What is your opinion of the US-China Tariffs?

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3 years ago

The tariffs are needed to pressure China into dropping THEIR tariffs. Our tariffs wll hurt China more than us.

Ed Coss
3 years ago

Whats being done now by President trump, as many other issues, needed to be done along time ago. Close our boarders to illegal immigration! Why should non-citizens get to ignore the law. That’s called Anarchy! The rule of law means you have to obey them for there to be any. Wake up America and VOTE WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

3 years ago

This sounds like a CNN poll question. I expect better poll questions from AMAC. The tariff’s by their very nature will hurt the economy, by taking away money from consumers by way of higher prices. Trump, by his words and actions has spurned the economy to strong growth in spite of the tariffs. The tariffs are about a more prosperous future with fairer trade among nations, which in turn will grow our economy with more exports, new jobs and higher income for all Americans in the future, along with getting China to heel while we still can. China is a disgrace on the world stage, stealing western technology, flooding the world with poor quality products and counterfeits. Should never have been allowed to enter the WTO with its current policies of

John Lapke
3 years ago

Tarriffs are a negotiation measure to obatain more equity in overall trade.

3 years ago

Free trade only works when it is truly free. With China, it has never been truly free. They have always had tariffs and hidden fees to do business. The US has taken this abuse from China as well as many “friends” and it is long since time to stand up for ourselves. This is a good policy.

Louis Belangeri
3 years ago

If they want low tariffs from the USA then they need to do the same with USA products going in to their markets. They need to understand the new USA world view. We do unto others as they have done to us. A Simple Concept, to everyone except the left.

3 years ago

A short period of time and a little money is what we will lose. The remaining years and more money is what we will win. Stay tough!

3 years ago

If people would consciously refuse to purchase items made in China, like we do, we could accomplish much more and quickly. I am disappointed, however, that goods for sale on the internet rarely indicate the country of manufacture, or simply state “Imported.” There should be some rewrite of trade laws requiring the country of manufacture be disclosed.

J. E. Obrien
3 years ago

I thoroughly agree with PaulE below. These tariffs are temporary and the President is making good on his promise to make America strong and financially stable. These other nations, especially China have taken advantage of us for too long. The previous Presidents have allowed this to happen and the accumulative affect has been terrible for our economy. Stand with President Trump and MAGA!!!

James Olin
3 years ago

You’ve gotta break eggs to make an omelette!

3 years ago

The total percentages of the three choices is over 107% and the total of all votes cast exceeds the number you show at the bottom.

Mary Kazy
3 years ago

This question is far too vague

Doug Bristol
3 years ago

The tariffs are showing China that we will no longer be used by them, whether in unfair trade practices, or the theft of our intellectual property. They will be beneficial in the long run.

James Monaco
3 years ago

It is too early to tell. I suspect tariffs will economically hurt the People’s Republic of China (not the Republic of China – aka Taiwan) more than the USA.

Conservative Christian
3 years ago

Short term, it may hurt the economy, but long term it will improve it. (Well stated PaulE!) It is about time we have a leader who is working for true “free trade” and who isn’t a “patsy” bowing to other countries.
(Not voting on this poll because it doesn’t separate the short term from the long term.)

3 years ago

The Chicoms don’t want anyone to have a level playing field as far as trade goes!

3 years ago

Short term issues will happen but overall, things should balance out

Pete M
3 years ago

It is unfortunate that we found it necessary to retaliate against China through tariffs. But it was necessary. Unfortunately, this only hurts the American consumer. I agree with Trump that the goal is to eliminate all tariffs by all countries.

Don in Arizona
3 years ago

The questions is worded wrong by using the term “have”. I am not sure what the short term result from the tariff is (accept that we all know the economy is exploding), but I am confident the long term result of forcing other countries (including American crony capitalists) to play fair and not take advantage of America will be huge for our economy.

Antonio Salazar
3 years ago

This poll doesn’t include my view. The tariffs WILL HELP the economy. They are a negotiating tool to force the end to unfair trade practices with China that have been going on for decades and which too many have come to accept as normal, to the point that these people have become accustomed to the Stock Market values taking this unfairness into account and it’s ok; this results in short term (day traders) investors being more important than long term 401k holders. I, for one, welcome a President who wants to level the playing field even though day trading advocates, including too many FOX Business hosts, act like only short term investors matter. The near term temporary effect is lower market futures. The long term effect is unknown but predictable, i.e., the Market and Economy will sky rocket. People who want to use the Market to further their political aspirations have dominated this Country far too long. A businessman is in charge and he is learning that the resistance to change, even if it hurts the USA, is like a festering wound on both sides of the “Aisle” that must be eradicated!

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