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Part-Time Workers Losing Pay Due to Obamacare

from Newsmax – Many part-time workers are getting slammed with a one-two punch from Obamacare — loss of pay and denial of access to employer-sponsored healthcare insurance.

The healthcare reform legislation passed into law requires large employers offering health insurance to include part-time employees working at least 30 hours a week.

Instead, a growing number of employers are cutting back part-timers’ work hours to avoid paying for their insurance.

An estimated 2.3 million workers nationwide are at risk of losing hours and therefore pay, according to research by the University of California-Berkeley cited by the Los Angeles Times.

The Times offered as an example the city of Long Beach, Calif., which is limiting most of its 1,600 part-time workers to no more than 27 hours a week.

Large restaurant chains and retailers are also beginning to cut back on employee hours, and colleges are reducing courses for part-time professors.

According to the Times, the average annual premium for employee coverage was $6,540 in California last year, and family coverage was more than $16,000 a year. Nationwide, employee-only coverage cost $5,615 last year, and family coverage cost $15,745, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported.

One consolation for part-time workers is that due to low salaries, many of them will qualify for government insurance or be eligible for discounted premiums on private policies beginning in January.

On the other hand, it’s expected that some businesses will drop health coverage entirely and instead pay a penalty of $2,000 per worker.

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  1. Marisa says:

    Lowes Complaints and Reviews
    Total Complaints Orlando Florida 1,419
    Claimed losses $1,000,765,804
    Reducing full-time employees to part-time might be the next step Lowe’s might consider in the near future. Why not run all the stores with only a part –time and seasonal part-time staff. If ALL Lowe’s employee’s hours were cut to part-time, this would eliminate the health care cost burden on the employer. If an employee works over 29 hours they must be on an approved healthcare plan or the company has to pay a fine, Most part time workers opt to pay the penalty or are on their parent’s healthcare until the age of 26.

    People who never even considered going on welfare, will find that it’s easier and cheaper to work 1 PT job and go on the .gov healthcare plan.

    How many people will say to themselves:

    So, I can work 50 hours/week, make less money than I did before, and pay more for health insurance?
    Or, I can work 25 hrs per week, get “free” health insurance, food stamps, utility assistance, Earned Income Credit refunds, and actually have more money in my pocket?
    It’ll be interesting to see Obama’s new army of IRS agents try to get the Obamacare money out of these folks.

  2. Daniel says:

    I work @ Lowes in Florida and they are now planning on only hiring part-time, seasonal and temps to fill any open positions. They realized they can run their stores on a bare-bones skeleton crew and still beat their sale projections so they will make Lowes employees work double-duty. The morale is so low @ Lowes that its affecting customer satisfaction but Lowes execs don’t seem to care as long as they make their sales quotas.

    Returns are easy – No problem, Lowes happily does returns even if you abused and broke the product. Lowes also has an unadvertised tool rental policy where consumers can return anything within a month and use them as often as they want for free. Don’t need to buy their EPP (Extended Protection Plan) either since Lowes policy posted on their wall is #1 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our goal. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the merchandise to any Lowe’s store in the U.S. Over 90 days – No Problem with credit card or a Lowes merchandise credit will be issued. 30 day money back guarantee for all power toolss, outdoor power equipment (including but not limited to mowers, chain saws, generators, pressure washers, trimmers and blowers. Use it and return it after your projects are done. Just make sure power tools and outdoor equip. is returned within the 30 days and you’ll have no problem getting a full refund. Who needs to rent equipment when your neighborhood Lowes stores has everything you need and you won’t have to pay anything for it. Use it and return it. No questions asked.

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