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2016 AMAC Delegate Conference

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AMAC is delighted to announce that our 2016 Delegate Conference, “Saving the America We Love”, will be held on February 18 – 20, 2016.  This annual event will see a gathering of over 100 of AMAC’s most active national political delegates – volunteers who regularly interact with their Congressional Representatives to further our conservative agenda and help us advocate for senior citizens issues like Social Security solvency and protecting Medicare.

The conference will be hosted by AMAC at the Mission Inn Resort in Howey-in-the-Hills, FL and, in addition to the business curriculum, will include an evening performance by the nationally renowned Mountain Faith Band (finalists on “America’s Got Talent”), a special keynote address by former U.S. Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann at an invitation-only VIP dinner, plus a special VIP Cocktail Reception with Rep. Bachman before dinner.  You can learn more about this important event at   There are still a limited number of reservations available for regular members who are not an AMAC Delegate, and you can get reduced lodging rates at the Resort for this event.  So, if you have interest in attending, feel free to contact the event coordinator:

Bonny Salmeri
Phone: 1.888.262.2006 ex 2018
We hope to see you at the event!

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John G

I was a Cruz supporter. Since Trump has won the nomination, though, I will throw my full support behind him. What this country needs is not another politician but a proven successful businessman to lead our country back to the greatness it once was. If Mr. Trump only accomplishes 1/4 of the things he says he will do, it would still be 100% better than what we have had to endure under Obamas rule and yes, I mean rule, not leadership. A vote for Hillary will set this country back another 40 to 50 years and all will suffer. The new movement is on! Let’s join together and make this country great again. Vote Trump/Pence.

Bettye P

Trump is not my pick, but if he should become the nominee, I will not stay home and NOT vote. That happened with Mitt Romney and those who stayed home gave a second term to Obama. I will vote for Trump before Hillary or Bernie. I know some are threatening to stay home if Trump becomes our Nominee, but for goodness sake if you stay home, we will have another 4 years of Obama.

Amado F

I empathize with the latter part of Maries’ statement. Sad, but true. Any of the GOP candidates, as long as it isn’t a dem (Marxist / Socialist). Almost 8 years of corrupt, in your face, social policies, and look where we are. Obama told the truth when he said he would transform this nation, and it has begun, just as the serpent told Eve she would be like God knowing good and evil. Putting all our differences aside regarding the GOP candidates, we should ask ourselves, which candidate has the greater chance of defeating hillary and the dems when push comes to shove? 4 to 8 more years of the dems, and we conservatives and moderates will be a miserable people. God help us all!

Russ H

Ted Cruz appears to be the only true constitutionalist. Rubio would be ok. Not all candidates will meet all conservative issues 100%. Trump and Dems a disaster!

marie f ross

I love dr. carson however I will vote for any republican over what the dems are running

N Kay Brock

I support Dr. Ben Carson although the likelihood of him receiving the nomination seems low now, January 30.

There are issues that I see differently from Dr. Carson, and in the overwhelming quantity of issues, we are in tune.
I had the stray “wondering” today. Would Dr. Carson accept a cabinet position, likely Surgeon General, in an administration headed by Hillary Clinton?


I might of miss this answer, but I was wondering who is Amac endorsing for the President?

Donna Harms

Keep the pressure on. I can’t believe how our majority in every branch is letting us down. Very distressing so don’t let up at all.


keep up the good work. that means getting our USA back to us the people.

Steve Hooper

My dad and all past departed relatives are anguishing in their graves over what OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES have done in so short a time. We should be following the “money”. Has anyone asked where all the borrowed and printed money has gone? Could it be as simple as “the money”? Where IS HONESTY AND INTEGRITY hiding?

Lonnie Williams

I’m all for shaking up the system its broken and corrupt! Cronies and lobby groups make policy not elected reps! Our Reps should live and work in their districts thereby putting up with the nonsense that they make for others. With technology now they can telecommute via Skype or other means’ saving the huge expense of office space and overpaid staff. Its way past time for a Convention of States as called for by our Gov. Abbot of Texas. If it takes a non-Presidential acting man like Trump to shake things up then so be it; things are off the rails already!! Obama has opened wounds in our social fabric that will take years to heal – America lets start now!

Mark Nobel

There is no reference to politcal parties in our constitution. I hold that political parties ought to be banned and that each candidate should run on his or her own merits in primaries and the general election. As to a third party, we already have more than that, including the American Independent, the Green, the Socialist and others.

There is a great constitutionalist running…Ted Cruz. The other problem is actually winning. However wonderful Rand is, he has never managed to attract a large enough contituency to take the White House, while Cruz, Carson and Rubio have a chance. It is pointless to split the “conservative” and “moderate” votes and assure that Hillary or Biden becomes president. And, let’s not forget that the lesser offices are just as important, all the way down to local races. Each candidate must be soberly evaluated.

Pastor Mark

David J Stevenson (member)

I certainly WOULD vote for a third party candidate. This Country needs a complete party change. We all know that NO politicians are any good but of this lot, Rand Paul (Republican, Libertarian and Tea Party) is the best. At least he firmly believes in the Constitution !!!!!!

lr wyman

DrJCA1 is right on target


when 78% of your own members say they would not vote for a third party candidate, the rhetoric that goes on in the comments sections of your articles is sent to the “we speak a lot of words and cry about changing things, but really we want to keep everything the same” corner of the room. AMAC members are just as full of baloney, self-righteous, and self-serving as the AARP members. Nothing will ever change for the better in America as long as this feeling exists among our citizens. Let’s just keep the two-party system and never let anyone outside in. Sad commentary on the voters.