Chameleon Messaging

By Diana Erbio –

The progressives are now revealing more of their true belief system, which is that Big Government is best. Big Government knows how to equalize things. Somehow a new American Dream has emerged, and that dream is that we all must live at the same level. That was the unspoken change that President Obama hoped for.

During the 2008 Obama Campaign, Barack Obama floated a vague message of “Hope and Change”. The meaning of hope and change was purposely left to the individual. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so was the “Hope and Change” he spoke of.  It worked and enough people were mesmerized and voted for the hope and change they imagined

All the while the Progressive march to change has been like a chameleon, changing itself as it marches on. Leaving a trail of taxpayer funded goodies has been helpful in picking up support along the way to the final destination –  an all-encompassing nanny state.

From 2009 through today government is growing. It started with the $Trillion stimulus bill, followed by the “Affordable Healthcare Act” coupled with thousands of burdensome regulations on businesses and individuals. Thresholds to receiving government assistance have been lowered and the printing presses continue to roll at the FED devaluing the dollars we do have.

Now the chameleons of the left are bombarding us with a new hue of vague messaging which blames the sequester for anything that is not working well.  Flight delays?  – the Sequester. Over-crowded prisons?  –  the Sequester.  Decline in Troop readiness?  –  the Sequester.  Higher gas prices? – the Sequester. Haven’t found a job?  – the Sequester. You get the picture.

The American people must stop buying into these chameleon type campaigns. Look how 2008’s message of “Hope and Change” turned into a campaign of “Fear and Envy” in 2012.

We all know a $16.6 Trillion national debt is unsustainable. We all can realize that the Sequester is only a miniscule cut in the rate of increasing government spending. The sequester cuts are like saying you need to lose weight, so you will not gain 10 lbs next year as you did this year. Instead you will only gain 8 lbs. That means you lost 2 lbs right?

That is how the chameleon grows, protecting itself by changing its tone while increasing in size all the while. The old look of “Hope and Change” has been replaced with  “Fear and Envy”. The successful are demonized and the old  talk about there being no red-state America and no blues-state America has disappeared. That is the deception of the chameleon. We are left with an America we do not recognize. The Sequester messaging is chameleon-like as was the “Hope and Change” messaging. Just as “Hope and Change” would fix everything, the Sequester will be blamed for everything. We must not continue to fall for these chameleon messages and look carefully at details so we will not be continually deceived.

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  1. Howard R. Wolf says:

    I never thought some fifty years ago that I would say what I’m about to say here. But I have come to the conclusion that a majority of liberals don’t love this country. I believe that this present president personifies a deep and abiding hatred and loathing of the United States of America. As the great conservative American thinker Mark Levin points out, one cannot love the constitution and big government too, as the constitution operates to constrain and limit government.

    This president has begun his demolition of the constitution by attacking the first and second amendments. God forgive us if we allow him to succeed.

    • PaulE says:

      He’s going after a lot more than just the first and second amendments Howard. He’s trying to eliminate as much of the overall Constitution as possible. He views it as a negative document in his own words, in that it limits what the government can do to its people without their consent. Thus he’s trying to circumvent it in numerous ways. His attacks on the first and second amendment are merely the most visible to the average person, because the mainstream media is being such a vocal advocate for his proposed changes.

      • Richard Slate says:

        I could not agree with you more, obama is destroying our country and all of these stupid ignorant liberals are to blind to see it or they just do not care about our Nation

    • rkh_001 says:

      I agree with your perception; I have felt the same for some time

    • Dorothy R Brant says:

      Totally agree and the sheeple follow him like the Pied Piper. He’s a wofl in sheep’s clothing. I have believed this since the beginning of his run. Even so, I do pray for him anyhow.

  2. Marshall says:

    I think the notion that progressives want equality is a lie and it is one that conservatives need to get out of their thoughts. The progressives want to win and have all the money and they use fluffy vernacular to achieve this goal. Look at what has happened with the public unions throughout the country. In general the public unions make 2 -5 times what the taxpayers that pay them do. They are winning. Unless their salaries and benefits can be cut back this will collapse. I am not suggesting teachers make minimum wage but here is a fact for all; most teachers contibute less than 250K to retirement via paycheck deductions. Within four years of retirment, they have already had that money paid back. Tell me, does any one in the private sector get that king of ROI on their investments? It is essentially a financially risk free life that allows them to live their entrie lives, pay check to pay check, if they so choose. In my neighborhood the teachers drive BMW’s, Lexus, Lincolns, Audis; have pools in their backyards, the largest homes and leave town each summer for the duration etc. They are living much more luxurious lives than the people who pay their salaries. There is something very wrong with this picture.

  3. Pete from St Pete says:

    As the great Milton Friedman said, I just want to be free to make my own choices on my lifestyle and consumer choices without ridiculous rules being imposed on me by do gooder politicians. Capitalism works because we each act in our perceived self interest so long as we do not cause injury to others. Not an unfettered Darwinian free for all where the strong crush the weak with impunity, but where people are limited by a moral structure such as laid out in Judeo-Christian ethics. Laws are necessary to punish transgressions such as theft, assault, murder, etc., but not to limit the size of a soft drink you can buy or whether you are willing to work for less than a stated hourly rate of pay. Our current government and President seem to have no conscience about directing the rest of us on how we must live. I despair at our sheepish electorate that happily marches down the path into involutary servitude without a whimper.

    • FOTH says:

      European economist, Hilaire Belloc in his 1912 book, “The Servile State” predicted that efforts to regulate the natural instability of free-market capitalism would lead inexorably to a state managed economy and social structure that would more resemble slavery than individual freedom. He explained that as it becomes more difficult (due more to government meddling in the market rather than failure of the market itself) for ordinary people to secure their needs they will willing move under the care of government (onto the government plantations, if you will) where there will receive their daily bread according to their needs as those needs are defined by their masters, in exchange for their freedom to make their own choices about how and where they live.

      While later economists have discounted Mr. Belloc’s suggested remedy to the problem described as not being a valid solution, they have by-and-large, admired him for his foresight in seeing what was yet to come in the events of the 1930’s—and what is now unfolding as we watch.

  4. Paul says:

    Reality tell us nothing lasts forever. I have no doubt that every person who was living in a society on the way down could never imagine that the demise would happen in their lifetime. We have the opportunity to be perhaps the 1st great nation to accept that fact and fix our country to a model that has always worked, from a model that has never worked. We have a city in our country Detroit that IS the model of what will happen. 50-60 years ago Detroit was a thriving vibrant city and the 4th largest in the USA. Then along came a liberal Democrat mayor Jerome Cavanaugh who started the model city program, the UAW keep raising the stakes and almost killed the US auto industry and on and on. NOW – about 700,000 people are all that’s left in the city. The HS graduation rate is 25%, the illiteracy rate is >50%, homes can be had for a few thousand dollars. Yesterday the Governor of Michigan appointed an emergency manager for Detroit because of the iminent bankruptcy facing Detroit. $14,000,000,000 in debt and yet the so called leaders of that city are outraged. HELLO AMERICA LOOK NO FURTHER THAN DETROIT to see where these liberal Democrats are taking the country. It’s not too late but we need people in government who care about we the people and not maikng themselves into fat cats.

    Finally I encourage you all to read about Milgrams experiment done 50 years ago at Yale about human behavior. It will make you realize that even smart people will blindly follow leadership that is bad. Yikes!!

  5. Wayne says:

    I’ve been saying this for years. This country will end up in another Civil War where millions will die. The only way to prevent this is to divide the country in two. Each person will have a choice which side he or she wants to go and once you make that decision, you cannot change your mind. If you pretend to be a conservative and are actually a liberal and cause problems, you can be removed to the liberal side. Each country can have a separate name, laws, president, education system, money system, taxes, etc. We already know what each side wants. The liberals want a cradle to grave nanny state where all make the same amount of money. There would be no successful people, but also, no losers.Everyone would throw their money into one giant pot where all would divide it equally.Drugs would be OK, but no smoking cigarettes. There would be no manufacturing, no oil, no gas, no coal. Only windmills and solar panels. Everyone would be state employed run by a union.
    The conservatives would have manufacturing with no unions, oil, gas, company run people who earned their way there, the more successful you are, the more rewards. Less government intrusion and the laws would be what the forefathers intended. They would have families that are run by mothers and fathers where statistics prove that is when the country was most successful. Everyone would be happy as they would live their ideology. This is the only way this country will survive. We have passed the braking point where this country will no longer be great again as to the course we are on. Socialism cannot and will not ever be the answer. Nor dictatorship. However, the low information people don’t get it. We now have state run media that does not tell the truth and are not required.
    Imagine going back to a county where hard work is rewarded. Charities and Christian religion will cherish again. When that happened, this country was great. As of now, my wife and I tell each other, the great days of this country are well behind us. Stupidity took over and a lot of that has to do with the lack of family and education.

    • Jeannette says:

      That is an excellent idea and should make everyone happy, correct? The conservatives, entrepeneurs, independent, responsible people will favor this. The liberals not so much because their cash cow will leave. These then are the reasons we should pursue this, and it may be the only way we can get our children back and our country back. Do you have an organization or website to pursue this?

    • Sumochen says:

      I like Wayne’s idea. My side gets the best seats, ok?

    • Geri Russell says:

      I, too, agree with Wayne and have been espousing a similar idea to my friends. I believe the country could be divided in thirds to accommodate the liberals on the far East Coast and the liberals on the far West Coast to be separate countries with the Conservative middle of the country as one. It could be done by voting in each state as to which country they wish to adhere to. Looking at a political map from 2010, some of these states appear to be half blue and half red so they may have to split. Interestingly enough, the blue halves of most of those states are always on the coastal side and the red half is the interior half–is that a coincidence or is there something in salt water!! The huge deficit would have to be divided by population in each country. I am sure the conservative country could pay theirs off in record time. The liberal countries? Well, that would be an interesting scenario.

    • Ron says:

      I have been also saying the same thing for some time now. I am not sure it will be in two, though. I would point to the U.S.S.R. which in 1979 was probably the strongest country (militarily) on the planet. Approximately15 years later it broke up into a number of pieces. I can definitely see that happening here. We no longer seem to have (or want) a common identity.

    • Marshall says:

      What an outstanding idea!! It will be fun to see how they would fund their lives without manufacturing. It would also be great to watch, as it always does, to see the wealthy cream of the crop that were once Progressives and are now the rich and powerful, be run out of the collective. Think about that. The population of the conservatives would grow without adding any new babies to the population. LOL

    • Richard Hand says:

      Based upon appearances of what is, and has, been going on this idea of Wayne’s appears to be a GREAT solution but I am afraid that it ignores the fly in the ointment. Liberals/democrats only pretend to be overly concenrned with minorities, the poor, gay people, etc. because they are wanting the votes from these folks so they can stay in power.. A divided country would suddenly expose this farce and all hell would break loose, first within the liberal portion of the country in not being able to deal with the continuing demands of the “free lunch bunch) but also because of the sudden realization by the current liberal working people that socialism really does not work except for the dictator and friends. The failings of ALL current failing non-working government programs would be amplified and the number of RINO’s (republicans in name only) would begin to increase exponentially in the attempt to gain citizenship into the conservative country..
      Then, of course, there are geographical difficulties.
      BUT, while we’re discussing “what we need”, here is my two cents worth.
      We NEED the elected officials to do the job which they were elected to do..
      We NEED to all “get real” and realize that fixing the debt is going to impact all of us…just like the world wars did.
      And last , but definitley not least, we NEED the media to start doing their job in a professional, accurate, and NON BIASED manner. I blame the lack of accurate media reporting for MUCH of where this country is today..
      In my opinion it is the media who has the responsibility to report accurate and non biased information to the American public and , for the most part, they all have chosen to take the low road. Much of the “news” is no longer reported but “created”. Being first to report has become much more important than being accurate. Slamming one political party while essentially “protecting” the other is thought to be business as usual.
      For those wanting reliability, and accuracey , and honesty, the current days media is a joke.

  6. J.J.K. says:

    The American Dream was and is to be able to work to better oneself, not to be standing around with your hand out asking for BIG BROTHER to give you everything. Nothing has any value if you don’t earn (work for) it. Years ago when when a married couple had a child, the first words they would hear from it were either MaMa or DaDa. Today the first words out of kids mouths are “I WANT or GIVE ME.” Whatever happened to working around the house for an allowance? Everything is given to these kids and so they have no sense of value. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

    • FOTH says:

      JJK—the First words out of a child’s mouth may have been Mama or Dada, but they entered the world crying for what they wanted and screaming when they didn’t get it, whether it be to have a dipper changed or to be fed. The problem with liberals is that they see no reason for anyone to mature beyond that primal instinct of birth. Liberals encourage grown people to go on demanding that someone be responsible for them; crying for everything to be given to them and screaming when they don’t get what they want. And liberals are more than willing to use other people’s money to give whatever is demanded by the child-minded hordes of dependency addicts they have created.

      • PaulE says:

        So true. The solution to any problem, from the liberal perspective, was to throw money at it. If the problem still existed, then their solution was to throw even more money at it and continue this cycle indefinitely. Whether it be the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty or the War on whatever was the hot button issue of the day, the solution remained the same Throw money, lots of other peoples’ money, at the problem instead of addressing the real underlying issues.

        Of course, liberals don’t really want to “fix” any of these issues. they simply want to leverage them to justify building ever-larger, more complex and more expensive “government infrastructures” to manage these perceived problems. The more problems the government can identify in need of repair, the bigger and more expansive government can grow to justify its existence.

        • Mahender says:

          As both you and I have pointed out repadteely in the past, Barack Obama is not of the culture called, “Black American Culture.” He is not a “Black man.” He was raised by white and Indonesian socialists. He is a American White man. He is putting on a Socialist Minstrel Show.

      • PaulE says:

        So true. The solution to any problem, from the liberal perspective, was to throw money at it. If the problem still existed, then their solution was to throw even more money at it and continue this cycle indefinitely. Whether it be the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty or the War on whatever was the hot button issue of the day, the solution remained the same Throw money, lots of other peoples’ money, at the problem instead of addressing the real underlying issues.

        Of course, liberals don’t really want to “fix” any of these issues. they simply want to leverage them to justify building ever-larger, more complex and more expensive “government infrastructures” to manage these perceived problems. The more problems the government can identify in need of repair, the bigger and more expansive government can grow to justify its existence. If the government can identify enough problems to address, then it can always manufacture some. Think Obamacare or Dodd-Frank. They both create far more problems than they supposedly fix.

  7. PAKID says:

    Just today MSNBC told us that the American Middle Class is disappearing, outnumbered by the “have nots.” Heck, I could have told them that years ago. Romney tried to set the record straight, but was hooted down by all those folks looking for a handout from their Savior, Barak.

  8. John R in Birmingham says:

    If you want to know what the Dems want, simply listen to what they say they are Not doing. In the deep south we are known for calling it “like it is.” The Obama vision is for Marxism through deceit. Keeping power, distoring the truth, and trying to destroy conservatism is part of the mission.

  9. Thom R says:

    FOTH – Liberalism is in fact a mental disorder (clinically proven).
    Socialism fails – because it diminishes the intrinsic value of the
    individual as a creation of an Omnipotent Creator, created by
    the way in His image, not yours.
    OK now go ahead and regurgetate the socialist kool-aid.

    • FOTH says:

      Thom R–You are right, Liberalism is a mental disorder, the main symptom being delusions of grandeur. I attempted to bring that out in the post to which you are referring. The entire post is a parody of the socialist argument. Of course you have to read the last paragraph to see that. :-)

  10. Diane Carlin says:

    If President Obama and his Senate/Congress are so hell bent on socialism why don’t they start by disributing their own wealth? And then add all those Hollywood egotists to the mix. Let us tell Michele Obama to stop jetting around the county on OUR MONEY!
    While I am certainly open to helping those who really need help, I’ll be dammed if I am going to distribut, to anyone but our children, what I am my husband have worked our entire lives for. I grew up poor and worked hard for what we have acquired, trust me, it can be done and I truely appreciate what we have.
    I agree with PaulE. far too many Americans lack the knowledge useful to understand what is happening to this country.

  11. FOTH says:

    PaulE—you are right that socialism has failed everywhere. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be made to work in America. No other nation where socialism has been implemented has had the wealth that America has. In point of fact most—no all–examples of Socialism in practice have been something much less that the true ideal of socialism as Karl Marx envisioned it to be. The subject nations were too poverty stricken to achieve that ideal. But America is different. We have the wealth to support the full implementation of the social programs that will provide the benefits which only socialism can provide. Not the least among those benefits could be the eradication of poverty and hunger—the driving forces behind conflict and war. The problem is that the wealth is not fairly distributed and the difficultly in achieving the socially equitable re-distribution is that the founders of the American government, in their haste to protect themselves from the greed of the tyrannical King of England, put severe constraints upon the powers of the government. Once Twenty First Century Americans learn that serving the good of the whole is indeed a more noble goal than protecting the illusionary private property rights of the wealthy robber barons who have accumulated obscene amounts of the national resources to themselves, then the just powers of the government to manage and control acumulation and distribution of wealth will be unleashed, just as it is now being done by President Obama and his supporters in the Democrat controlled state houses and legislatures.

    So, no, we are not dismayed by the dismal failures recorded in the history of socialism. We have studied those failures and observed that their nations were poor and their leaders were not well learned in the arts of public administration. Most importantly they were not us. In the construction of the Perfect Socialist State, where all others have failed, America the last hope for the advancement of civilization, will succeed. There are none others like us. We and only we can do it. We know what is best.

    On the other hand, Margret Thatcher could be right in saying that sooner or later we will run out of rich men’s money. In fact she probably is right. She has to be right. But , heck man, doesn’t socialism just sound so good. Come-on admit it. I had you hooked there.

    • Faye says:

      You didn’t have me hooked. I agree with Wayne. The only way we are ever going to solve this problem is to divide into two countries, all the liberals, all the welfare recipients, all the Medicaid recipients, everyone with their hands out while they sit on their butts, along with all the immigrants, legal or illegal who are living at the expense of American taxpayers go to the LiberalCountry, while the movers and shakers, the people who actually work for a living go to the ConervativeCountry. Then let’s see how long the LiberalCountry lasts before they start whining that they didn’t get a fair deal. I give ’em six months.

      • FOTH says:

        Faye—In the abstract Wayne’s model solution is valid but such a solution cannot likely be constructed as a practical model. I think a scenario much like that envisioned by Ayn Rand in her, “Atlas Shrugged,” is much more likely to unfold. Have you read that novel or perhaps seen the newly released movie version of “ Atlas Shrugged”. DVD’s of both parts one and two have now been released. I highly recommend it and think you would enjoy it in either the book or movie format. In the meantime, I hope you did see that my post above was a parody of the socialist argument.

    • PaulE says:

      Not quite, but I have to give you a solid A for effort. Anyone not accustomed to trying to talk some degree of sense to a typical socialist “useful idiot” here in the Socialist States of the Northeast on a regular basis might have thought you serious though. Just two points:

      While you outlined almost all the real endgame objectives of socialism, as well as the typical “We are superior!” psychology they use to justify their positions on every issue, no real socialist would ever admit them to the general public, in such a forum, much less put them in writing. They always and I mean always mask their message behind vague emotional pleas based on vague terms such as “social justice”, “economic justice”, “equality” and yes “hope” and “change”.

      The only times I managed to get real socialists to admit their ultimate objectives is when I engage them in protracted conversations, where I systematically pick apart their stances on various issues. They finally, out of shear frustration with not being able to win the argument based on emotional pleas, intimidation or simply repeating the same empty talking points for the 100th time, finally just launch into an emotional tirade where they cover most of what you outlined here.

      The second point is most of the “useful idiots” in the socialist movement, think OWS types not the Washington crowd, are not able to articulate their thoughts in as clear and concise a manner as you outlined the socialist agenda here. That was a dead giveaway. Most of these folks have trouble stringing together a couple of coherent sentences, much less laying out a rationale why socialism will work this time if imposed upon America.

      I did like how you started off your argument with the supposition that socialism will work this time in America, because they’ll have a bigger pot of money to play with and craft their perfect utopia. That has always been the default excuse most socialists give for why socialism failed in any of the myriad of countries that have fallen prey to it over the last 100 years. Of course in reality, no amount of money thrown at a failed ideology can make it successful. But for these folks it isn’t amount logic or history or even the recognition that the concept of “perfecting mankind through systematic re-engineering of society” is a fatally flawed concept.

      For them, socialism represents a way to obtain what they can’t have in their normal lives, because many in the movement are unwilling or work for it. They think socialism will bestow on them either money, power or influence simply for “being”. That they will finally have what they feel they rightly deserve without having to do anything to earn it. “Social justice” will raise them up by knocking down those that have worked hard all their lives to accomplish what they have. “Economic justice” will take from those that have worked and saved and “share it” with those that haven’t. “Equality” will translate into everyone having whatever the government thinks is a “fair share”. Of course even in socialism, the leaders serve a much, much bigger “share” of the pie.

      Nice touch ending with the Thatcher quote by the way. Sadly its meaning is lost on the “useful idiots” crowd. She is just another conservative person to vilify in their minds.

      • Claire says:

        To PaulE,

        A great post and I totally agree. I find it so interesting that the “Progressives” (i.e.: socialists) are never really truthful in their language – it is, like you said, always very VAGUE and up to each person to decide; however, based on mostly non-truths. The “Hope and Change” campaign hat the Obama administration launched, was so vague, that I had to wonder, why everyone got so excited about it (without knowing what that term actually meant). Very clever way to fool those who don’t research and realize the repercussion of such vague language.

        We are middle a middle class family who have worked very hard to get where we are, and we resent those who would want to “ride on our backs” by benefiting from our years of hard work. As a Christian I do believe we need to share a portion of what we’ve accumulated through hard work, with those who don’t have the opportunity to do so; however, that is not to say that I’m willing to “donate” to those who choose not to work because they’re lazy and don’t want to have to earn their own future rewards. However, there are people in our world, living in third world countries (and even here in America) who have done their best, worked hard and, yet, due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control deserve to benefit from those of us who have worked hard, sincerely appreciate the opportunities that God gave us and want to share with those that have encountered “hard times” through no fault of their own. I truly feel compassion for them and always reach out to help.

        When I’m in a grocery store for instance, and the elderly person in front of me feels she/he needs to start taking things they need to eat to survive (like a can of tuna or such), I just tell the cashier that, if they will not be offended, that I would like to pay for the items they can’t afford. I don’t consider myself as great or whatever in doing so, just as one American citizen trying to make ends meet like they are. I am also a senior (which is sometimes looked on by those younger) as a superfluous person who doesn’t matter; however, Im hear to say that I’m still contributing to my community in whatever way I can. I choose to live below my earnings in order to help others, and I can honestly say that I am a lot happier and content in doing so. I have my needs met and I don’t feel the need to impress others. I’m very happy when I help others, and I think it’s the best mental health exercise anyone can do. It’s kept me young feeling and very healthy! I find the more I give the more I get in mental and physical health. It’s a win-win situation.
        Grateful for all of your remarks!


  12. PaulE says:

    You could simplify the discussion for AMAC members, if you simply discarded the term Progressives and called them what they really are. They are Socialists pure and simple. The term Progressive was created to mask what they really stood for long ago, when people either saw first-hand or read about the atrocities associated with Socialism. If you look at what Socialism at its roots stands for, it is for government run, government controlled everything. The government is the center of the universe in socialism and the citizens exist merely to serve the state, which determines virtually everything.
    Socialism has always resulted in economic and human misery wherever it has been tried. It never ends well.

    We now have a President and many members of his cabinet and Congress that openly claim to be Progressives. That means they are Socialists. But due to the fact that so few Americans understand what Progressive really means or stands for, you can have these political leaders openly boasting about being what very few Americans would ever admit they would vote for. Knowledge or the case of far too many Americans today, the lack thereof, is a very useful thing to those who would seek to change this nation into something very few Americans, if they understood the ramifications, would openly embrace.

    • Patriot38 says:

      Very well put PaulE. Aren’t euphemisms just wonderful? They are like wearing a mask in a play. You can do almost anything, and get away with it, when no one can see your real face. A little like bank robbers or the terrorists, with a sock over their heads. I hate trying to be politically correct and all, especially when trying to find the clean end of the t**d to pick it up! I purposefully avoid being politically correct, since it is nearly as hazardous to this Republic as democracy. I enjoyed reading all the comments, many others were also very well put. Thanks to all.

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