What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and others? Check all that apply.

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4 months ago

Wish I better understood it!

5 months ago

When our money was, literally, back by gold (we called it the gold standard) our money kept its value as their was real worth behind our paper money. We didn’t have inflation and the cost of goods and services stayed stable. Now there is nothing of value backing our current currency (this is called fiat money) the only thing that gives this currency any value is our faith in it. The is why our money loses value (inflation) when the government injects more worthless fiat money into our economy. If losing the gold standard has reached havoc with our current currency how is Bitcoin going to help? What, of real value, is baking this stuff?

Danny Ratliff
5 months ago

When the grid goes down, they will be useless!

5 months ago

I think crypto currency is nothing more than BS, its an attempt at doing away with cash and making a cashless society, just like the fake national coin shortage…..wtf happened there, all the coins die or covid too? just like all the unvaxed are supposed to do

Stephanie Marsh
6 months ago

Never trust money that you cannot see and touch.

Barry Rabinowitch
6 months ago

Keep the $$$$$$

Mark Petersen
6 months ago

The only REAL money is something that has intrinsic value such as silver and gold!!

Mike St. Clair
6 months ago

Digital is equivalent to virtual. Even though virtual is considered reality, something isn’t real until one can touch it, feel it and feel it. Digital is not a hope, but a desire to be real. Currency is a hopeful concept, not a pretend one.
Also, I see a much greater threat to counterfeiting a virtual entity than a currency that can be held and examined.

Victoria Johnson
6 months ago

Pyramid scheme. The only ones who will profit from crypto in the end will be the ones holding the original ‘currency’ it was purchased with. They’re peddling “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Mark L
6 months ago

The government will dictate the value of bitcon! Yes bitcon!

6 months ago

electronic “money” is not tangible… A red flag.

Frances Brochtrup
6 months ago

The government will find a way to control cryptocurrency just like everything else. Only God can fix the horrors America faces as our GODLESS leaders continue to destroy our economy and stir up trouble with our enemies. Jesus is coming soon. He will repay.

6 months ago

Agreed. They will find a way. The same way Tesla car owners will have to pay at the charging stations in the near future. Government loves others peoples money.

David R
6 months ago

I think it is interesting that every time you read an article about crypto, they show you gold looking coins that look really impressive. Unfortunately, you don’t get a big pile of gold coins. Those photos are manipulating you into thinking that when you put money in you have something tangible. In reality you have nothing but hope that if enough people keep purchasing these nonexistent gold coins your invisible nonexistent gold coins will be of worth. BUT if people stop buying these nonexistent gold coins, you will lose the real tangible currency that you “invested”! To me it sounds as if someone is telling us that they have a great piece of land in the Florida Swamps that they want to sell us. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t trust what the politicians are doing to the dollar, but I can hold dollars in my hand, and I can buy real gold coins with those dollars too.

Susan P
6 months ago
Reply to  David R

Cryptocurrency, to me, is make believe. It has the appeal of a mud pie; fun to make but totally useless. I only trust what I can see and hold in my hand.

6 months ago
Reply to  Susan P

You obviously don’t understand Crypto, and are missing the boat!

wade mackey
6 months ago

Just not sure if we have a variation on the theme of a Ponzi scheme.

6 months ago

I haven’t investigated them much but have talked to people that have invested in them. There are too many of them out there to know what is going on with them and no standard or commonality. Not a standard across the world.

6 months ago

I like anything that can stop our greedy politicians from taking so much money from tax payers.
I do not trust our spend thrift government.

6 months ago
Reply to  BAE

It isn’t that difficult to gamble at a casino. Investing in futures on the stock market or crypto is about the same. But crypto can be invested in 24/7. NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN ACTUALLY INVEST AND FORGET ABOUT IT EVEN IF YOU GO DEEP RED.Common sense. Go fund yourself.

Carrol Lang
6 months ago

For all the hype about cryptos, I have yet to hear “what is it backed by”???? As the dollar backed by precious metals. Is it depending on backing by technology??? Sorry but undependable and/or too political. If you bury currency in a can … years later, it will still be currency. Treasure hunters still looking for treasures. I don’t see our currency going anywhere unless the rapture comes, we won’t need it anyway. Who said, there’s a sucker born every minute?

Stanley Beckham
6 months ago
Reply to  Carrol Lang

Once that was true, but today: “The U.S. dollar is a “fiat” currency, and it is therefore not backed by any tangible commodity, but rather the “full faith and credit of the United States,” as is printed on every Federal Reserve note. According to the Federal Reserve, paper currency has not been redeemable for gold or silver since January 30, 1934″

“Full faith and credit of the United States” with our current regime?

Susan P
6 months ago
Reply to  Carrol Lang

US currency has not been backed by precious metals for a long time. I remember when they removed the “silver certificate” notation from the one dollar bill. I was a teenager, but I had an uncle who was saving as many silver certificate bills as he could get his hands on. They stopped issuing silver certificates in 1964. In more recent decades, I keep running across the rumor that there is no gold in Fort Knox any more and we have nothing backing USA currency, but faith in the government.

Jeff R.
5 months ago
Reply to  Carrol Lang

It is backed by mathematical algorithms and just because you do t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not real. I have no idea about the inner workings of my iPhone, yet I know how to use it. Fiat currencies are being printed like crazy right now which decreases their value daily. Bitcoin, has a finite number that can be mined and that’s it. That is what gives it the value, a finite number of Bitcoin.

Eddie Reed
6 months ago

I’m amazed at the level of fear in people. We are so worried about being watched; or having our privacy invaded; worried about the establishment knowing where we are at any point of our day; etc… The truth is all of this is already in place. If authorities want to know something about you it is easily found out. You have very little privacy, you can hardly go anywhere without a camera seeing something you are doing, and if you own a smart phone or a late model car you are being tracked every minute of every day. The question you should ask yourself is: Who are you that you would be concerned about authorities specific interest in you? For most of us the answer is “No one”.

As for cryptocurrency, it doesn’t matter because all monetary transactions are digital. What we used to call money has no intrinsic value beyond a representation of 1s and 0s on a computer server. All trade in the world now is conducted between computers. Soon there will be no use for cash, coins, or checks. In the very near future (a few years) all of this will be replaced by digital currency of some kind. Cryptocurrency may sound risky, but digital currency is not only inevitable, but already being used

Dave Winslow
6 months ago
Reply to  Eddie Reed

What happens if AOC and her ilk get their way and eliminate the use of fossil fuels and thus eliminate electricity generation or at least price it above what the average person can pay?
What happens if China or one of the other nuclear armed countries attacks us and destroys the power grid?
If we have no electricity available to the public, digital anything will only be available to those who can generate their own.

j. k. blakely
6 months ago

I must admit, I am baffled by AMAC with this question. With all the dangerous nonsense going on in this country at the behest of the Democrat-Bolshevik Party, with the disastrous policies and law-avoiding, anti-constitutional activities of the Biden Administration, things like intentionally failing to uphold immigration law and staying silent on violence against the police and private businesses across the land, while governors and mayors continue to crush individual liberty under the duplicitous guise of fighting a virus, AMAC finds crypto currency is what we all must talk about. And let’s not forget these too. While Russian dictator Putin plays with the president and threatens Ukraine and Europe with its military power, while Communist China practices invading Taiwan and strangles freedoms in Hong Cong, AMAC thinks this new form of money is what Americans should be focused upon. Yes, I must admit, I am baffled.

6 months ago
Reply to  j. k. blakely

All true. But I think there is something wrong with crypto. Could be devastating if I’m right

Jane Coln
6 months ago

I bought a little of 4 different Cryptos when the price was very low. I am amazed at how the value has increased! If the value falls off significantly again, I will buy more.

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