opinion on what should have been done as soon as this cluless administration (CIC, SecDEF, CJCS, et al) realized the seriousness of the decision by CIC to do it ‘his way’ had totally backfired: Immediately deploy a full division of infantry with direct orders to neutralize all taliban within 20 miles of Kabul. No politically inspired ROE, no dialog, no advance notice. Will there be colateral damage, possibly, but shouldn’t be much since the taliban likes to show who they are by the way they dress, and act. Forego all the diplomatic BS and do what’s necessary, as we should have done during a major part of the last 20 years, leading up to this mess we’re in today.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ollyoop

Thankyou Ollyoop. Well said.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gunny Joe

Very well said! Unfortunately, I doubt many will understand or appreciate the message.

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