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Walgreens Hops on the ObamaCare Bandwagon

CoverVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News:

Well, well, well. Check out the Walgreens website. It looks like a poster for ObamaCare.

Some quotes from the site:

“The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010 to improve Americans’ access to healthcare. It expands insurance benefits and was designed to reduce the cost of healthcare for the average American.”

” The new healthcare law expands access to individuals and families who have not had or could not afford health insurance.”

“The biggest effect of the ACA is that people who previously couldn’t afford or qualify for coverage will now be able to sign up for health insurance.”

“Tax credits, expanded eligibility requirements for Medicaid and subsidies will take effect in 2014, helping those in need pay for health insurance.”

“Under the new law insurance companies are also prevented from charging people who need more healthcare, such as the elderly, pregnant women, and those with pre-existing conditions.”

The Hill reports:

Walgreens and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) launched a website Wednesday and promised to distribute brochures about ObamaCare at Walgreens stores around the country.

ObamaCare is an overstuffed bureaucratic mess that will raise costs, decrease quality of care, and bring government overreach to new levels. Every day, we wake up to a new report about how the law is falling apart. Whether it’s delaying the mandate requirement for businesses so as to avoid enormous backlash against Democrats in the mid-terms (and hence choosing not to enforce a component of the law without the consent of Congress), significantly rising costs of subsidies, an honor system to verify eligibility for subsidies (hello, fraud)–the law is in distress, to say the least.

Walgreens, wake up.

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About The Author

Jedediah Bila is a TV host and analyst at Fox News and Fox Business. Her book, Outnumbered, was published in May of 2011. Her columns have been published at PolicyMic, Human Events, Verily, The Daily Caller, Newsmax,, Breitbart News, The Blaze, Townhall, and in AMAC’s newsletter and print magazine. Topics include culture, education, politics, relationships, media, fitness, and more. She is a featured speaker for the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and Young America’s Foundation. On Fox News and Fox Business, you can catch Jedediah regularly hosting Outnumbered and guest-hosting The Five, Red Eye, and Kennedy. She is also a regular Contributor to FNC and FBN on a wide range of political, cultural, and lifestyle topics. She has guest-hosted talk radio as well. Jedediah joined the Fox News team in January 2013. Prior to that, she had also appeared regularly on MSNBC, CNBC, The Blaze, and a diversity of radio shows. Jedediah graduated Valedictorian of Wagner College and earned a Master of Arts from Columbia University. She went on to hold leadership positions in the fields of Education and Marketing. She is a former high-school academic dean and academic adviser and has taught at the middle school, high school, and college levels. She completed an advanced adult workshop in the Saturday program at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, and has worked with students ages three to adult in such fields as creative and academic writing, Spanish, public speaking, monologue coaching, and more. Jedediah is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Manhattan with America’s cutest Maltese, Emma. She loves animals, fitness, and organic foods. Oh, and Spider-Man is her boyfriend. For more information on Jedediah, please visit

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Comments (108)

  1. Eldon Bond says:

    Did Not Vote for OBAMA ,He is the biggest liar in the country! I hope everyone who did vote for him Gets what they deserve under Obamacare Will not shop at Walgreens ever again!!!!!!!

  2. Al from AL says:

    Several years ago, I used to work for Walgreens. One person on here mentioned something about “special favors”….you have no idea. Walgreens had someone (or several “someone’s”) in Washington, D.C., HELPING TO DRAFT the ACA in the first place. Walgreens helped write the stupid thing, so if anyone thinks that the ACA will not help pad the Walgreens accounts, they are sorely mistaken. If anyone believes that Walgreens was paid handsomely, to buy their cooperation/compliance, again, they are living under a rock.

    When I left Walgreens, it was because of the trouble our country is in, and I wanted to focus my efforts on doing something that might actually help matters. I ran for office (U.S. House of Representatives.) In running for office, I also learned a very good (but very expensive) lesson. Walgreens, Wal-Mart, the banking cartel…oooops, I mean the “banking industry”, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, etc., are working together to keep Americans (and the world) broke, sick, and nearly dead (both health wise, as well as financially).

    Don’t let anyone kid you. Believe me, but verify for yourself, Walgreens had their hands in the ACA loooooong before the general public in the United States, ever even heard of the bill.

  3. donna asch says:


  4. linda says:

    How can I let Walgreens know I am not happy with their decision to promote obamacare?
    I’ve already let them know AARP is not the only senior publication.

  5. Moe says:

    Walgreens- What a bunch of dumb asses. You must not care about losing customers.

  6. David Ehrlich says:

    Walgreens just lost my business………..

  7. Phil says:

    Looks like some special favors under the tables going on don’t ya know!

  8. bob passerello says:

    Walgreens don’t take sides companies shouldn’t do that The health bill we’re trying to appeal is more than 50% bad and we must get rid of it and do it piecemeal. don’t you see that ? If you’re taking sides to become a gov’t store that won’t work either because the gov’t does not like private enterprise stores, they want their own gov’t stores and it won’t be Walgreens. Take it from me an ex businessman, Walgreens please don’t express your political opinions to the public you will lose customers

  9. Marine72 says:

    Another one bites the dust. I used to shop at Walgreens. No longer a choice for medications and other shopping needs.

  10. John Ross says:

    I hope you all remember to vote next election and not stay home like the last election.

  11. 1peevedbob says:

    I don’t shop at Walgreen.that often, and now I have a reason to eliminate the ‘that often’.

  12. Morgan Collins says:

    Not only has Walgreens advocated Obamacare but they have started requiring on certain prescriptions your physician to furnish the diagnosis codes that prompted the prescription. I can see no reason for any pharmacist at Walgreens or any other drug purveyor to have access to that part of my medical record. Walgreens has denied even the medical societies request to discontinue the practice. Walgreens has become so arrogant that do not believe they can be hurt.

    Stop Organized Crime – Reelect No One

  13. Skip says:

    They lost their contract with Tricare for giving out the wrong drugs that killed people so now they so now they tell lies about the failing Obamacare. Stay away from them, you never know what drugs they will give you.I never go to
    any of their stores.

  14. T Zero says:

    The parmacies at Walgreens are always finding reasons why they my AMAC card won’t go through, or the discount amounts to less than my insurance alone. But don’t just tell me what I already know (that the people who work there are for AARP), tell me where I CAN get my AMAC card honored. I want to take my business elsewhere – but where?

    • T Zero says:

      The parmacies at Walgreens are always finding reasons why my AMAC card won’t go through, or the discount amounts to less than my insurance alone. But don’t just tell me what I already know (that the people who work there are for AARP), tell me where I CAN get my AMAC card honored. I want to take my business elsewhere – but where?

  15. Daniel Herman says:

    Thank-you for posting Walgreens position regarding the Affordable Care Act. It is important for consumers in general, and specifically those 50 y/o or greater, to be educated and informed about the political postions of the businesses they do business with. Our votes and our money should be used to make our voice heard.

    • Patricia says:

      I agree. I am glad to have read this information and have just canceled my email alerts and Rewards card with Walgreens. I’ll most likely cut up the rewards card and mail it back to them in pieces (as I have done several times to aarp in the last 5 years since canceling them).

  16. Nelson Litou says:

    It seems to me that we are the SHEEP and Obama is our shepard..just read denesh souzas’ book about Obamas’’s right on in describing how he plans to sink America.this creature..Obama..doesn’t give a damn about our
    country.he doesn’t believe in how this country operates. maybe we should do a military take down, like Egypt just
    did. I don’t believe he was re-elected. I think the democrats got all the dead folks in the graveyards to vote for him.
    that’s the only way they win elections..dead people and deceit. Obama has never told the TRUTH about anything.
    all he’s good for it lying and shaking hands and campaigning..he neverworks !! God Bless America! please RESIGN
    OBAMA and take your mouth with you..zipped up!!

    • Patricia says:

      Think back to his ‘campaign’ speech made in Germany prior to his election……………he touted the ‘changes’ he planned to make and at one point he referenced making the changes ‘first in the United States, then the world’. Maybe his real goal is to be president of the world (once he drags the US into one of the ‘unions’ – EU, AU, maybe the NAU). He must think the rest of the world is blind and can not see the mess he has created in this country.

    • Peter says:

      Let me know where can I sign up for the revolution……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Floyd says:

    I usually prefer CVS to Walgreens anyway but I will not step foot into another Walgreens after their supporting Obamacare. The important thing is not only for us to boycott Walgreens but to inform our friends, neighbors, and relatives about this action. We need to pass the word and make it hurt Walgreens financially.

  18. Ra York says:

    If King Obama really wanted to help, he could have TRULY followed the Massachusetts model.

    1st: the citizens vote “Yay” to do something.
    2nd: the “something” is put into place: a basic insurance policy was purchased for all who needed one.

    Simple. THAT bill would have taken one sentence to write, and would have cost much less.

    I don’t see this fiasco going forward. I don’t think it will be funded.

  19. Laura Burno says:

    It is a pity that the citizens of this country (U.S.A.) has to be inspired and led by third-party organizations, such as AMAC, for the purpose of urging our country to take an appropriate route to leadership which might be considered as in the interests of the majority (notice, the word “all” has been avoided).

    It is truly pathetic that we cannot depend on our Congress to manage affairs properly. I, for one, do not wish to put my hopes in the hands of 3rd parties, and, therefore, do not wish to enlist the services of AMAC.

    • Ra York says:

      Wow. Sad.

    • TRISH says:

      What a sad comment and shows the lack of insight or Integrity in the big socialist picture that Obamacare is all about Thank God For AMAC alternative to liberal AARP. I will be writing to Walgreens also and definitely no longer will go there. I will also send a letter to the manager of the local stores.

    • Patricia says:

      Laura, First, AMAC is not a ‘party’ it is an organization. Don’t join if you don’t want to but make sure you understand that there are no candidates running on the ‘AMAC’ ticket; that AMAC does not receive any taxpayer dollars (as aarp does); that AMAC strives to inform it’s members recognizing that they are intelligent enough to make their own choices about who they will vote for. I certainly hope you understand that Congress – both houses – pass laws, not ‘third parties’.

  20. Tricia in Nevada says:

    POWER TO THE CONSUMER !… Poll after poll shows the majority of the people do NOT want Obamacare or socialized medicine—so why would a business risk taking an unpopular stand. Are they getting paid, big-time, to do it? Ya think? Obviously, boycott the store—but the company needs to know how we feel. Here is the letter I am sending—feel free to copy and send too!

    Walgreen Company
    200 Wilmot Road
    Deerfield, IL 60015

    To the company decision makers…

    I have been alerted to view your website touting the wonders of Obamacare. Obviously you have been paid royally to advertise a law that no one read before it was passed. The fact that 37 bills have been passed by the House to REPEAL this atrocious and expensive law and then blocked by the Senate who is simply not listening to the public outcry against it—only proves that your company has been paid to promote it. This was a foolish move on your part.

    Since there are pharmacies on every corner and in every Supermarket…it is quite easy to boycott your store and your website. Until this obvious propaganda is removed from your store and website—you have lost more than this one customer…

    I personally will never enter your store again and I will be actively promoting this boycott to family, friends, and my many political connections.

    The 2014 election will bring new Senators fresh from being elected by the people who do not want socialized medicine. The law, now known as a “train wreck” by the very people who wrote it, will be repealed. But your company will continue to be boycotted and remembered for supporting a VERY unpopular law.


  21. Walt says:

    I will not do ANY business with Walgreens again.

  22. Dee says:

    So glad to see the majority of people saying they will not patronize Walgreen’s because of Obamcare. One strong voice we have is to NOT spend money in an establishment when they chose to practice a policy that goes against the wishes of the majority. I’m sure there will be plenty, especially those on the dole, who will still shop there. Hope the backlash wakes up the leaders of this company and they back out instead of backing down.

  23. ONTIME says:

    Ms. Bila is a author of note..

    The UN affordable health care act is a sham, it was partisan, colluded by deemers behind closed doors, had to be passed before we could find out what was in it, no one read it, no one was allowed to read it before the deemers passed it. it was sold as snake oil frm the back of a medicine wagon by a man who licks both ears at once with his split tongue and has a avid aversion to truth.

    Should Walgreens lose cutomers, profit and esteem, it will be because they as business people have disavowed ethic and character to be on that medicine wagon of ill repute, whatever happens to them such as what has happened to the AARP will be because they abandoned freedom of choice, free market principal and client respect for the government sleigh ride….I hope the majority our business people have more character and integrity than these two misinformed opportunist….

  24. Richard S says:

    I will hardly patronize Walgreen’s anymore and the biggest reason that i’m no longer a member of AARP is because they support obama and his policies

    • Peter says:

      You are right – That’s exactly why we as responsible, freedom loving Americans need to support AMAC [the Conservative answer to the left wing, Obama lovers AARP!!!!]

  25. Alan C Rohner says:

    I just quit Walgreen’s for my blood pressure medicine and went back to Kroger’s.

  26. Arch says:

    I just called to tell Walgreens customer service that we will be moving our prescriptions to CVS and will not be darkening their door in the future.

    Concerning Medicaid as it relates to Obamacare, I agree that all branches of our federal government, many states, and even those who deal intimately with healthcare do not have the ability or desire to look past the ends of their noses. Concerning our deficit, our lawmakers could solve our problems–they simply do not want to. Kicking the can down the road has become the rule. Pathetic, but true.

  27. Richard J Mitzel says:

    Well it looks like I will not be buying anything from Walgeens any longer, just as I quit my membership with AARP a few years ago and joined AMAC. A far better organization that actually cares about the concerns of it’s members. Richard.

    • bob arnold says:

      the same reasons i quit aarp and joined amac and now another store to avoid when they decide to tale sides instead of staying neutral,what do these business think they are gaining especially in something that so any peope are against what ever happened to common sense

  28. Ed Straub says:

    Oh, the need for wakeup, to the American people. I study prophecy in light of what God’s Word says, and would that American’s would read the King James Bible. It is the light in this darken world we live in. People we are at the forefront of the “one world government:” we are fast leaving the Bible for a “one world religion”. Listen to the, so called leadership we have in the world and in America. They are all talking about it. Look at the leaders even before Woodrow Wilson. Wake up America, your only hope is a personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

  29. Mary G. says:

    On to another drug store. No business from my family for Walgreens. Can’t afford for them to pass on the increases to me as a result of their ne’er do well chumminess with the government.

  30. Allvin says:

    Well hello AARP. They have been on the side of obamacare from the get go. That is why I dropped my membership and told them why. They are suppose to be looking out for the older Americans and they are doing it for the money in insurance they have for a profit. When will people wake up. I hope some day. I won’t be around for much longer but it will be the future people who will lose in the end and guess who voted for this idiot.

  31. Terri says:

    I have used Walgreens for years and will now change pharmacies. I also had BC/BS and left them last year… I will not do business with any company who volunteers to push such a disastrous bill. I have had health ins all my life whether through work or individual pay but now I will not have it because no. 1 it is too expensive but I will not get something because the govt mandates it…I was fine before prices exploded!

  32. Linda says:

    Walgreens is the preferred provider of Medicare Prescription Drug coverage for AARP

  33. stanley meyer says:

    I have great concern when any business backs government programs to gain business advantages. And pass on the expenses to their product. Walgreens is backing this only to gain sales of their products. Obamacare must be looked at for all content. After review I concluded it will do more damage, then solving issues, yes our current system has issues.

  34. Lee Jones says:

    Stupid Walgreens. Not only will they lose prescriptions business but the peripheral business that customers shop
    when they come in for their prescriptions.

  35. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    Walgreens has always been one of my favorites, but now am having second thoughts. If this is true, my next visit will be to tell them I won’t be shopping there anymore. If enough would voice their opinion, it just might change their way of thinking.

    • MA says:

      Walgreen… have seen my last dollar spent at your store. I will not support your decision. How rotten can you get to fall for the Obamacare fiasco. Are you that greedy and stupid?
      People, wake up and move your shopping elsewhere. Let’s ban together to send a sound message and force Walgreens to close some of their stores…..when it hits their bottom line, maybe they will wake up. Remember, it is not just the prescriptions but all the other shopping you do with them. Buy your milk at a grocer, etc.

  36. Nanc says:

    I won’t be going to Walgreens anymore. Obamacare is the PITS

  37. Dave says:

    I’ve done business at Walgreens for quite some time but no more. I’m retired and already all this is costing more. Obamacare is a very bad plan that we will regret.

  38. Clyde says:

    Success after success for our esteemed president.

  39. Joan Dickey says:

    RE: Honor system to verify eligibility for subsidies – even the average citizen like me can see “fraud” written all over this. I realize our government has on blinders, but who would have thought they are this stupid!! Guess this just is one more piece of evidence.

    • KarenFaye says:

      I have a feeling the “Honor System” is being used for Welfare and EBT cards as well. NOBODY in Washington is verifying anything. Too busy planning their next conference, vacation, or golf game to worry about anyone bilking the systems. This country has become a JOKE thanks to the Administration and lack of Government integrity. If I could afford to pull out and move to “another” 3rd world country, I would!!

  40. Mary Triola says:

    That settles it. I will NOT go to walgreens again. Sadly the brain dead in this country are not smart enough to change their prescriptions to another pharmacy. As for me I’m done.

    • KarenFaye says:

      Sadly, we live in a rural area, and must drive 22 miles to fill prescriptions – and the ONLY pharmacy is Walgreens or WalMart. I totally disagree with the Walgreen stance on Obamacare, but prescriptions at WalMart is yet another nightmare – so we’re trapped for now. WELCOME TO STEP ONE OF THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLLING OUR VERY LIVES!!!!

      • Betty Birky says:

        A lot of pharmacies will do mail order on prescriptions. Perhaps you could find a different one in another city and have your prescriptions filled by mail. You do have to allow extra days so order in plenty of time so you won’t run out of your pills. I ordered by mail from Pamida (until they sold out to Shopko), but probably could have continued with the new store. Check out other options if you really don’t want to use Walgreens.

  41. Tom says:

    Walgreen’s headquarters is in Chicago. ENOUGH SAID!

  42. Kim says:

    Will not shop at Walgreen’s again. It is going to be such a rotten program. Is the government paying for you to do this?

  43. Marion Nichols says:


    • Julie says:

      Sucks to see this type of thing come from the company you work for… anyone have a job for me????

  44. Frieda Chernobrov says:

    So long,Walgreens!
    I am taking all my business to CVS.

  45. Rusty says:

    WOW, you actually have to look closely to figure out who’s site it is, and at the top left of the page is Walgreen’s in fairly small type. Even BCBS is more prominent than the owners name.

  46. Mack L. Bennett says:

    So long Walgreen’s — hello CVS

  47. Emil says:

    I just called 1-800-Walgreens to let them know I would not be shopping there again unless this decision was reversed.

    Lady on the phone was very polite and would urge everyone to call them and Blue Cross as well to voice their concerns.

    • Carol Chadbourne says:

      You said it..shall call them , myself…NO MORE WALGREEN’S for me..So long, cheerio and pip pip….see ya… not.

  48. Duane says:

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH about ObamaCare and involvement with Walgreen’s & others who support the same. We are becoming new members with AMAC and getting educated along with other conservatives. We will do business according to our beliefs. Thank You everyone for your comments that educated us on the current issues connected to OC.

    • Betty Birky says:

      I am also AMAC member and will find out more of their supplemental insurance and let BCBS know that I am not happy that they are jumping on the Obamacare bandwagon.

  49. JACK says:

    bye bye no more walgreens

  50. Alice says:

    I have shopped Walgreens in the past, No more and I am taking my card back to them.

  51. Jan Martin says:

    I am a conservative in my politics, but I also am a volunteer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society who visits and assists people who need help with food, utilities, rent, etc. I am against Obama Care because it takes away our religious freedom. However, I think we need the Medicaid expansion because it has been separated from Obama Care by the Supreme Court and the decision given to the States. In GA the expansion would provide health insurance to an additional 500,000 poor. Our state provides insurance for mothers with dependent children but if you are a low income adult with no dependent children you don’t get Medicaid. You may think these are people on Welfare, but in reality they are the people serving your food at restaurants, people driving and monitoring your children on the school bus, people caring for your elderly in their homes and nursing homes and many more. These people do not have health care and we come in contact with them every day. Last week I visited a mother whose 7 month old baby had T.B. and was treated and well again. The baby was well because he did get care. The expansion is also expected to help reduce the amount of uncompensated care hospitals must absorb and cut the hidden health care tax that people who buy insurance pay, through higher premiums to cover other’s care. Washington would pick up the entire cost of the expansion for the first 3 years and 90% over the longer haul. I want Washington to get rid of the deficit but I also think this would encourage medical care in areas that health care providers do not go to now because they are not going to be paid and this would generate income and taxes and lower health care cost.

    • Robert "DOC" says:

      @Jan Martin ObamaCare would only subsidize state Medicaid for the first three years, whereupon states must make up the difference via taxes, generally property taxes. That is why states are balking at this monstrosity, only because it will be the second highest tax after education in most locales. Most school programs absorb about 60-70% of the property tax dollar. Second will be statewide healthcare costs, c.2020, when (gosh) 50% of property owners will be retired or 50+ (i.e., baby boomers), and can ill afford increased property taxes at this stage in their lives. So the very people ObamaCare is supposed to help will be taxed heavily to pay for their own state-run healthcare–a vicious circle.

      You will then see a lowering of house values (due to increased housing supplies), and a massive selloff of properties c.2020 (for the elderly to both avoid significantly increased property taxes, and to use the home sale equity to purchase increased health care costs and fund retirement).

      Thus, this law will be–and already is–detrimental to the economy.

      Absolutely NO ONE is thinking long-term, just short term for political gains. Rather, just sign the damned thing, and we’ll figure out what’s in it later….stupid, stupid, stupid.

      • PaulE says:

        Very well said Robert. Very few of the supporters of Obamacare look beyond the “carrot” associated with the exchanges. The “stick” being that after three years, the states will find themselves, after the federal government “discovers” the exchanges cost far more than originally anticipated, saddled with an enormous debt load. That debt bomb will have to be financed by the state’s taxpayers through increased taxes on virtually everything. That will, of course, send many states into severe economic decline. Your summary of this whole thing is perfect…stupid, stupid, stupid.

  52. Bill says:

    I will not knowingly do business with any business that backs ObamaCare. Walgreens was my favorite place to develop pictures and is very conveniently located less than a mile from home, but, CVS is only a block further.

  53. Paul says:

    Even if we run out of toilet paper at 1 am Christmas morning we will never set foot in there again.

  54. Deb says:

    Good thing I shop at CVS as I will not be shopping Walgreens anymore.

  55. Jean Masterson says:

    I have been using Walgreens for 17years. If they are backing Obamacare, I will have to go to CVS.

  56. Polly Smith says:

    I am a frequent & loyal customer of Walgreens. However, if they continue to support this travesty, I will switch to CVS or RiteAid, both of which have local branches.

  57. B. Trawets says:

    I won’t ever do business with them anymore.

  58. Michael Gallagher says:

    My sense from this latest turn about by Walgreens is that their Health Care Clinic has been a bust. They usually have a Nurse Pract. on staff that can perform routine health physicals, order certain labs and Xrays and then prescribe. They are supervised off site by a DO or MD. The Pharmacy can also give certain vacines. Walgreens’s wants to get into this bigger and that will be their thing for the so-called Obamacare that is NOT any type of insurance policy. I am in agreement with annual physicals, flu and other type of preventive shots, import lab profiles. That is great – also, they may even offer a clinical dietician to discuss better food preps for a healthier lifestyle. Again, I cannot argue with that concept. The problem is that we who have been buying health care insurance all along have seen out benefits erode terribly and our rates go up drastically – why? To pay for these “free??” annual physicals at places like Walgreen’s and soon to be Walmart. Even my out of pocket for inpatient care is just stupid when I compare what it was just 5 years ago. I really hope that the Congress that opens up in January 2015 has the guts to just kill is and redo a more sensible “affordable healthcare program” that continues to allow people to buy insurance with existing conditions. This is never going to work with all of the exemptions given to all the business friends of the Obama Administration – the biggest being GE and 3M.
    That cannot happen in the future. Why should young people buy insurance for about $3500 a year when their penalty for not buying it is only 1%. If a recent college graduate gets a job for $45K and does not buy into a health insurance plan – his or her penalty is $450. Do the Math. Obamacare is a JOKE!!!!!!!! Guess what ? those same young adults can still get their annual physicals and flu shots for “free” at Walgreen’s on our dime.

  59. Don Gillispie says:

    I stopped dealing with Walmart when they refused to honor prescriptions written for retired military through the Tricare Prescription Program. I switched to Rite Aid and have found them to more than meet my needs and are a lot friendlier while doing it. This is just one more reason to never return to Walgreens.

  60. todd james says:

    Well well well it seems as though Walgreens is also the devil just like Obama. You narrow minded fools, finally we have a president who tried to help the working class and all you did and do is try and demonIize him,he is a man of outstanding character and a true president. If you don’t think you’re paying for the uninsured now then you haven’t done any research II admire Obama for trying to fix a real problem and scold Congress for holding its breath and pouting while the law was being drafted. If you narrow minded simpletons choose to boycott Walgreens then that is a pile of idiots that I don’t have to wait in line behind.continue to get all of your news from Fox News and you will continue to be fools

    • Gerald Ramsey says:

      Well, well well! It seems we have another imbecile who foolishly thinks that Obamination ever had a thought about the working class since he entered politics. Sorry to burst your bubble, Todd, but this president only thinks of helping himself and his buddies. Obama completely lacks any real character at all! Hell, I am not sure he can even compose a sentence, but we all know he can read… a teleprompter! We all know we are paying for the uninsured and the underinsured but we will pay more under ObamaCare! Don’t worry, you will still have a huge line of idiots to wait in line behind at Walgreens. Unfortunately, their are millions of idiots, like you, who support this lying, two-faced president. Continue to drink your Kool-Aid and may your appendix burst while waiting in line at Walgreens.

  61. david says:

    Lost My Business

  62. Frank T says:

    Walgreens, you have to be kidding. Why the hell get involved with this mess?

  63. Elaine Yerty says:

    I will not ever venture into a Walgreens again. Find your customers elsewhere.

  64. PaulE says:

    Well, well, well it looks like another company has had its arm twisted by the federal government to support Obamacare. What a non-surprise in this age of wide-spread political corruption from an apparently out-of-control administration. Strong arm politics seems to be alive and well these days.

    Between the Secretary of HHS asking (read demanding) for “contributions” to help the federal government roll-out Obamacare, or face the unspoken wrath of federal government being directed against them, or the more subtle threats from other federal agencies directed against any business that attempts to resist this administration’s agenda, one would certainly have liked to have been a fly on the wall during these “discussions” (read shakedowns).

    All this reminds me more of the goings on of some third-world banana republic or dictatorial regime, rather than the supposedly home of the greatest, most free nation on earth.

  65. amy says:

    Just as I did with AARP, I will no shop at or buy anything more from Walgreen. I gave up huge discounts when I sent back my AARP card and will lose less if I stop going to Walgreen. But they will. So long Walgreen until you come to your senses.

  66. Frank says:

    well ,well well, looks like i will be swicthing my prescriptions to someplace else , screw walgreens

  67. Tom says:

    They’re just trying to get on the good side of an administration which will control where a lot of their money comes from in the future.

  68. Grami10 says:

    Now we know why Walgreens was awarded the Medicare bid for O2, as well as many other pieces of durable medical equipment and quickly putting other dme companies out of business.

  69. David Tate Sr says:

    not much to say will stop buying at walgreens completely there is no reason to use them if they are in bed with a muslim terriost groups

  70. Ernie Case says:

    I will not be in Walgreens again and will tell everyone I know that Walgreens is in bed with Obama.

  71. Mark Stevanus says:

    Guess I will steer clear of WALGREENS next time I need a pharmacy. Some American ideas still work like ” I will shop where I want to ” and will spend my money where I desire. And if I don’t like the way you do business, then I will AVOID your stores!

  72. Michelle says:

    Already not shopping at CVS from last several months becasue of their stance on charging more for overwieght or smoling employees while drug addicts and drunks get a passs (you know because they have a sickness, not that they made poor choices) now I have to switch again and not shop at Walgreens. Will not support a company who is pushing communism on Americans. Secondly it is not going to give better care. Already know someone who has been told that thier life saving meds will be discontinued because they cost too much! She is wondering where her care is? This is a complete and utter failure.

  73. Mary says:

    Very disappointed…………….I cannot support a company that is 100% Obama……..surprising that any successful business would support such a disastrous health care bill especially in light of the things that government is postponing now, but that is totally political……….to get past the 2014 elections. Do they not think we know that??? I will be going elsewhere for my medical needs. Health and Human Services needs a new leader!!!

  74. Randolph Stokes says:

    Walgreens was at the front of the line when healthcare companies were asked to “sit at the table” as Obamacare was being developed. It’s always nice to be involved in the planning stages of a huge government program to maximize your potential profit from said program. I have been a pharmacist for nearly thirty years, two of which were spent recently working for Walgreens. Longest and most desturbing 2 years of my career so I’m not surprised in any way by this article.

  75. jerry says:

    No more walgreens for this family.Obamacare
    is crap. And Obama needs to be in jail.and
    everyone that suports him needs to be with

  76. Cheri says:

    My daughter has worked at Walgreens for 7 years in retail. Over the last few months, Walgreens has cut hours to less than FT, eliminated managerial roles (quit or take a pay cut), downsized, hire just about anyone. They stay open Christmas day, don’t allow employees to take vacation time from October through January 1 of the next year. If they call in…they’re fired. Their so called “healthcare benefits” have been poor at best not allowing married coupled to cover each other under their healthcare plans. Deductibles starting at $2000 per person! This is NOT a good company to work for. They do NOT care about their employees and I just said to my son-in-law yesterday “I bet they’re in bed with Obamacare.” My daughter is going to go back to school to improve her skills and get out of there as soon as she can.
    Shame on you Walgreens…for caring more about the bottom line than the needs of your employees!!

  77. Lynn Granados says:

    I wont be shopping at Walgreens anymore.

  78. Michael says:

    Boycott Walgreens!!!!!

  79. Rudolf Koger says:

    I sent an email to the Walgreens corporate office indicating because of their support for the unaffordable care act, I will now purchase my pharmacy needs at CVS.

    • Michelle says:

      CVS is no better. Do some research.

    • Elaine says:

      CVS has been really great to us. We “had” to switch to them when Kodak made us (now Kodak has dropped our health care totally), but they’ve been very good about our needs. When I was forced to go on COBRA for a while, they voluntarily offered us a plan for my meds that saved us lots of money! (An example: a $125. scrip cost us only $20.) We were first upset to be made to change pharmacies, but we’re very pleased with CVS’ service.

  80. Alan Pratt says:

    I guess I’m done with Walgreens. They should be for the company and consumer interests, not the political behemoth.

  81. Kathy B. says:

    Walgreens is the worst pharmacy in my town and I won’t use them. They are rude and never seem to be able to handle their workload. They apparently are being paid to help promote. Didn’t have my business to begin with but I’ll spread the word in the hopes that they lose all of my friends business as well.

  82. mary says:

    Will never set foot in Walgreen’s again … they have joined forces with the devil, period!

  83. Woody Myles says:

    I would like to know what the quid pro qou is for the companies that kneel at the crack of the whip wielded by the HHS boss. They are paying 1.2B to a British Co. to aid the process. They can’t give this program away. It’s a shame to be wasting soo much money on a rotting pile of regulations. Give all funds spent since inception back to the taxpayer, restructure insurance costs to increase competition by cross state line pruchase, remove bulky bureaucracies like the IRS from the watchgdogging position. That’s for starters.

    • Mark Stevanus says:

      Guess I will steer clear of WALGREENS next time I need a pharmacy. Some American ideas still work like ” I will shop where I want to ” and will spend my money where I desire. And if I don’t like the way you do business, then I will AVOID your stores!

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