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Nike Boycott Kaepernick patriotism 11

Nike Boycott Over Kaepernick Ads Demonstrates Yearning for Patriotism

idiocracy protest left liberal 57

OPINION: On the Road to Idiocracy

medicaid abortion Planned Parenthood death abuse 35

You May Not Support Planned Parenthood…But Your Favorite Companies Do.

Israel US Jerusalem 3

US Withdraws from UN’s UNESCO Organization, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

senate confirm Trump Manafort 39

AMAC Agrees – The Senate Needs to Confirm President Trump’s Nominees

imprisoned American pastor christian religion freedom religious migration west globalists 9

Turkey Has Imprisoned an American Pastor for a Year. It’s Time We Take a Stand.

California gender pronouns future 9

California Can Now Jail People for Misusing Gender Pronouns

Israel US Jerusalem 12

This Week in History: US Aids Israel in Yom Kippur War with Operation Nickel Grass

tax reform GOP 27

Tax Reform Just Got Real. Why the GOP Tax Plan Is Great News for America.

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Do You Know About the Benefits of Guided Travel?