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AMAC to President Obama: Let’s Focus on the Needs of Americans Living on Fixed Incomes

‘They need a Cost-of-Living Adjustment’ WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 2 – “Fixed income seniors suffer while the Obama administration offers unemployment payments for up to six full months even though it is a clear cut disincentive for job seekers.  The administration, it seems, is unwilling to give the jobless the motivation they... Read More

Government Has Grown Too Fast and Too Big, says AMAC

Federal regulations outpace new laws originating in Congress at an astounding rate of 15 to one. WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 25 – “The Obama Administration has broken all records for establishing federal regulations.  Since the president took office his rule makers have unleashed more than ten a day.  In less than six years, a total of... Read More

Does the Iran Deal Commit Us to Defend the Mullahs Against Israel, AMAC asks

Whose side will we be on?  Do we stand by our most loyal ally in the Middle East? WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 18 – Prominent investigative reporter Ken Timmerman revealed this week that the controversial Iran nuclear pact “commits the United States to actively help Iran to defend its nuclear facilities against cyberattacks from Israel or... Read More

Anarchy is the First Stage of a War on Democracy, says AMAC

‘Dozens of cops have been murdered so far this year’ WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 11 – Police across the nation are being targeted at random.  They are being shot at and, so far this year, more than two dozen cops have been murdered.  Meanwhile, anonymous phone calls have been logged by 911 exchanges in at least two cities, with... Read More

Harvesting Body Parts of Aborted Babies is ‘Ghoulish,’ says AMAC

It’s not a partisan issue; it is an ethical issue WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 4 – “The harvesting of body parts from aborted babies, for whatever reason, is not a partisan issue; it is a ghoulish, inhuman business, pure and simple,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. The practice of selling... Read More

New Test for High School Students Seeks to Rewrite History for Political Gain, says AMAC

‘Those who would pervert the past for political gain cannot be allowed to succeed.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 28 – Liberal elements in the education sector are putting a new spin on American history, according to Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.  He says it is an attempt to hijack the history of the U.S.... Read More

AMAC Announces Publication of Who’s Who in Social Security

“It’s perhaps the most comprehensive and current reference directory of its kind.” WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 21 – “It’s perhaps the most comprehensive and current reference directory on America’s Social Security System ever compiled,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, who... Read More

Workers Counting on Social Security Despite Funding Issues, says AMAC

‘The new Gallup poll shows more of them than ever before are counting on SS benefits for retirement’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 14 – Long-range funding doubts notwithstanding, recent polling shows that more workers than ever before are counting on Social Security as a “major source” of their retirement income, reports... Read More

Carly Trumps “The Donald” in Massive Online Vote

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 11 – In one of the biggest surveys ever undertaken, more than 20,000 online voters cast 35% of their ballots for Carly Fiorina as the winner of last week’s GOP debates.  Despite the media appeal of Donald Trump, only 14% of respondents picked him as the winner. “The massive response shows the passion of voters... Read More

Fiorina ‘Clear Winner’ of GOP Debates With 35% of the Vote in a Massive Day After Online Survey

More than 19,600 ballots have been cast online so far, says AMAC WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 8 – A massive new nationwide poll picked Carly Fiorina as the clear-cut winner of Thursday’s GOP debates.  Thirty-five percent or 6,933 of the respondents chose Ms. Fiorina as their candidate of choice; Donald Trump, who has dominated the headlines... Read More

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