What is your top New Year’s resolution for 2022?

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3 days ago

To help re-establish a Constitutional Republic by eliminating the 17th amendment took our country from a republican form of government to a democratic form of government. In a republic form of government, the minority, as well as the majority, of the people have an equal voice in their government. In a democratic form of government, only the majority is heard. We want all the people in the country to be heard. Please do you homework on this issue.

Victoria Johnson
7 days ago

To survive and make it to 2023.

16 days ago

BEST New Years Resolutions:Bless the LORD at all timesBoast in the LORDMagnify the LORDTaste and see that the LORD is goodFear the LORDPSALMS 35

3 days ago
Reply to  Cindy


Doug Olson
16 days ago

Good afternoon, everyone:

I have been infinitely blessed to be brought to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my heartfelt desire to mature more in my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to be of 100+% service to Him in 2022!!

18 days ago

Survive another year under the corrupt, inept, totally despicable group of moronic group of politicians ever assembled in one place- Washington DC. All of them. Pretty scary to realize the fate of this country and democracy rests squarely on the shoulders of two moderate Democrats. How long can their morals, ethics and responsibility to their constituents hold out against the screeching harpies that populate the rest of their party? If your a praying person, pray God continues to give them resolve and strength.

18 days ago
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18 days ago

Do not do new year resolutions

P Gilmore
20 days ago

Call out fakes news and exposes corrupt politicians. Advocates for our forgotten Veterans health cares, affordable homes and jobs hiring. America first should be the number one priority of the elected official that we elected to office and held them accountable for the oaths they swore to with our U.S Constitutions.

19 days ago
Reply to  P Gilmore

I totally agree. Seems this administration would rather put illegal immigrants first regardless of the consequences. Our military men and women have given and continue to give their best of themselves to us and we must show our appreciation by taking care of them.

18 days ago
Reply to  P Gilmore

I totally agree!!!

martha doerfel
18 days ago
Reply to  P Gilmore

Seek out and boycott sponsors of products advertised on fake news social media sites and local news stations. Purchase American made products whenever possible. Support our troops and local law enforcement. Research the background of every candidate on my 2022 election ballot before voting.. Push back on RINO politicians currently on office by grassroots email, phone calls, and letters. In short…do everything I can every day to show support for our republic.

20 days ago

More involvement in Government and schools, To save America.

20 days ago

Where is the option to SAVE AMERICA? Get more involved in local conservative politics? Volunteer at polls? Become a Precinct Committee person? Push for VOTER ID and IN-PERSON PAPER BALLOTS? Voting the Socialists out of office?

Sandy Ripley
14 days ago
Reply to  Lyn

Yes,yes, yes! Where are you located? Hopefully near me.

David Shank
21 days ago

I retired Jan 3. Two years ago we purchased a 43 acre hobby farm. My 2022 resolution is to move to the farm and begin “living rural” as the next great adventure of our lives.

Jeannie Huppert
21 days ago

My “other” “resolution” for 2022: get as close to God AS IS POSSIBLE! :)

21 days ago

Resolved: to take no more rubbish from the Left – Democrats, Socialist, Marxist or RINOs. To use such comment pages to tell them exactly what I feel, on any subject under the sun. ps: beware the Democrat Party Senator from WVa – he is negotiating!

22 days ago

Trust in the Lord with all ur heart and lean not on ur own understand
Proverbs 3:5
It ain’t easy but HE will lead u in ways u never thought ????

21 days ago
Reply to  Harry

Right on

22 days ago

Forgive myself for past mistakes.

Neal Lockett
22 days ago

I resolve to try to survive this coming year and hope the Communist threat in our Country is defeated by 2023.

18 days ago
Reply to  Neal Lockett

Neal: the communist threat is too deeply intrenched to be defeated in one year. It’s taken nearly 100 years of communist arsenic type poison in small doses to get us to where we are today. It will take another revolution and perhaps a bloody revolutionary war to get us back on track.

22 days ago

Enjoy life with family and friends. Help others when possible also tune out negatives. Be wise with your time and energy, can’t get it back with all your money

Robert Latta
22 days ago

I resolve not to squabble with others fighting the genocide and tyranny of #TheCabal, the #NWO, and the #Illuminati over minor issues, and to try to build a coalition against these Demonic monsters! 

Paula Craig
22 days ago

Take life one day at a time and pray more

22 days ago

Pray more consistently and pray for increased ability to live His commandments and improve on who He knows I can be, and who I know I can be.

22 days ago

Work to defeat RINO’s in the primaries and trounce the demonrats next November!

Our lives depend on doing this.

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