Total Backfire – AOC, Amazon and the Socialist Disaster

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Boy-oh-boy!  If you wanted to see socialism backfire before your eyes – proof that anti-capitalist sentiment leads no place good – I think we just saw it.  In one of the oddest chapters in recent American politics, an avowed socialist and Democrat congresswoman, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, just spiked 25,000 to 50,000 jobs and tens of billions of dollars of revenue for New York City.   She single-handedly vaporized one of the most sought-after economic opportunities in a decade – with strident, ill-informed, and ill-timed words. 

That’s right, first Amazon canvased the country, creating an open and competitive process (that is how capitalism works) among dozens of hopeful US cities – for the second of two big headquarters.  The promises made by this high-octane engine of American innovation, revenue and prosperity were large – but the Amazon track record for fulfilling such promises is also large. 

So highly competed was this opportunity for upward mobility that 238 cities entered the competition.  When the  field was thinned to 20, those standing included Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Montgomery County MD, Nashville, Newark, New York City, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia Raleigh, Washington DC, and even Toronto.

With a long-awaited drumroll, New York City then won.  The stakes were high and The Big Apple was understandably ecstatic.  Then, like some nightmare, the November 2018 elections occurred – and Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who styles herself a force of nature, shot off her mouth.  She and a handful of leftist Democrats lambasted the company, Amazon. 

As if she did not understand basic economics, or power of government incentives and infrastructure to leverage growth for jobs to pay for food, homes, children and wealth creation, she attacked the company – for lining up three billion dollars in tax incentives.  These incentives would have bought teachers, infrastructure, construction and jobs that she claimed to want – but she let her leftist vitriol fly:  Socialism over capitalism, personal ambition over people’s lives, jobs and growth.

In one fell swoop, she killed the Amazon project, upending years of preparation and destroying the hopes of hundreds of thousands of workers and businesses in fellow-Democrat Carolyn Maloney’s (D-NY) district.  This self-impressed 29-year-old socialist triggered a straight-forward response:  If you don’t want our efforts, innovation, growth, jobs and revenue, we are out of here.  Amazon is gone.

And there we have it.  Personal ambition and aggrandizement delivered a socialist outcome – an economic dead-end street.   Congresswoman Maloney was stunned, along with thousands of New Yorkers.  The dumbfounded New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, last Sunday, decried the outcome.  The proud-as-a-peacock Socialist, with no life experience, depth in history or economics, was apparently pleased to have triumphed over the American spirit of life, liberty, free markets and capitalist economics. 

The actual news account:  “Ocasio-Cortez was wrong to have claimed the collapse of the Amazon deal would free up $3 billion to fix the city’s subways and hire more teachers.”  As New York’s stunned and glum Mayor explained to the prophet: “The three billion dollars would go back in tax incentives, only after we were getting jobs and … revenue [from the company]… There’s not three billion in money … there’s no money” – until capitalists make it. 

And that is the socialist fallacy in a nutshell.  If you do not make any wealth, there is no wealth to tax and redistribute.  If you kill creators of wealth, you bankrupt the system – ala Venezuela and the former Soviet Union. 

In the former Soviet Union, citizens indoctrinated to be good socialists would sometimes discover a community member had purchased a cow.  What did they do?  For the sake of assuring socialist equality, they would kill the cow – rather than ask how they might all get cows. 

And so, well done “AOC.”  Truth is simple:  Socialism backfires, always does.  The New York Democrat just did us a favor, demonstrating how socialism kills jobs, destroys businesses, impoverishes lives, and under-cuts everything from privately-inspired infrastructure and education to basic human self-worth and prosperity.  These come from giving hard-working people jobs, just an honest day’s work and pay.  Socialists are – collectively and individually – a piece of work.  Socialism is about bringing people down, as they just did to tens of thousands of New Yorkers.  But we also got an invaluable lesson:  Socialism fails, and always will.  Thank you Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. 

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Sandi Hetzel
3 years ago

I wish you would send this article to CNN, NBC, CBS and all the others. Your description of what our country is facing, needs to get out to the people. Especially send it to FOX news, and to any other news media you can. Thank you for your article.

4 years ago

AOC’s first order of business should be to extract a refund from Boston University. She has a degree in economics and international relations cum laude. She does not understand the difference between a $3 billion tax credit and a $3 billion grant. She is a stereotypical millennial-confident and incompetent.

4 years ago

We are giving too much of our time to AOC. She is so naive, unsmart, her Ego keeps growing and she comes up with more non-sense.

Ann Marie Barnes
4 years ago

I wish my grandson and niece would read this article. But I don’t know that it would make a difference. They are so sold on socialism and hate President Trump so much that they won’t listen to anyone. I pray that it doesn’t get to the place that they will see the fallacy of their beliefs. I pray that we don’t ever go down that road.

4 years ago

Please she’s the most entertaining and exciting thing to come along for the Democrats in years, let’s all enjoy her for as long as possible.

4 years ago

Extremely well said!

4 years ago

This is a great well written article.. Thank you

4 years ago

Occasional cortex is an idiot and a moron. May she be totally discredited and kicked out!

Karen Eaves
4 years ago

She’s an idiot, plain and simple!!

4 years ago

The really sorry thing about all of this is (besides AOC) a lot of dumboKrats and their constituents actually believe what she believes and will consider the loss of all those jobs and that tax base as something positive for NYC.

Richard Ceresa
4 years ago

The really amazing (and totally disturbing) fact not mentioned in this story is that the freshman representative has an ECONOMICS degree from Boston College. Maybe that explains why she was working as a bartender before her election.
I don’t know much about Boston College but I’d certainly like to know where she placed in her graduating class.

Rich J.
4 years ago

Just another total socialist moron! Unfortunately, she reflects the very people who voted for her. Very sad.

David J
4 years ago

Who owns the property in NYC now that was in Amazon’s sites ? I’ll bet, in some sneaky way, the mayor,governor, and the insiders do.

Bob Caputo
4 years ago

The problem is deeper… the youth of America see her as a leader they want to follow. They are puppies whose eyes have yet to open. They see elected officials as leaders instead of representatives. Elected representatives take an oath to uphold the law of the land, not change it. The constitution is that law, including the 2nd amendment and the electoral college. We are either headed down the wrong path or we’re headed for a second cival war in my opinion

Kay Rinck
4 years ago

Maybe NYC will become like Venezuela and be a shining example for the rest of the country.

Thomas I Heroux
4 years ago

As my sainted Aunt form Alabama used to say, ‘She hasn’t got a lick of sense’. Unfortunately with the ego AOC has she isn’t likely to come up with any ‘sense’ she begins to harken to her own recollections.

Susan Smith
4 years ago

And we thought Joe Biden was the gift that just keeps on giving..AOC has surged ahead. Conservatives, don’t let this chick’s words of wisdom go to waste. Great election fodder.

4 years ago

The saying goes “ignorance is bliss”. AOC is blissfully ignorant. She really believes that she
is the face of the new democratic leadership and that all should blindly follow her. For the GOP
she will remain the gift that keeps on giving.

Tracy Vant
4 years ago

She’s turning out to be the Democrats worse nightmare.

Patricia Wilson
4 years ago

Well now this is a bit much. If she is such a nothing how could she nix the deal?

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