Should the Senate hearings on the Russian investigation be ended after the revelations in James Comey's testimony on Thursday?

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Nancyann Pickens
Nancyann Pickens
6 years ago

We need an honest review of the facts but not so sure how good a job Mueller will do in the end as I truly believe he and Comey set up Sessions AND President Trump! There was some interference in the elections, but where it came from is the question needed to be answered. No one can tell me that a candidate will win 6 coin tosses in a row! It also appears that the Post Office was involved and you can’t tell me that the only reason Obama stayed in DC was because of his daughter’s school! One more concern is with the Republicans in the House, Senate, and White House, Why hasn’t more been accomplished for the VOTERS that put Trump in? Sounds like the GOP was in on ‘the fix’, too!

Jan James
Jan James
5 years ago

I think it needs to drop off of Trump and onto the real purpa-traitors like Clintons, et.al. It has pretty well been proven that President Trump was not at any time at fault (except the stupid bimbo Daniels). It was all blown out of the water when Hitlery didn’t get her way and started all her evil web of bad info, cover-ups and nonsense. When will we be done with the Judas. Her and Picklebrain Pelosi and all the others. They remind me of spoiled sniveling school children not getting their way. When it is all said and done someday — we will see that President Trump was our greatest President ever since George Washington, and he even had to give in to some spoiled brats back then. But he, like President Trump has tried to do the right and correct decision making even though they have tried to stop him tremendously at every turn. He isn’t just doing a great job as President — he is baby-sitting the brats in Washington too. Give him credit and a pat on the back, a gold star and a handshake once in awhile NEWS PEOPLE and Judas’.

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