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3 Sensible Ways to Prevent Danger in the Kitchen

kitchen-safety-prevent-dangerStay focused – Whether you’re sautéing, frying, or baking, it’s important to keep your attention to the task at hand. Never walk away from the stovetop when cooking. If you must step away to answer the door or phone, turn off the stove. Be sure that the pot handles are turned inward so that they cannot be grabbed or accidentally bumped by any passersby.

Set a timer – No matter how long you need to cook or bake something, always set a timer. You will find that a timer is one of the most useful kitchen tools to help prevent the burning of food which could result in a fire. It’s easy to become distracted and lose track of time when multitasking in the kitchen, thus use of a timer is essential – even for simple food reheating!

Dress to cook – Cooking in loose clothing is not recommended as excess fabric and dangling sleeves can catch fire. Use oven mitts, pads, and aprons that offer superior protection against heat, steam, grease, and hot oil splatters. For serious chefs, commercial oven mitts are recommended as they offer superior thermal insulation to handle high heat. When buying a kitchen mitt for use in a standard household, check that they are rated to 450 degrees and that they are washable.

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