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Rep. Steve Scalise | Commitment to America | EP 181

Newly-elected House Majority Leader Steve Scalise joined the Better For America podcast with host and AMAC CEO, Rebecca Weber to share the GOP’s commitment to America. Scalise discusses the top priorities for the incoming Republican House majority to halt the chaos from the Biden Administration and how to get America back on track. Hearing Scalise call out the energy hypocrisy of Joe Biden, whose actions show he is only opposed to AMERICAN oil and gas production, is music to the ears of all Americans looking for rational leadership for America heading into 2023. Scalise knows Americans are hungry for accountability and promised the new House Majority will hold hearings on the border disaster, the failure in Afghanistan, COVID origins and many more, just to name a few. Don’t miss out on this heavy hitting episode!

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Allan E Brem
5 months ago

As long as the bi-partisan qui pro quo deal making goes on the left will continue to rule the roost.

David D.
5 months ago

Perhaps when we have voter ID and in-person voting. Until then, Democrats control Dominion.

Timoteo Garner
5 months ago

Instead holding hearings upon hearings, wasting time and money to point fingers of blame at Democrats, why don’t the Republicans actually pass common sense legislation as we elect them to do. Blaming for Washington is merely the cryptocurrency of the ruling class – it looks like a tangible asset; it seems the more you’re have of it and able to use it, the further you get ahead… In reality it is a charade which covers the ruling class’s inability to enact meaningful legislation; a charade that gives the appearance of value while they collect great medical, travel and retirement benefits.

I might actually support the Republican Party, whose stated values most align with my own, again, – if they would rise above the fray of inconsequential accusations, mean-spirited diatribe and educate the electorate with policies that limit government and encourage civility in public discourse, job training, job creation, and personal responsibility. Using JFK’s quote – “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Philip Hammersley
5 months ago
Reply to  Timoteo Garner

I’m sure the GOP will present bills that meet America’s goals. The problem will be the DIMM senate and Slow Joke who will push strongly back against ANY improvements. We should NOT neglect investigations of the corruption rampant in the government : DOJ, FBI, immigration, Dr. Falsie, and Slow Joke himself!

Dan W.
5 months ago

The House will pass bills for the Senate to take up and the Senate will pass bills for the House to take up but will either chamber care to work with the other to pass legislation for the President’s desk or will the next two years simply be a matter of raising issues for the 2024 campaign ?

5 months ago
Reply to  Timoteo Garner

Good thing we have the GOP to help the democrats pass their agenda while pretending to oppose it.
Squabbling over transgender statues and Confederate bathrooms keeps the public distracted, but red/blue politics is as fake as tv wrestling.
When you vote for one “party”, you’re really voting for both.
Voting is like the adult version of writing letters to Santa Claus.

Dan W.
5 months ago

Perhaps the next Speaker of the House……

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