Despite the media’s accusations that President Trump has focused more on “racist” rhetoric than action, even liberal Governors Newsom (D-CA) and Cuomo (D-NY) have crossed party lines in commending him for his administration’s exceptional response to the Chinese COVID-19 Virus.

On a one-to-five scale, how would you rate the Trump administration’s performance thus far?

Friday, March 20, 2020 Mar 20, 2020 735
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I find it interesting that 4 of the 5 choices offered up are either somewhat critical or outright negative of President Trump’s handling of the Wuhan Virus to date. No career politician in Washington would have either had the guts or the brains to make the kind of smart decisions that the President has done to date to limit the negative impact of the virus on our country. Someone at AMAC seriously needs to sit down with whomever is writing these weekly polls on your organization’s behalf and ask them if they would honestly be happier working for AARP or some other much more so-called progressive organization. The wording and overall balance of this poll and the choices offered up are more in tune with what I would expect to find from AARP or a poll conducted by the Democrat Party. Just a thought.

Jim Siegendorf

How would you like the people who managed the Iowa Caucus to handle this crisis? Or how about the people who were responsible for getting the Obama Care internet site up and running. Both were total fiascos. Five stars for President Trump. Zero stars for most of the media.

Marie M

PaulE makes some valid points, especially the fact that there is no one in Washington that has the brains or the guts to make the decisions that our President has made. Trump calls it like he sees it! Let’s not forget, it’s the Wuhan virus!

Brian B

I can’t imagine a President being more attentive to a nation in “crisis” than President Trump has been with this so-called pandemic. His challenge has been to mitigate the predicted infections of this pathogen, while defending his response from a very hostile and politicized press. The dishonesty of the Democrats and their media allies can hardly be overstated. And the economic cost to America is unprecedented.

On a positive note, perhaps the prayers of Mike Pence’s advisory team in the White House have been answered. The malarial drug, chloroquine phosphate has been proven very effective in the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 flu. This cheap, generic anti-malarial drug is widely available, but not yet approved by the FDA for treating the coronavirus. I expect that will soon change. Good-bye to media hysteria; hello to chloroquine and the resumption of American commerce.

Tony Massengill

God Bless president Trump and God bless America!

Diane Listman

I want to see regular blue collar workers asking questions; news reporters are wasting time trying to smear our President and the great work he and his expert advisors are doing. In the news yesterday they looked exhausted. American citizens deserve more from reporters. Americans watch the news for updates as to what is happening each day. We don’t like what they are doing…..causing panic twisting what the President and the experts are saying. We dont need these reporters explaining what we just heard the President and experts say.


If I could, I’d vote for the top two choices. China’s behavior was pathetic. The problem first leaked out in December, only because the evidence could no longer be suppressed by Beijing. Wuhan is to Red China, what Chernobyl was to the Soviets. What we saw from China and Russia is the fruit of socialism that so many misguided left democrats want here. Perhaps, if Beijing had been truthful, Trump could have better nipped it in the bud, at least for America’s sake. Can’t say Europe would have been spared any, because their leadership would have likely followed the same course they did, anyway.


President Trump remains resolute in defeating this pandemic. He needs our support, our cooperation, and compliance in the execution of his guidelines. We must unite to overcome. God bless America. God bless President Trump.

Les Jones

Our media keeping pointing to China’s propaganda that they have “contained” the virus. We should all stop accepting anything the Chinese communists say as if it was true. What they tell us is always a fabrication to make them look good. For the first time in decades our leaders understand this. Will the media ever catch on?

Dave R

President Trump has done an outstanding job in responding to this crisis. He looks at problems from a business point of view not a political view and does what is best there. As a veteran I would be proud to call him my commander and chief. China definitely is at fault for the tremendous spread for withholding info so long. God bless President Trump and Vice President Pence for their leadership and God bless America.

Glenda LaFaye

Our President is doing a fantastic job and on a scale of 1 to 5, he gets a 100. No President in my lifetime has been put through such constant harassment, hatred and BS as President Trump. This virus was “made in China”, that is not racist it fact. Trump 2020. Vote Red or America is dead.

David & Kay Richards

President Trump has & is acting like a real President should in time of trouble and confusion….as a true General/President putting his people first in the whole overall situation.
Go President Trump my wife & I have your back .May God bless you and please God Bless America ! Amen & Amen !

Lanny PPool

If POUS cured the virus today, the Fake News would criticize him.
I just wish the coward Republicans would pass a law that for each fake broadcast verified would be fined 1m for the first broadcast 2m for second broadcast and cancel license and 10m fine and the commentator to serve 1 day to 1 year criminal sentence in maximum security prison mandatory.

Ray L. Miller

Support our President our merge with AARP. We do not need nor will we tolerate you who straddle the fence, we have a nation to save from communists and Trump is the man doing it. Name one president who truly loves the American people like Trump does? Many don’t like his “in your face” attitude but no president in history has been attacked, lied about and persecuted and that’s only because he broke the back of the communist left who almost had a done deal to remove our freedom. Those who do not understand what really happened in November of 2016 don’t understand now.

Jean holland

So very happy that during this crisis w have a true leader in President Trump. He is by far the smartest president ever. God bless him!!!

Cindi F

President Trump has done a great job. I really like that he doesn’t play politics nor take the bait from media. He is a good Christian man. God bless him and the USA. I have to agree with several comments regarding the 5 choices given for this poll. Only one is actually a vote for the president. The other 4 seem to lean to the left…that’s exactly why I’m debating whether to renew my AMAC membership. I thought I was joining a truly conservative group. Please prove to me that you are because we really need a platform to unify on.

Michael K

We have had civil war since our Commander in Chief took charge. The Chinese knew once this administration was gone, it would be back to business as normal. By that I mean they were slowly taking our lives away from us through cheap comfort. The opposition party has been trying in so many ways, both illegal and stupid, to end President Trump’s term but America keeps winning. Everything has happened one step at a time and this virus event is no different. The Chinese decided it to be the perfect storm with our country so split. To me, the Democrats and weak Republicans are just as much as fault as China for this mess. And to think all these years, us Vietnam Vets have been accused of being the bad ones.


It’s now time to stop all the shut downs! Use common sense and target mitigation actions for people subject to dying from this virus rather than everyone. Please do some simple math; less than 200 people dead from a virus out of 340 million and that’s the crisis? The crisis is NOT the virus, the crisis is the hyper reaction by media and never Trumpers. Are we going to shut down the entire country every time we have 200 deaths from a virus? Let’s focus our response on the real threat not the panic that is spreading like a forest fire out of control!


I personally could care less what the media reports. I belong to organizations that promote truth and have the integrity to tell it like it is.
Your poll questions appear awfully slanted.

McKinnon Rita

Are questions 3, 4 & 5 asked by a Democrat Trump hater?