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Profile of Courage in the Texas State House: Steve Toth Stands Against Leftist Tide

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steve toth

Americans do a lot of grousing about their elected representatives, and usually for good reason. However, let’s take a moment to recognize the pluck and foresight of one elected official who is effectively fighting back against the “woke” trends doing such harm to our country. His efforts could become the go-to model for others across the nation.

Steve Toth, a member of the Texas State House of Representatives from Montgomery County near Houston, has put forward a pioneering piece of legislation that could soon be resonating nationally. Toth has introduced a bill that would bar both Critical Race Theory (dividing children based on skin color) and the practice of “action civics” (forcing children into political protests and lobbying as part of their required coursework).

Several state legislatures are now considering K-12 bans on Critical Race Theory. Still, none so far have combined that with a bar on the increasingly widespread practice of rewarding students with course credit if they become left-wing political activists. In general, most parents feel public schools ought to keep politics out of the classroom, no matter the political point of view. However, as you might guess, the political protests organized by advocates of the new “action civics” are invariably on the Democrat side of the political spectrum.

This issue has become all the more important because President Biden has just issued a rule that would give priority to federal education grants that push Critical Race Theory and action civics on the schools. Biden’s rule also favors federal support for the 1619 Project curriculum, which falsely claims that America was founded on slavery and that our Revolution was fought to protect it.

Furthermore, a federal bill misleadingly titled the “Civics Secures Democracy Act” would appropriate billions of dollars for grants in history and civics, all to be governed by the Biden administration’s newly announced preference for Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and action civics. America’s schools could soon be facing a new, federally-supported “Common Core,” only this time the curriculum being forced on states from DC would be about racial divisiveness and mandatory leftist political activism, not just fuzzy math problems.

With the Biden administration headed down this disastrous path, one legislator in Texas decided to stand up and fight back. Steve Toth’s Texas House Bill 3979 could soon become the clearest model for states hoping to hold off federal pressure to indoctrinate America’s children with ideas such as “systemic racism” along with the federal push to turn students into radical political activists. His legislation would banish both practices from Texas public schools.

Toth’s pioneering bill has been picking up momentum and may soon become law in Texas. For that very reason, leftist teachers and journalists in Texas have begun grousing, attacking, and doing anything they can to sink the bill. To hold them off, Toth will have to stand strong and protect his legislation from attempts to weaken or dilute it. He will have to say, “Damn those torpedoes and full speed ahead.”

If he does, he will surely find legions of grateful parents and grandparents both in Texas and across the country who are concerned about the left-wing cultural revolution in their children’s schools.

Toth’s legislation could also rapidly come to be seen as the state-of-the-art model for legislators across the country who, in this challenging moment, are trying to summon the courage to push back against the woke tide.  

If Toth stands strong against the pressure and HB 3979 becomes law, these efforts could help inspire a truly national response that would put the rising tyranny of the “woke” in its place.


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Ron Howard
2 years ago

It looks like all Texas citizens need to contact our state Representatives and Senators to support HB 3979 immediately. Call and email them now, and often, until this bill passes into law. I am.

2 years ago

good for him and I hope more follow in his leadership. They’re trying to change history and propagandize our children.

Vernon T.
2 years ago

I am sending my support to Texas Assembly member Steve Toth now, thanking him for submitting Assy. Bill A 3979 to block the Marxist “Critical Race Theory” and the anti-American “1619 Project.”
Thank you, Amac for bringing this to my attention.

Ellen Hayes
2 years ago

Biden’s 1619 project is the most dangerous thing he has done so far. Texas pass Toth’s bill! Oklahoma has already passed a bill banning the “critical race theory”. This theory is divisive and will destroy this country. We need to destroy the teacher’s union that promotes these horrible “theories.” We need these theories out of the colleges as well as K-12. Years ago a professor I had in my senior year of college state there was a new union forming for teachers and it would be the ruination of the country. It was the NEA. How profectic.

2 years ago

I just forwarded this article to my state-house representative, to encourage her to introduce this type of legislation for our state.
Please consider doing the same thing in your state.

Ron Howard
2 years ago
Reply to  Laynee8

Good ides, sending the article to your Reps.

2 years ago

I hold Steve Toth in great esteem. It is time that we take our schools back from those ignorant
louts that call themselves educated. We need to clean out the School Boards and Governors who are pushing these obscene and imbecilic programs like “Critical Race Theory” and “action civics”. Parents should talk to their children and teach them the truth and tell them to not believe the garbage being taught by these dolts. The members of every School Board that advocate the programs need to be fired along with teachers who willingly teach this trash and any Governor demanding these courses be taught should be sued and then kicked out of office. These people are nothing but trash and should be banned from having anything to do with the educational system in America.

Sharon Mecklenburg
2 years ago

Steve Toth will need to be covered with prayer. The left fight back with vengeance. 
They do not give up. Even to the point of threating the families. Prayer is need for Steve.

Pam Knox
2 years ago

Having the courage to speak up and speak out against “wokeness” is not an option. Not just our elected officials but American citizens must be heard loud and strong. THE Progressives will try to shut us down through bullying, threats and intimidation but we must be resilient and push through those tactics. Otherwise our children and grandchildren will become like them based upon information that is full of lies, deceit and manipulation destined to destroy our Republic. We cannot permit them to teach revisionist history and blatant racism.

2 years ago

Full force ahead thank you

Caroline Woodis
2 years ago

Let’s put out info on how to encourage Steve Toth to build his courage and to aid in making this a success. We need to help make this happen so other states will be encouraged as well.

Debra Woodrum
2 years ago

Steve Toth is truly representing Christian American Values. He is standing against the brutal bullying of Marxism and I hope and pray his fellow legislators quickly join him in realizing this is what the people want. Then hopefully this will embolden other State Representatives to borrow from this model for their people. The people of America are desperate to turn our Country back to GOD and to a Republic…to the “PEOPLE” not the “GOCERNMENT”.

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