One caucus and primary are now history. In thinking about Super Tuesday and then the November election, presidential debates, swing states, and Independent voters, who do you believe would be the single, most formidable opponent to President Trump?

Thursday, February 13, 2020 Feb 13, 2020 500
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This is the worst list of democrat candidates I have ever seen. Klobuchar is the only one to raise her hand when asked if anyone had an objection to a socialist president. Some might not survive the term. Most are way too left (Socialist) for America. I’d say it’s laughable, but then look at how many voters and candidates think nothing of taking gobs of money from everyone to give to those who won’t work for it or who don’t pay their own bills. Talk about greed! And divisiveness! And hate! Those terms describe the democrats!

This is a shameful trend in this country, and we have to solidly squash it at the polls in November. Ya with me??!

Brian B

The “formidable” opponents of Donald Trump are merely dumbed-down students of Karl Marx. Marx’s other students have been Stalin, Mao, Maduro, Castro, Lenin and a long list of other power hungry tyrants. Together they have murdered, tortured and enslaved many millions of the world’s populations. The socialist countries of Sweden, Canada and the UK are finally recognizing the failures of socialized medicine when they have to wait six months for basic medical treatments. In America we have raised a generation of self-indulgent children who think that nothing matters but themselves and their immediate pleasures. Too many of them feel entitled to the “free stuff” that socialism promises. But like Margaret Thatcher intelligently warned: “…you eventually run out of other people’s money.”


I voted for President Trump in 2016 and he will get my vote again. As for the Democrat Party well, there is no one who matches up to our President. They should be ashamed.

S. Valwa

Honestly, the Democratic party as a whole has shown nothing but contempt for America, even when things are going great! I have not seen ONE Democratic candidate that has any sort of viable platform FOR the American people. It appears all they care about is lining their pockets with OUR money.


Anarchists, socialists, and globalists have hijacked The Democrat Party. Thanks to the hoax impeachment I will never vote for any Democrat again.

Dan Wilson

Trump will be very hard to beat in 2020, but Democrats are desperate. Bloomberg has the deep pockets to saturate the airwaves and the media will create a narrative to promote him despite his only real qualification being his money.

Mary E

In all honesty, it’s the illegals with drivers licenses that pose the biggest threat in my opinion. There is a reason shy the democrats disgustingly allowed the 2 million to flood our Country.


Need one more selection None of the Above. Mini Mike can out spend everyone but I don’t think he can buy his way in like he did to get in the Democrat club after being the Republican Mayor of New York City. The most important thing to remember this election cycle is to make sure we win back the House and keep the Senate so pay attention at the local level Vote Early and Often to Keep America Great.

The Freezing Senior

Because Trump is gonna win no matter who his useful idiot opponent will be.
Now on to a triumphant victory !

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 Deus Vult !

Disruptive Element

None, they are all Communists in Democrat clothing -wake up.

Cathryn Center

I’m of a notion that the more evil & wrong a candidate is running on the democrat ticket, the more millenials, illegals, welfare/food stamp recipients will vote & if Mr Sanders has his way, ALL felons will vote as well! The term DEMOCRAT/SOCIALIST is absolutely so wrong. Bernie Sanders is a full blown Communist!!! There is no one in the democrat party worthy to be Commander & Chief in this beautiful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That being said I think Mr. Sanders will be the one nominated to run against President Trump! I take nothing for granted here. So I pray & trust the Lord. My vote goes for Our President Donald Trump


I haven’t watched any of the Democrats’ debates because it’s a waste of my time. There isn’t any Democrat who could effectively challenge DJT, now, because the Democrats in Congress have successfully tainted them all by their behavior at the State of the Union and during their impeachment debacle.
There may be another McGovern type candidacy coming.
Great for the MAGAman.

Marie M

If this is the best they’ve got, they have a HUGE problem!


We support our POTUS but do wish he’d tone down some of the tweets. I agree with Barr that he sometimes makes his job more difficult.

R Smith

President Trumps most formidable opponent is himself. Just saying, no one would even stand a chance if he would tone down the tweets

Charles Sielski

Klobuchar would be the most dangerous opponent as she appears reasonable, moderate, and a woman. Fortunately the Democrats ate probably too dumb and left wing to nominate her.


You did not include an option for ‘None of the above.’


The left has become the party of evil. From abortion to illegals and criminals ,They only care about power. I pray every day that President Donald Trump wins another four years! Our country needs him and we need to win Back the house to stop this crazy nonsense!


You did not include an option for ‘None of the above’.

Dan W.

I’m not sure that any of these candidates is particularly formidable (although Bloomberg has a formidable amount of money).

That said, my guess is the person that the President would least like to run against is Amy Klobuchar.