Walgreens Hops on the ObamaCare Bandwagon

CoverVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News:

Well, well, well. Check out the Walgreens website. It looks like a poster for ObamaCare.

Some quotes from the site:

“The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010 to improve Americans’ access to healthcare. It expands insurance benefits and was designed to reduce the cost of healthcare for the average American.”

” The new healthcare law expands access to individuals and families who have not had or could not afford health insurance.”

“The biggest effect of the ACA is that people who previously couldn’t afford or qualify for coverage will now be able to sign up for health insurance.”

“Tax credits, expanded eligibility requirements for Medicaid and subsidies will take effect in 2014, helping those in need pay for health insurance.”

“Under the new law insurance companies are also prevented from charging people who need more healthcare, such as the elderly, pregnant women, and those with pre-existing conditions.”

The Hill reports:

Walgreens and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) launched a website Wednesday and promised to distribute brochures about ObamaCare at Walgreens stores around the country.

ObamaCare is an overstuffed bureaucratic mess that will raise costs, decrease quality of care, and bring government overreach to new levels. Every day, we wake up to a new report about how the law is falling apart. Whether it’s delaying the mandate requirement for businesses so as to avoid enormous backlash against Democrats in the mid-terms (and hence choosing not to enforce a component of the law without the consent of Congress), significantly rising costs of subsidies, an honor system to verify eligibility for subsidies (hello, fraud)–the law is in distress, to say the least.

Walgreens, wake up.

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  1. Eldon Bond says:

    Did Not Vote for OBAMA ,He is the biggest liar in the country! I hope everyone who did vote for him Gets what they deserve under Obamacare Will not shop at Walgreens ever again!!!!!!!

  2. Al from AL says:

    Several years ago, I used to work for Walgreens. One person on here mentioned something about “special favors”….you have no idea. Walgreens had someone (or several “someone’s”) in Washington, D.C., HELPING TO DRAFT the ACA in the first place. Walgreens helped write the stupid thing, so if anyone thinks that the ACA will not help pad the Walgreens accounts, they are sorely mistaken. If anyone believes that Walgreens was paid handsomely, to buy their cooperation/compliance, again, they are living under a rock.

    When I left Walgreens, it was because of the trouble our country is in, and I wanted to focus my efforts on doing something that might actually help matters. I ran for office (U.S. House of Representatives.) In running for office, I also learned a very good (but very expensive) lesson. Walgreens, Wal-Mart, the banking cartel…oooops, I mean the “banking industry”, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, etc., are working together to keep Americans (and the world) broke, sick, and nearly dead (both health wise, as well as financially).

    Don’t let anyone kid you. Believe me, but verify for yourself, Walgreens had their hands in the ACA loooooong before the general public in the United States, ever even heard of the bill.

  3. donna asch says:


  4. linda says:

    How can I let Walgreens know I am not happy with their decision to promote obamacare?
    I’ve already let them know AARP is not the only senior publication.

  5. Moe says:

    Walgreens- What a bunch of dumb asses. You must not care about losing customers.

  6. David Ehrlich says:

    Walgreens just lost my business………..

  7. Phil says:

    Looks like some special favors under the tables going on don’t ya know!

  8. bob passerello says:

    Walgreens don’t take sides companies shouldn’t do that The health bill we’re trying to appeal is more than 50% bad and we must get rid of it and do it piecemeal. don’t you see that ? If you’re taking sides to become a gov’t store that won’t work either because the gov’t does not like private enterprise stores, they want their own gov’t stores and it won’t be Walgreens. Take it from me an ex businessman, Walgreens please don’t express your political opinions to the public you will lose customers

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