What is the likelihood that President Trump will be able to prove his case that election fraud occurred in the swing states?

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Rod F Bronstein
1 year ago

Trump will only be able to make his case if the judicial system works fairly and state legislation s allow unfettered access. A big if

Mark Broadway
1 year ago

I do not trust Biden’s DOJ to follow any written laws. Stand by for the same in in 22 & 24 since they
got away with it in 2020.

1 year ago

President Trump would be able to prove Election fraud, If The United States Supreme Court Justice would hear the case !

Cindi McFarland
1 year ago

You can’t hide corruption forever! We need to repent , as individuals and as a nation for the sins being committed! God can always hear our sincere prayers, but sin separates us from Him. Wake up, America. Wake up!

1 year ago

the democrat corruption is out in the open for all to see, but they are mostly in charge of any investigations that will take place, therefore they will investigate lies about republican corruption and Trump, and will not investigate any and all of the blatant democrat corruption!

Cliff Furtick
1 year ago

I believe Trump team has proof of election fraud. I just don’t feel like those in charge will do anything about it. We do need to do away with mail-in ballots. Or at least try to make them more difficult to duplicate or use illegally.

1 year ago

I think it will be difficult, even though it did happen, because the depth of those who are involved in the voter fraud is beyond what anyone can imagine. They have been working on this since the day President Trump took office, so they have planned extensively. Someone on the inside needs to grow a conscious and rat them out.

Kenny Mack
1 year ago
Reply to  Janis

???? Yup – when will some of those Tracks, come uncovered ? ????????

Terry Ballard
1 year ago

It is unlikely because the judges are scared of retaliation from the far left communist party. They fear for their safety and that of their famil and their job. They will not step up and defend the Constitution. It’s really sad ????

1 year ago
Reply to  Terry Ballard

That is a great view and I would have to agree, however, we need the Republicans and libertarians to grow some backbone too! It all starts with the US! These are some very troubling times for Americans. We the people allow this to continue and therefore we will continue to see this go on! It is time for this nation to take back our government it is there to work for us not the other way around!

Connie Dillon Francis
1 year ago

I think President Trump has proven fraud in this election. The media and the democrats have covered up most of the evidence. If we don’t get some kind of election reform done before the next election, we wilI never have another honest election. With out a doubt President Trump won the election and the American people were cheated out of the government we wanted. I will continue to fight and support President Donald J Trump!

1 year ago

Very true, we need to do this. But how when they are in control and now want to even take more control of the process!

1 year ago

There apears to be zero interest in the evidence. They already know what happened and their mission is to keep it from the population. So I don’t know what will happen. The swamp is deep and vast.

Wanda Dorsey
1 year ago

I live in Macon,Ga.& am livid about the election standards here. A national election standards should be in place using Florida & Texas as example. We need check & balance from each party in every step of each district. Also, it’s disturbing that a vacant house on 3880 Harley Bridge Road(Macon,Ga.) had moving vehicles bring “things”, & left a car in the driveway but no one stayed there. No lights ever on, & never saw anyone there until after voting of senator runoff, where moving vehicles appeared again but blue tarp material was place over the screened carport since a couple of mos. before voting & still there. Now there is also another vehicle(covered) paralleled parked close to the back of the house. No one staying there as we pass by day & night. Just odd with timing of election.

1 year ago

Problem is that no one will listen! Scotus is inert from fear and intimidation of the far left extremist groups.

1 year ago

I voted Not likely because everything has been stacked against him since he decided to run for office.

1 year ago

I would love him to be able to it but so much has already be proven & nothing has been done about it. Only with God’s help will we keep the America I love!

1 year ago

It’s not that the proof is not there. It’s just that Big Tech, the msm, and the State Courts are conspiring to hide the truth or jut denying valid legal challenges. SCOTUS has also abandoned it responsibilities and duties and refused to hear any arguments. All for political expediency.

Linda k Sanders
1 year ago

You can only prove your case if your allowed, the censorship giants are not allowing this, ALL cases were thrown out due to standing, that has nothing to do with evidence and any sane person would vote for fraud with that evidence. It is unfortunate that people want to so wantonly through away freedoms, blows my mind at the level of ignorance.

Norman Maas
1 year ago

I voted for Trump and am sorry he lost. But his asinine behavior after he lost the election is an embarrassment to me, to our entire country and it’s shown the world the worst that can be shown of a democracy. I see Trump as a narcisist who is unable to accept defeat. Never have I seen a more disgraceful show of an overgrown spoiled brat.

1 year ago

The progressive Demon-rats are skilled at stealing elections. They have successfully infiltrated positions in government, the judiciary and education.

By dumbing down the population and having judges make law instead of enforcing it will allow them to be successful in this steal.

That said, 74M legitimate votes will not accept an illegitimate president! We’ll afford the same courtesies extended to President Trump: NONE!

1 year ago

We as a nation must stand by the laws of our Constitution. Our President has the right to use anything the Constitution offers to prove or disprove the results of this election. Evidence must be gathered, to brush this off is incorrigible. I hope President Trump and his cabinet use everything the Constitution of the United states offers them to bring this to the truth.

patrick mark cartier
1 year ago

I think that in many cases Trump has already shown that the election was a fraud. The problem is getting any court to hear the arguments, Hear testimony, read the affidavits. I think it was done in more than one way in case of the attempts fails. Things have not been very good for a long time, but it began to exccelerated when Clinton took office with their perverted lifestyle and past and present crimes.I have spent over thirty years in law enforcement and found that no matter how clear the evidence, these people never get charged with crimes, although they are obvious. I picked I don’t know because Trump has everyone against him. At this point all I can see as a possibility are the faithless electors. All these politicians owe their constituents, and there is a lot of back door money in Washington. It is pathetic and almost an imprenetrable force.

W Hoy
1 year ago

There is no doubt in my mind that it can be proven beyond a doubt. Will anything be done about it? Unfortunately I will be shocked if even one state is corrected to the true vote. There is to much corruption in both the Democratic and Republican parties that would come to light if that snowball starts rolling down the hill. Term Limits would be a huge step but I won’t see it in my lifetime for sure. Probably never happen.

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